In the words of Caesar, “Vini. Vidi. Vici!” – And in the words of English-speaking Tiff, “I came. I saw. I conquered!”

I love to travel, and when I do, I try and do it right.  Clearly there’s no real “right way” to experience a city/town/country, but I have my methods.  Yes, I’m one of those annoying, high-energy travelers who has to experience as much as possible on every trip.

I prefer to pretend people don’t know I’m a tourist.  I prefer to not have many cities in one itinerary.  I prefer to walk myself to death all over town before calling it a night with some local food and local beverages.  I guess it helps that I eat almost everything and most everywhere I’ve been has at least one local beer to try!

Check out some of the pictures from a few of my favorite travel moments.  Hopefully the fun doesn’t stop here, so stay tuned for updates!

Germany for World Cup 2006

Wine tour in Florence - 2010

Kev in Vienna - 2011

Sailing B.V.I. - 2009

Salzburg Trip - 2011

Sunglasses in Sunny Charleston, SC - 2010

Sailing Greece - 1999

Aruba - 2008

Georgetown & DC - 2009

9 Comments to “Travels”

  1. How cool! I’m going to Italy for my honeymoon in Sept. Any must-see places?

    • Rome and Florence were awesome. Pisa was meh. My favorite experience was actually a chianti wine tour done by Tuscan Trails. It wasn’t cheap, but it was really good. Actually, I guess the Vatican was my favorite, but that’s a given. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  2. It looks like you’ve done so much traveling, that is awesome! It’s so important for growth and experience. I love to travel but as as a student right now it is hard. I hope to get out more when I graduate.

  3. AH! I’m SO jealous of all these travels. That’s my dream to be able to travel all over the world – especially to Greece! Hopefully one day I can follow in your footsteps 🙂

  4. I’m soo jealous of your travels! Looks like you had so much fun.


  5. Super jealous over here! Your travels look amazing!

  6. Wow! Y’all are quite the travelers! And a cute couple I might add : ) Love all the pictures!

    Katie : )

  7. Cool! Youve been to a lot of places before! I love to travel! 🙂

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