Go Away Mister Blister

This past weekend, I wore my boots instead of heels for tailgating. It sounded like a great idea at the time, especially because Kevin and I do so much walking on game days.

However… that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I now have 2 enormous craters blisters on my heels, and they hurt like crazy. The blisters drastically changed my workout plan for the week. Instead of finishing up one more week of the Tearin’ It Up workout, I will be doing at-home workouts that can be completed barefoot.

I’ve found a couple good workouts online, but please let me know if you know of any other good ones I can try. I’ll share all my findings with you at the end of the week.

I wanted to share these 5 things that have been making me smile lately.

1. Monkey Socks with Penguin Shorts

kev’s one lucky guy

Kev’s one lucky guy seeing this at night...

2. Nutritional Yeast: I didn’t like it on broccoli, but it’s a winner on spaghetti squash! I’m glad I gave it another shot.


Yummy Bowl of Squash

3. Funny Search Terms: I’m not sure who found my blog by searching for “sweaty pizza unicorn,” but I hope you found something useful here.

4. Packages: EAS sent me goodies recently. I can’t wait to try all the stuff and give a thorough and honest review.

5. Neck Wrap

warm n' wonderful

I don’t talk about general wellness here, probably because I think I’m already living my life pretty darn well as it is. I still can’t deny that broad and overall wellness is important. Stress reduction is a big part of that, and with this busy week, I need a little extra stress reduction in my life. That’s where the awesome neck wrap comes into play. It’s warm, smells of soothing lavender, and goes really well with my hot mug of decaf chai tea.

What are you loving lately? Any fun, new products worth mentioning?

23 Comments to “Go Away Mister Blister”

  1. Sweaty Pizza Unicorn? Hilarious! I have seen some really funny searches for my blog too…. I have been loving the new fall Essie nail colors…rocking a dark plum with a sparkle topcoat this week and it looks sweet!

    xoxo from Houston this week!

  2. Ouch on those blisters. Hope the heal up fast. I love nutritional yeast on spaghetti squash – actually I like it on almost anything.

  3. Ooo that neck wrap looks great! I should invest in something like that. Hope your busy week goes well!

  4. I just tried spaghetti squash for the first time a couple of weeks ago and Loved it!! I used the organic marinara sauce from TJ’s + nutritional yeast… definitely will be making that again!
    Blisters suck… I wish I had a good workout to recommend to you but the only one that I do right now is chase 3 kids around in my house all day… you can borrow them if you want =)

  5. I’ve been loving PB2 lately.. I add a little cinnamon and stevia and top my toast with it and then top it all off with a banana and more cinnamon 🙂 I really want to try peanut flour though! 🙂

  6. Ugh I LOATHE blisters! They seriously ruin everything! But I DO love those socks. I have socks for every holiday and wear them around like a complete dork – it’s awesome 🙂

  7. Not even lying–my toes are still numb from being on my feet for 15 hours/day during Fashion Week. Oh, and my feet are pretty much just one big blister. At least I got a pedicure to make things a little bit better! 🙂

  8. I love monkey socks! I need to go out and get some “fall socks” aka ones with leaves or Halloween stuff on them.. its too early to pop out my Christmas socks.

    Right now I am in love with Trader Joe’s edamame

  9. Ick blisters! I wore really comfy shoes (flats) in NYC and still ended up with blisters on both heels that took like 2 weeks to heal! Right now, I am loving Chia seed!

  10. That search feature is by far the best part of having a blog, love that that directed someone to you 😀 And all the workouts from bodyrock.tv are pretty darn amazing.

  11. Mostly I’m loving sweet pizza unicorns…. but other than that, I’ve been LOVING Claritin (seasonal allergies are classless.)

  12. Don’t funny search terms make your day? A coworker (who has a blog) and I play the 4pm “best search term of the day” contest on Twitter each day. You should join in 😉

  13. I actually have my first ever bag of trader joe’s goodies waiting for my mom to unpakc for me… THAT is what I’m dying to try!

  14. Blisters are the worst!! I got one from my shoes this weekend too!!
    Haha.. Sweaty pizza unicorn. Wonder just what they were looking for!!

  15. Ouch I hate blisters!! Feel better! Love cute socks

  16. Tiff, we’re happy to hear you received your package! Can’t wait to read your review! ~Jon @EAS

  17. Nutritional yeast … which is funny because it’s what I posted about today and my new Nike kicks. They are for cross training/circuit training. They are also my new best friend.

  18. ahahahahah I literally burst out laughing at your search term. I hope that person found a sweaty pizza unicorn

  19. Best new product I bought this past summer was a Fiskers Tree Trimmer from Home Depot for about $40. Makes trimming all those small branches I would otherwise be unable to reach nice and easy. Cuts like butter up to about 1″ diameter.

    The other best new product is my Zojirushi Bread Bakery Machine. Arrived damaged so they refunded my $200 and suggested I try to get it fixed. With much grumbling from frustration, Bob fixed it! It makes great multi grain breads.

    Hope your blisters are mending well.

  20. We sell those neck wraps at Home Goods, or at least my little Ct one. And some smell so wonderful. haven’t had a blister in too many yrs to count, but i feel for you.

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