Sweatin’ on Saturday

As you all may remember, blisters kept me out of the gym all week.  Bummer!  Luckily, they had healed well enough for me to go for a run yesterday.  I completed 2.5 miles before completing a 10-minute ExerciseTV workout and my at-home lower body routine.

Lean Leg Routine (It’s cool because it rhymes.)

  • *Complete 15-20 reps of each exercise (I mostly did 20) in three sets.
  • Fire Hydrants (side leg lifts from table position)
  • Bridge Pose with Leg Cross & Extension (booty burner!)
  • Donkey Kicks (I straightened my leg and used a resistance band.)
  • Lying Leg Lifts/Adductor Lift (inner thighs)
  • Regular or Walking Lunges (walking are best)
  • Plie Squat with Calf Raise

This week, my workouts were something like this…

I also tried out one of my EAS goodies in a new way.  I am going to save the rest of them for on-the-go moments, but I wanted to see how they’d taste in a smoothie.

In goes the spinach…


Mix with a bit of strawberry (or chocolate) Myoplex Carb Control shake – add more (but not quite all) of the shake with a frozen banana…

smoothie in a bowl

And get a huge bowl of frothy, smooth goodness!  You can’t taste much strawberry, and you can’t taste any spinach.  It’s banana with a hint of berry.  As stated, I probably won’t be making this again, but it was quite tasty.  Not to mention, my ingredients made waaaaay bigger smoothie than I thought they would (especially because of it’s extra froth volume)!

I need to walk with Kev and work to do around the house before we have guests over tonight, so I better get going.  Have a great weekend!

11 Comments to “Sweatin’ on Saturday”

  1. now there’s an awesome way to start a saturday! cheers Tiff!

  2. Great workout and smoothie! I’ve never put spinach in a smoothie before, I’ve always been too freaked out I guess haha
    Have a great weekend girl!

  3. Love the lean leg routine…will have to try it out this week!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  4. I actually like donkey kicks and use a weight that I hold behind my knee. I haven’t done them in ages though b/c I feel silly doing those at the gym. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Sounds like a good workout!! That smoothie hardly even looks green! Crazy. 🙂

  6. Yay for being able to run again! Blisters are the worst. Have fun with your company tonight 🙂

  7. Sounds like a great workout!! Hope you have a great Saturday!

  8. I like that leg workout! And strawberry banana is one of my fave smoothie flavors!!!

  9. ug, haven’t worked out yet! This is making me yearn for a workout!

  10. I totally hate blisters, but you seemed to have worked your way around it by doing some awesome workouts at home! Really digging your leg routine! Need to get my booty moving, once I get back home! =]

  11. Loving your new blog header! 🙂

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