Weekend of Champions… and French Fries

Did anyone catch the Clemson game?  If you missed it, I’ll summarize by saying Clemson won!  Woohoo!  (I’m sorry to any FSU fans.  I’ll quit talking about football now.)

On Friday, Kevin and I stayed home and went to bed early.  We got up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday to get a start on the day.  I went for a quick run before we hit the road for Tiger Town.  See how early we left???  It was still dark outside!

sweaty tiff

Sweaty 2 Squeaky Clean

I tried to keep the day somewhat healthy.  I had light beer and a wheat babaganoush pita for lunch.

Walking to the tailgate + Pita love

But after a couple more beers, Kevin thought chili cheese fries were a good idea.  Fail.  I had a veggie burger for dinner, and I kept from eating all of my fries.  Un-fail?  After a couple more beers, we got some incredibly delicious cheese pizza.  Hmmm… that’d be another fail.  At least it was good!

Cheese Fries n' Veggie Burger

Luckily, after all of these indulgences, I managed to keep my daily average calories at 1645.  Not too shabby.  [FYI, I am not listing all this food to encourage noshing on junk.  I’d feel awful telling you all how healthy my weekly meals are but hiding my shameful weekend treats.]

We even made it back Sunday in time for my friend’s baby shower.  I wrapped up the weekend with Kevin, the kitties, and Shrek.  Whew – now I think I need a weekend to relax from my weekend!

kitty pillow

Kev & Leia

Did you have a good weekend?  What was the best thing you did?

25 Comments to “Weekend of Champions… and French Fries”

  1. I think there’s such thing as “un-fail”. If you indulge and reign it in that’s balance. I too need a “weekend” vrs a workday today.

  2. woo, thats a full weekend. Did you crash and burn last night? I sure did. But I think it was the wine. Congrats Clemson! I’m just saying that cause I know youre a fan.

  3. Dang what a weekend! Sounds like a blast though! Mine was mostly studying, so it was kinda lame haha but the best thing I did was finish a paper that’s due in November 😀

  4. Cute dress. I swear, fries are like chips, you can’t just have one.

  5. Bummer weekend for USC and for my Angels =( … I think the Angels still have a chance at the wild card so I haven’t completely given up hope yet. The best thing I did this weekend was watch my 3.year.old play baseball… cutest thing ever. One minute he’s totally into the game, the next he’s playing in the dirt!

  6. Hey, we’re all allowed to “cheat” every once in awhile. Although I hate to call it “cheating” when really it’s just about balanced living I think.

    Regardless, your outfit was so cute I couldn’t even focus on what you were eating. 🙂

  7. Looks like you had a great weekend! I had one as well at the Dogfish Dash! Can’t wait for next year!

  8. Looks like a great weekend. I did a lot of shopping and then came home for housework. So I had some fun and then some not-so-fun stuff haha

  9. Looks like you had a blast! Super cute dress!
    xoxo from Houston

  10. Too funny, before I read your post, I wrote my weekend update and used the same.. “I need a weekend to recover from my weekend” comment!

    I love cheese fries.. they are the best..

  11. We attended an art fair at Country Club Plaza, KS where there was live music, food vendors, and lots of artists displaying their crafts. After enjoying the scene for a few hours, we ducked into a restaurant to get out of the crowd and relax a bit. There in the bar was Aurilean Collin (#78 for the Sporting KC team) with his friends. PHOTO OP! It made for a good end to the evening.

  12. I had a great weekend! Honestly, the best part was probably either the pizza and netflix with the boy on Friday, or the “sisterwives season premier + potluck” I had with my roommates and girlfriends! haha

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! That food looks amazing. We all need to indulge every so often (or more for me!).

    Love the outfit. Super cute!

  14. Watched the Clemson game, mostly because I have a cousin at FSU and like to give her a hard time when they lose 😀 Delicious looking eats, as always! Mmm, cheese fries.

  15. Love the sundress / boots combo — very very cute!

    Best thing all weekend was being able to coordinate a wedding at the SF Zoo — it was so so fun and really unique.

    And also getting nilla wafer fro yo yesterday 🙂

  16. Um, maybe I missed it on another post, but your hair is dark! It looks great!! I did have a good weekend…a much of Saturday and Sunday was spent loving on and playing with my new kitten.

  17. Looks like a fun weekend but ewww chili cheese fries are NOT easy on the eye haha!

  18. your outfit is super cute!! i definitely need a wknd from the wknd as well…dragging today.

    Katie : )

  19. I don’t think Clemson will be so lucky this coming weekend! 😉 And hey, I think we are all allowed to indulge in the not so healthy foods occassionally and I’m sure everyone appreciates your honesty about not always having the “perfect” diet!

  20. Your outfit and hair look so cute in those pics! Just wondering…why is your daily calorie limit so low? Not trying to be rude or malicious! Just wondering the reasoning behind it! I’m curious LOL! 🙂

    • No offense taken! That’s really enough to keep me full most days- so long as I have balanced meals with fat a/o protein. Plus, I don’t have enough time for as much cardio as I used to! Ha 🙂

  21. I love fries!! I would eat those over the burger any day! I don’t know what it is. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I usually indulge on the weekend is well. Nothing to be ashamed about! This weekend – small 5K race and apple picking with the family! Pretty perfect if you ask me!

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