Why I’m not “low-carb”

I know low-carbohydrate diets work for some people (even though most gain weight as soon as they re-introduce carbs to their diets), but for various reasons, it just doesn’t work so well for me.  Here are my non-nutritionist/non-dietitian thoughts…

Bread n' Wine

Olive Oil Tasting in Tuscany (mmm... bread)

  1. I crave what I can’t have. I’m like a 4 year-old.  When something’s off-limits, I want it more than ever.  I tried the South Beach Diet back in the day.  I think I made it 4 of the first 14 days of the plan.  Fail.
  2. It is expensive.  Did anyone else notice how low-carb diets fizzled when the recession hit?  Steaks, fresh veggies, and plain Greek yogurt are not cheap.  Brown rice, lentils, and sweet potatoes are budget friendly!
  3. Long-term low-carb diets *might* harm organs.  I read this somewhere and cannot find the source to back up my claims.  Nevertheless, I can see how organs would feel the strain after time.  I think the biggest hit are the kidneys and brain, but many sources claim low-carb diets are totally healthy.  This Mayo Clinic nutritionist says the diet is for short-term use only.
  4. Carbs have fiber and a little protein. – Prime examples include tempeh, oats, and beans.  These can help you feel satisfied and keep you full.
  5. I like carbohydrates.  Weight loss (or maintenance) shouldn’t be torture; it should be manageable and sustainable.  If you just loooooove chocolate and ice cream, don’t give up sweets.  If you loooooove salty foods, make healthy alternatives.  When you nix the things you really enjoy, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  I don’t like failing, so I don’t give up carbs.

To prove my carb love, here is a picture of last night’s dinner.

Sweet Potato

(with a spoon of pb - not pictured)

I prefer more balanced meals, but given my current kitchen constraints, this is all I attempted.  [We’ve had no water in the kitchen (including dishwasher) since Thursday.  The installation of the new counter tops this past Friday required us to cut off the water until we can get a plumber out here.]

What do you think of low-carb diets?  Do they work for you?  Have you tried other diet crazes?

On a side note… ’twas the last day for nude pumps, which is sad.  Methinks it’s time for boot season though, which is glorious!

nude pumps

32 Comments to “Why I’m not “low-carb””

  1. Great list! I could never be oober low carb either, I love my sweet potatoes way too much haha My body tends to function better on high fat high protein with moderate carbs, but I could never imagine being able to survive without em 😉

  2. i could never be low carb! Carbs are my favorite foods! Plus our body needs them for energy!!!

  3. Personally, I think you need carbs. I think the low-carb diets are more for those who don’t expend a lot of energy. And it’s about the right carbs as well, not just chips and junk, but sweet potatoes, whole grains (which includes beer of course)

  4. I’m a carboholic!! I love whole grains, fruits, veggies and yogurt too much to ever go low carb… don’t know how some people eat just protein at every meal?

  5. Totally great list. I need carbs and I want them. I don’t feel good without them. I think I would go all crazy biatch on someone if I was trying to be “low-carb” haha. Plus, carbs are the fuel the sugars that come from carbs are what fuels our brains!

  6. I am not a fan of restricting myself from the things I love, so I do it all in moderation. I love bread, pizza, and pasta, and I will never eliminate these things from my “eating well” lifestyle. Do I eat them everyday…of course not, but I do eat them and eat them when I want them, just in moderation. I’ve realized that if I eliminate things from my lifestyle, they always come back later and bite me in the butt. Plus, I do a lot of endurance training, so “low carb” is not an option. I like your thinking…good post!

  7. My mom and I did the low carb thing the summer after my junior year in college. I had gained about 15 pounds and we both wanted to lose weight. It worked. But, it was the most restricted I’ve ever felt in my life. I remember after 6 weeks without carbs eating my first slice of bread and cherishing every single bite. Bread had never tasted so good. That’s no way to live. Eating all types of healthy foods + exercise is so much more of a balanced approach and never leaves me feeling restricted. I can’t believe I stuck to that diet as long as I did. It was pure torture.

  8. I can’t give up carbohydrates either. My heritage is 75% Irish, it’s just in my blood to love them. 🙂

  9. Yo Tiff!

    I agree 100%! It’s all about balance. Give up pizza, pasta, and good bread? I’m 100% Italian. That will never happen! The key is to eat the best quality food that you can afford. Basically, be an omnivore and all will be right in the world.


  10. I never could go no carb….I LOVE bread too much! Question…anyone walk in on you while taking that picture in the bathroom? just curious… 🙂 Love u girl!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  11. I LOVE carbs — love love love. Never will they be shunned in my home.

    Never the last day for nude pumps! Nude pumps actually look really sleek with brown patterned tights. But I hear ya on moving to boots..I’m aching to, but it’s freakin’ 85 in Cali…ugh.

  12. Diets just made me a wreck. And I’d get about 2 or 3 days then binge on whatever it was I was trying to cut out. No good for me or anyone who had to deal with me… lol

  13. Hey I just found your blog! Super cute 🙂

    I did the south beach diet after my freshman year of college, and lost a bunch of weight, but I could never go back to that again…. 2 weeks without carbs is 2 too many 🙂

  14. I’ve done low carb in the context of other types of diets (for health, not for weight loss) and it was completely awful. I’m all about switching out for BETTER carbs, though! PS, I think you can keep rocking the nude heels longer! I was actually tempted to wear white pants today. 🙂

  15. I agree with you! I love carbs and would hate to cut them out.
    Love the shoes! I just bought a pair of nude peep toes. Hoping I can transition them into fall.

  16. I am a huge carb lover!! Haha great post 🙂

  17. you are like me, as soon as someone says i can’t have, it want it more! i just recently had to do a gallbladder test and avoid fats all day. I was about to die cause all i wanted was a fat. haha.

  18. In the worst times of my disordered eating, I stayed away from all carbs unless it was fruit…Sometimes I would treat myself to a sweet potato…yikes I am so glad I am over that nonsense!

  19. BOOOO to low carb…carbs are ENERGY!!! We need them for a reason. Too many people just don’t balance the carbs out with other nutrients so they are scared of them! I LOVE me some carbs!

  20. I am definitely not low-carb. I eat lots of whole grains daily, and when I go out to eat, I usually eat squishy, yummy white bread. 🙂 I can’t handle no carbs—I have no energy and I crave them like crazy!

  21. I need to find some boots for boot season! And #5=darn right. I like carbs, so I will eat them! I rarely buy bread (I save that for restaurants), but I couldn’t live without my morning oats, muffins and occasional(ly frequent) cookie treats.

  22. I have never tried a low carb diet – the only kind of diet that has ever worked for me was counting calories. I did try the master cleanse diet for a while – I didn’t really notice any weight loss though.

  23. I love carbs way too much to cut them out or even go low-carb. Like you, I crave what I can’t have 🙂 I love your nude pumps.. shockingly I don’t have a pair! I’ve been wanting to get some but I haven’t fallen in love with a pair yet.. maybe I’ll find some on sale at the outlets when I go 🙂

  24. I LOVE CARBS! I would never be able to give them up. Unfortunately I have had clients who have given them up only to add them back to their diets 10x more than they normally would. Balance is key!

  25. I am so a carb lover. I wouldn’t last five minutes on the low-carb/no-carb madness. I can do moderation and be relatively happy and not lean towards some epic binge. 😉

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