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August 16, 2011

Whole-Wheat Vegan Carrot Cake Loaf (That Actually Tastes Good!)

What’s up Tuesday?  You’re looking lovely today, especially compared to Monday.  Sorry Monday, you’re just not my type.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s weekend recap, I baked a bit on Saturday.  No, I wasn’t ill, I actually just felt like baking.  Crazy, right?  I didn’t want to make cookies, brownies, or anything too addicting.  I was going for hearty & healthy with a side of sinful.  That’s exactly what I found when I discovered Angela’s whole-wheat vegan carrot cake loaf.  Try saying that five times fast.


I did not follow the recipe completely (do I ever?), but it still came out wonderfully.  It’s idiot-proof.

This was my first food-processor shredding experience, and the excellent results made me giddy.  I just wanted to shred shred shred.


Maybe I got a little carried away on the shredding.

While stirring the wet ingredients, I was just a wee bit short of the maple syrup requirement.  So, I subbed a plop of molasses.  I’m not sure if the molasses made a difference, but in my head, the loaf got a hint of gingerbread taste.  In short, I totally recommend the plop.

The best thing about vegan baking?  Licking the dough without fear of salmonella from any eggs.  Woohoo!

While licking my spatula, I noticed the advertisement on my Pandora station.  A Victoria’s Secret model was standing there judging me in my own kitchen.  Frankly, I think she was jealous.

I tried to let the loaf cool on my makeshift rack, but you really need a wire rack for this.  The loaf was fragile yet heavy, so I was scared it would fall through the wires.

My last recommendation?  Butter.

Do you bake on a whim or special occasions only?  Link up if you’ve got a favorite baking recipe.

August 8, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Why did the weekend have to end? Ever? Sigh… I think someone’s got a case of the Mondays…

Instead of being bummed about sitting in my cubicle for the next 5 days, I think I’d like to re-live some weekend fun. Thursday, Kev and I celebrated IPA Day with friends. Friday, we grilled out with neighbors. Mmmm… burgers. Saturday, we had a date day. I know you all are probably familiar with “date nights,” but this was sort of an extended version.

We started with some of this:

And continued with this:


The lake was so calm!

smooth sailin

Then we got cleaned up like twins (I promise I had on a cute skirt and didn’t totally bum it):

date night

And we ordered some of this:

pizza n' beer

I had an Old Hickory Hefe with my pizza. I do not recommend it. I also wasn’t all that crazy about my pizza (caramelized onion, prosciutto, and kalamata olives – thought it would have been better). What I did like – the restaurant had half-pints of beer. I got to try 2 beers but only had the quantity of one. Score! Kev liked his pizza:

shrimp on pizza?  ewww

So to make up for pizza mediocrity, I stopped here on the way home.

fro yo

Kev doesn’t eat sweets, so he didn’t get any frozen yogurt. I used to feel like a fat kid when he made me get ice cream alone… I got over it.

Last but not least, I defied my podiatrist’s orders Sunday. A girl can’t wear sneakers to church ya’ know!

nude pumps

So that was the weekend in a nutshell. I hope this upcoming weekend is a little healthier. Couldn’t be toooo much worse, right? 🙂 Stay tuned this week, I’m starting a new workout and have a new lunch bowl recipe.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

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