Before sharing my goals, I have to share this video. That’s me in a workout video with Jeanette Jenkins! Cool, right? This was filmed in May when I went to Cali, and I’m so happy FitSugar finally posted it yesterday. I look like a goofus in the video, but I don’t even care. I’m sharing it anyway!

Click on the Image to See the Video on FitSugar

Back to those goals…
I planned two little short-term goals. One is for the week, and one is for the month. I’ve never been that awesome at goal-setting or goal-attaining, but this is worth a shot, right?
Month Goal
I want to practice yoga more frequently. I normally only practice yoga once a month because I find it incredibly boring. However, I truly believe in the healing and rejuvenating powers of yoga.
cleo yoga
Yoga improves my running and my flexibility while also lowering my stress levels and making my entire body feel more relaxed and refreshed. Sitting at a cube all day, wearing dress shoes, and staring at a computer screen is no fun. Some barefoot yoga with hip openers and back stretches helps undo the damage!
kitties distract me

Kitties Distract Me

Now, if only I can stick to it… I’m shooting for three times per week. Each practice can be an hour long or just 10 minutes. Feel free to join me!
Week Goal
My tummy hasn’t been agreeing with all the weekend junk food me lately, so I’m giving it a little break. For as long as I can stand it (a few days or all the way through Friday), I’m limiting my caffeine intake by swapping 2 cups of coffee for 1 cup of tea. I’m also increasing my veggies and cutting out meat. I’ll also be cutting out all dairy and gluten. Luckily I don’t have lactose or gluten intolerance, but I’ve heard both can make you feel a bit more bloated and blah. Sooooo, why not? It’s just a few days, right?

Last Night's Dinner

On a side note, I actually thought I might have a gluten intolerance a year or two ago. I was losing my hair, experiencing major tummy troubles, and having horrible acne breakouts. No medicine was helping, and I was running out of options. It turns out the issue was just high stress. I had a lot on my plate; thank goodness I got better!
Do you set up goals for yourself? Do you have any current ones?

30 Responses to “Goooaaaaaal”

  1. way to go tiff! i love the debut! and I think the gluten/dairy free will help ease things for a bit.

  2. I do set up goals for myself, but I try not to do too many, because otherwise they become a little overwhelming and I feel this sense of failure if I don’t succeed at them. I like to do small weekly goals. Last week, I made sure that I did 5 sun salutations as soon as I woke up. Simple, easy, and a great way to start the morning! This week, I’m thinking more weight training is a MUST. Love the new picture…Dark hair looks good on you! 🙂

  3. That video is so cool! good job. You rock the burpees! these are good goals, I work in a cube too and it HURTS the bod after a while. Yoga is the perfect way to stretch that OUT!

  4. oh my gosh I friggin love that video! So awesome 🙂 I switched from drinking coffee to tea as well!! I thought I would hate it but I’m actually enjoying having a different flavor every morning! Good luck with your goals!

    • I still prefer coffee on the weekends, but I’ve been drinking tea most days M-F since the work coffee is so awful. This fall weather is making my chai tea extra enjoyable!

  5. That video is sweet man!! How cool 😀
    Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles though, hope you feel better soon!

  6. That is awesome you got to be in a video!

    I also think Yoga can be boring sometimes, but I have always felt amazing afterwards, so I think it’s worth it 🙂

  7. That is so cool that you’re in a workout video!! And I think your goals are awesome. I like that you’re allowing your yoga to be any length- that really sets you up to succeed 🙂

  8. So fun about the workout video! Very cool. I really really really want to enjoy yoga. I need that relaxation, stretching, etc. But I just cannot seem to get into it at all.

  9. I need to set up some goals for myself this upcoming month. Especially since the night before Thanksgiving is my 10 year high school reunion. That’s motivation for goal attainment, right?

    The kitties ALWAYS hover around when I try to do yoga at home.

  10. You look great in the video! Love it!

  11. That is so cool that you’re in a workout video! Those burpee shuffles are no joke.. geez.

    I’m trying to cut back on coffee with tea as well. I need to do more yoga also.

    Good luck with all your goals!

  12. That video is awesome! It’s always weird seeing yourself on camera or hearing your voice on a recording. Awkward!
    You’ve made me want an acorn squash now, haven’t had once since last winter!

  13. Ahh that video is so cool! You look awesome!! 🙂 And good luck with your goals, you’ve inspired me to set out a few for myself!

  14. Yoga totally does help undo the damage. I’d be lost without it 🙂 And yay!! So exciting you’re in a FitSugar video!

  15. We have the same monthly goal. I’m really trying to get in 3-4 yoga sessions a week. I love it when I’m doing it, but sometimes the thought of doing it after work just doesn’t sound appealing to me. Maybe I’ll start back on my program today! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I have tried to cut out meat before and couldn’t even last a day! Gah that sucks about your tum, hope your eliminations work out for the better. Your cats are so cute, they clearly want to get in on the zen!

  17. That is so cool that you were in that video!! Gotta try that workout out!!

  18. That’s so cool you were in that video!!

    My goal should be doing yoga, im very inflexible, and that’s no bueno!

  19. So cool about the video! I am not a yoga fan either but I really need to give it another chance. Good luck w/ the goals!

    Katie : )

  20. I set up monthly goals but I was toying the other day with setting up seasonal goals 🙂

  21. AWESOME job with the video! What a cool opportunity! You look great too! I may use some of those exercises in the some of the classes I teach – they look tough!!

  22. That’s awesome about the video! You’re sorta famous now… 😉

    Lovin’ the new pic, btw.

  23. THat’s so awesome… you’re in a video… oh I just noticed everyone else posted that comment haha.
    I usually set heaps of goals… I make disturbing amounts of lists, daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists, yearly lists… study lists…. “to do” lists… it’s really terrible.
    Good luck with the tummy, I often have those issues too and find eating a bit more “clean” for a while helps!

  24. When my wife does yoga the dogs will sit at the edge of the mat. One likes to walk across it as soon as she rolls it out.


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