WIAW: Lazy Girl Edition

This WIAW is brought to you by the leftovers in my fridge, and by the letter W (Actually, by the letters W-I-A-W, for What I Ate Wednesday).

Kermit & W


First breakfast has been a slice of 100-calorie whole wheat bread.  As much as I love Trader Joe’s, I have to admit – I dislike their bread.  No.  I despise their bread.  It’s awful.  I woke up very hungry yesterday, so my slice also included a glob of peeb (peanut butter).  Yup – the bread tasted much better!

Sorry – No Pic!

Second breakfast all week will be an EAS shake and an apple.  I like to think it’s a very-repairing and easily-packable, post-workout breakfast.

eas & apple

Lunch is just about as lazy as that breakfast.  For three days, I’m having Applegate Farms deli turkey with flavorless TJs bread.  I go out of my way to make it special by adding a little lettuce and Dijon mustard.  I know, I know – I shouldn’t work myself so hard. ::wink::  I am eating a daily veggie along with my sandwich.

lazy lunch

For snack, I’m eating logs all week.  (I guess ants on a log are just logs without the ants, right?)  Actually, I had a bit of ice cream Monday, but for the rest of the week, it is celery and peeb.  (Stupid office treats got the best of me!)


Monday and Tuesday’s dinner was a taco-fajita-thing.  It consisted of spices, bell pepper, onion, green chilies, salsa, and lean ground turkey (browned and drained).  Kevin had his with fat-free refried beans and tortillas.  I threw mine atop lettuce.  Both versions were incredibly quick and easy.


On Tuesday, I did put a tortilla with my salad too - Yum!

Tonight’s dinner will be fish, rice and spinach.  I’m actually kind of excited about it.  My evening snack has been popcorn every night so far, but I think I’ll throw some tea into the mix tonight.

Be sure to check out Peas & Crayons for more fun meal ideas!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

33 Comments to “WIAW: Lazy Girl Edition”

  1. What is wrong with TJ bread? I’m curious as to its flavour.

    • The flavor is actually okay, but it’s just so firm. No matter what day of the week I buy it, it’s always really firm. Plus, it always gets moldy a couple days before the sell-by day. It’s like I can’t even have sandwich bread for a week without freezing it. So frustrating!

  2. Mmm, must try out celery with PB or AB! unny thing, it reminds me of Jonny Bravo (that cartoon) 😀 I remember he ate it once and I thought it looked soo weird but still yum!
    Best thing Ive eaten this week has been lots of roasted pumpkin and lots of nori! Addicted to sea week at the moment!

  3. I love kermit! He make me happy =) I noticed that TJ bread get moldy fast too but that could be a good thing… I imagine it’s because their bread isn’t loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. I usually stick their bread in the freezer right away!

    • My local healthy bakery’s bread stays fresh significantly longer than TJ’s, but perhaps TJ’s has more travel and shelf time. I agree though, the freezer helps!

  4. So funny, I hate it when I buy something I don’t like. We were just talking about ants on a log in the office yesterday and I voted for “antless” logs too. Popcorn and tea- 2 of my favorite snacks/rituals.

  5. doesn’t look lazy to me, just good stuff! Ever tried Udi’s or Rudi’s GF bread? It has a sourdough texture. Love it!

  6. Good to know about the TJs bread… I don’t need to waste my money on something like that, thank you very much! ha

  7. I like those eas shakes too, they’re great post workout 🙂 I think your lazy food day actually looks really tasty! Happy WIAW girl 😀

  8. Hmmm, best thing I’ve eaten…probably smoothies 🙂

  9. I actually love Trader Joe’s double fiber bread, but only when it is super fresh and doughy.

    Best healthy thing I’ve had all week…double chocolate smoothie.
    Best unhealthy thing I’ve had all week…Halloween Oreos 🙂

  10. I made a slow cooker whole chicken recipe on Sunday and had leftovers last night. Made a simple flat bread pizza with shredded chicken breast, spinach, onion, fresh marinara sauce, and Parmesan. It was awesome. Didn’t really miss the mozzarella, but that’s also because I had none. HA!

  11. PB makes anything better…even bad bread 😉 I take that back, I don’t think it can make me like celery…. 😉

  12. I hate when you buy bread and it sucks but you have to eat it so your money didn’t go to waste. Your taco-fajita-thing salad looks good!

  13. I’m not lucky enough to have a TJ’s anywhere near me, so I won’t be facing the ‘bad bread’ problem.

    I could eat a taco-fajita salad every night! They never get old…

  14. hehe that made me giggle 🙂 I loved sesame street!

    I also hate Trader Joe’s bread. yuck.. its so dry.. my hubby and I are super picky about bread… bleh.. We are a fan of the Pepperidge Farm Ancient Grains bread.. so good!

  15. Your salad looks good! Loving all your eats! Have a great day to 🙂

  16. Have you tried TJ’s sprouted grain breads? It’s some of my all-time favorite bread! And way cheaper than similar stuff you find in the organic-freezer-section of other grocery stores.

  17. That salad looks yummy! The best thing I ate recently was homemade spaghetti sauce and red wine (malbec).

  18. Note to self: Next time I cross the border and go to Trader Joe’s….think twice about buying bread. (never tried it!) I also love the word “peeb”! 🙂 have a great day.

  19. I’d have to say the best thing I ate this week was some homemade pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting…all the better because they were a pick-me-up during a 3 hour class 🙂

  20. I like your quick fix taco fajitas. I can use my Crock Pot Black Bean Soup (it’s thick) with Smoked Apple Sage Veggie Sausage and Salsa on Sundried Tomato Basil Wraps with corn chips. The soup was one of the best things we had this week. The other was wild salmon on the grill with whole grain Basmati rice, fresh corn, fresh green beans and home grown yellow and red tomatoes.

    Nutritional yeast sprinkled on popcorn is delicious, spray with olive oil so it sticks. On baked potato is good too. I also use it in a lot of my recipes.

    And now it’s time to fire up my bread machine with some multiple grain bread!

  21. I’ve been pretty lazy today too. Mainly because I’m rushing from class to my apartment to class, so I barely have time to eat. Your eats look good though for being quick, esp the quick fix taco fajitas!

  22. Best thing? either a pumpkin brownie or chicken apple chili. It’s a tough call!

  23. Peanut butter makes everything better!!! 😀
    I feel like I’m always lazy. I make the same things a lot.

  24. Aw, kermit is such a cutie. I’ve been eating pre – sliced watermelon for the past day and a half out of laziness, so don’t feel too bad 🙂

  25. You should grab some of TJ’s “butters” – honey apple or fig to go with your toast in the morning. You will never go back to plain toast!

  26. I love turkey tacos!! So delicious!

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