Friday Eve

Happy Friday Eve!  See, when it’s one of those weeks when I can’t believe it’s only Thursday, I like to refer to the day as Friday Eve instead.  It sounds better, doesn’t it?


I have a few opinionated tips for you all today.  The post is really pretty scatter-written because I’m scatter-brained right now.  Bear with me.

1. When swinging weights or kettle bells around “at tempo” during a workout, don’t hit yourself in the knee.  It bruises.  It hurts.


It's not a crazy one, but it's big for me!

2.  If you must go for a frozen meal, but an Evol dish.  I had my first one yesterday, and it was quite tasty.

teriyaki chicken bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

They’re healthy, gluten-free, and even the ingredients are attractive!


Sorry for Soy Haters

3. If you’re doing one-legged dead lifts, be sure to count how many you do.  I definitely overdid it on Tuesday, and it felt like I got kidney punched on both sides.  I was sore all day yesterday!

Thanks for the pic, Women's Health Magazine!

4. Have a backup plan.  On Monday, I gave into office pressure and had Mayfield Mint Chocolate Chip Select ice cream.  It was awesome.  Yesterday, I refused soft, fresh, delicious-smelling cookies.  Instead of grabbing a cookie, I had decaf vanilla chai tea.  Was it as good as a cookie?  Not even close.  Did I feel a lot better about myself (especially a lot better than Monday)?  Heck yes.  Thank goodness for backup plans!

Bigelow Tea

It's tasty tea, but I later saw that it's artificially flavored. (Bummer!)

5. Don’t stress!  I’m busy and a little stressed at the moment with work and my friends’ inability to plan.  I’m also frustrated that I can’t find the answers I want for the blog.  I’d hoped to be self hosting by now with a slightly different look.  As you can see… I am not.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you took away at least one useful tidbit of knowledge!

What’s the best frozen or pre-prepared grocery meal you’ve had lately?

29 Comments to “Friday Eve”

  1. Oh my gosh I love this Friday eve thing, such a better way to look at Thursday! 🙂 I’ve never had one of those evol dinners before, but I’m diggin the ingredients fo sho. Next grocery trip I gotta check that out!

  2. Love calling it Friday eve :). That does sound so much nicer! What answers are you looking for for your blog??

    • I have java script issues mainly. I have a friend who says he can help me, but he hasn’t quite gotten with me about it yet – kind of hard to have a sit-down with him since he lives a couple hours away.

  3. Love that vanilla chai. It smells so good. I guess the last pre-prepared frozen meal was probably an Amy’s I bought for work travel. Those tend to be consistently good.

  4. Hmm, I can’t say I’ve had any good ones that really stand out lately. My life is so boring, lol. I like calling it Friday Eve as well. Hope you figure out the self-hosting stuff soon. I’ll need someone to talk to when (if) I make the switch.

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to help you out. The first quote I got from someone said they couldn’t have it re-done until at least Halloween. Boo (pun shamefully intended)

  5. I have the same bruise right now except it’s from picking up a razor scooter and the bottom metal portion swinging around and smacking me right in the knee! I had to control myself from saying naughty words around the kids.
    Best frozen prepared meal I’ve had lately is a frozen pizza from TJ’s =) Happy Friday Eve… that does sound better

  6. I like this “friday eve” term, definitely going to start using it 🙂
    Your frozen meal looks way better than the TJ’s enchilada I forced down on Tuesday. Yuck!
    Funny that move is called a one legged deadlift. I’ve been doing it in stage 3 of NROLFW and they call it something else (that I can’t remember). One legged deadlift makes much more sense!

  7. Yes Friday eve.. has a nice ring to it 🙂

    frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s.. I had the arugula, tomato one last week.. delish!

  8. I can’t get down with frozen meals. They just never taste good to me!

  9. 1 need to add those single leg dead lifts to my routine! I love a good challenge.., I’ll make sure to keep track 😉

  10. I’m a HUGE fan of all Amy’s frozen meals. They’re so simple and easy to add some veggies to and go!

  11. This week feels like it’s dragging for me, too. Where did you find the Evol bowls? They look great! I’m a fan of TJ’s frozen meals- although (like the pizza I posted about), sometimes they’re a little hit or miss.

  12. Yay, punching a knee with a kettlebell – that has happened to me probably six or seven times, not a good thing 🙂

  13. THat’s why I don’t do kettle balls — they hurt when you hit yourself!

    Kashi Pizzas are quite good!

  14. That’s why my lower backs hurts after I do that exercise? I had no idea! Wowsers! That makes total sense….
    xoxo from the Houston Airport

  15. You poor thing. That seems like something I would do.
    I will have to keep my eye out for those frozen meals. great in a pinch!

  16. I love single legged dead lifts but you are right – you don’t want to over do it. Sore is great but you want to be able to move after a couple days!!

  17. I’m actually a big fan of those evol meals as well. And every now and then, there’s an Indian frozen meal called “Healthy Tiffin” that has more flavor than nearly any frozen meal I’ve found at most US stores! I just have to go to the global market to find it!

  18. Friday eve, yayyyy! I’ve never seen the Evol dishes, the ingredients look pretty legit. I’ll have to paruse through the frozen section. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Katie : )

  19. Wow I dont think I’ve ever seen a frozen meal with such great ingredients!! That is awesome!

  20. Aish at the kettlebell bruise :/ I flung one across the gym the other day, completely unintentionally! I think as I felt I was about drop it I swung it away from me so it missed my toes! THANK GOD! 12kg would not feel nice! It will get me one day fo sho! I really hope you sort all the stuff that is stressing you out soon, just try to focus on other things! Like the fact that it’s friday-eve!! 🙂

  21. hi tiff! ooh, your knee looks painful ~ hope you’re okay! the packaged meal looks pretty scrumptious ~ i don’t really turn my nose up at pre-packaged meals so much anymore ~ basically everything from trader joes is a-okay with me!!! 😉
    xoxo ~ kristina

  22. I elbowed myself while doing squat knee-ups the other day and I have a huge bruise! I can’t even imagine what hitting yourself with a kettle bell feels like! ah!

    I love the evol meals also – I had their burritos at a concert and I’ve loved them ever since! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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