Sweeeet Friday Post

In the words of Def Leppard, pour some sugar on me. In the words of Tiff, pour less sugar in my food.

Many of you know Americans consume loads of sugar. According to FitSugar:

According to the American Heart Association, eating too much is contributing to a plethora of health issues including obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Women are urged to cut back and consume no more than 100 calories of added processed sugar each day, which is equal to six teaspoons (25 grams).

WebMD has shed some less than sweet insight into refined sugar. I’ll let you check that out for yourself.

As you can see, too much added and/or refined sugar aren’t fun. You know what is fun? Learning how much sugar is in some everyday foods and treats, of course! You know what kind of “fun” I’m talking about – it’s like smelling the stinky-ness of your gym bag fun or looking at the blackheads on your Biore pore strip fun.

Here are just a few foods that I found interesting…

One Can of Coke (Not even the Mega Gulp at your favorite gas station) – 39 grams


***Diet Coke isn’t so great either since the artificial sweeteners can make your body think it’s getting sugar. When it doesn’t, you end up wanting more food. I’m not so sure I buy this argument, but I’ve heard it numerous times.

Grapes (1 cup) – 14.9 grams (they’re not added sugars, but they aren’t slow-burn carbs either)


Light Yoplait Yogurt – 14 grams


Fiber One Oats & Caramel Chewy Bar – 9 grams


Pumpkin Latte (tall, skim, with whip) – 38 grams (37 grams no whip)


Despite my pumpkin obsession, I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin lattes. I usually save up for my once (or twice) yearly peppermint mochas instead. Yum!

Did any of these treats surprise you? Do you have any more sugar shockers you can share?

***All sugar counts came from Livestrong.com or Starbuck’s website.

By the way, I have to give Lindsey at Cardio Pizza some link love for two reasons.

      1. She has excellent info about self hosting in this post.
      2. Yesterday, I did a great treadmill workout she posted. I almost skipped the gym, but when I realized my legs felt surprisingly refreshed in the morning, I wore them out with this workout.
Tomorrow’s post is a fun one, so be sure to check back for it!

25 Comments to “Sweeeet Friday Post”

  1. I always hate the taste of added sweeteners in foods, I’d much rather get my sugar rush from a buttload of fruit haha 😉 yikes and I never knew that pumpkin lattes had so much!
    Happy Friday girl!

  2. I always try to avoid unnecessary sugar, but it’s so hard to do!! I (usually) but unsweetend yogurt and drink unsweetened teas, so at least that’s a step in the right direction 😛

  3. I’m partial to the gingerbread lattes come winter time 😉 Can’t say I’m surprised by the amounts of sugar in these things. It’s hiding everywhere!

  4. Aw thanks for the link love! Glad you liked the workout! It’s one of my favorites! 🙂

  5. Once you start paying attention to the sugar count in things it is crazy! I was surprised that taking the whipped cream off the latte only took off 1g. I always assumed that stuff had a ton of sugar in it.

  6. I normally have just straight up coffee most mornings. None of the fancy places are on my way into work, and even though we have our own Starbucks here, I’m not a fan (blasphemy!). I’m trying not to go overboard on sugar, although the last few blood tests I’ve had it actually was lower than it should be. Hmm!

  7. In one of my undergrad dietetics classes we learnt that the americans consume on average 90lbs of sugar per year! :-O
    That is a person in pure sugar consumption!!
    I will admit I have a huge sweet tooth, but try to balance it out where possible and know when my body needs a sweets detox. I do watch how much sugar is in things like yogurt etc, I usually buy the plain and add my own fruit or buy brands like Chobani that have real fruit, no added sugars.

  8. I have really started to pay more attention to the sugar count in foods. It’s shocking to see how much sugar every day foods contain. I have even stopped putting sugar in my coffee. It may not seem like much but every little bit counts.

    The amount of sugar in cereal always blows my mind. It’s hard to find a cereal that is low in sugar.

  9. I’ve started buying better coffee and not adding sugar to cut out sugar there, and I don’t drink soda very often (just a sip here and there)…but fruit and those pumpkin spice lattes…yikes!

  10. Oh gosh, I can’t believe how much sugar is in pumpkin spice lattes. Eek!
    People don’t realize how easily 100 calories worth of sugar can add up.
    Happy Friday!

  11. Bahhh another reminder that I need to stop drinking so much diet coke 😦 I wish I didn’t love it so much!!!!

    • I cut it out for a long time (I’m a former addict), but I had one this morning. The McD’s coffee I had earlier this week burned my mouth so badly that I can’t drink any hot stuff for a while. Such a bummer!!! At least I know I can always count on Diet Coke.

  12. I’m a huge pumpkin spice latte fan, but 38 grams! And the fact that the whipped cream only adds 1 gram freaks me out too haha.

    You’re so lucky you don’t like pumpkin lattes– they are dangerous

  13. Some yogurts and snack bars have SOO much sugar its insane! Same with cereal!

  14. Crazy how much sugar is added to processed foods!! I tend to agree w/ the diet soda theory… your body thinks that it’s getting calories (tastes sweet = calories) and when it doesn’t it just makes you crave more food. Also some people eat more if their drinking a 0 calorie beverage. I believe those 2 reasons are why diet sodas do not help w/ weight loss.

  15. I like avoiding processed foods as much as possible, since they are almost across-the-board full of such surprises. If you make it yourself, at least you know when you’re going overboard and getting a treat 😀 That said, a pumpkin spice latte IS part of my weekend plans. Guess that means no cookies….

  16. I try and stay clear of additives and refined sugar. I just hate the sugar highs and crashes that comes with them.

  17. Oh don’t you just love learning how much sugar is in some of the things we enjoy?? haha…That’s why so many foods like that are not a norm for me!

  18. I usually get my sugar fill from fruit 😛 I usually don’t eat “added sugar” foods, but there’s that occasional bowl of ice cream/fro-yo, and the [not so] occasional dark chocolate and pb&co peanut butters… I tell myself it’s in moderation 😉

    And about Iceland: We were only there for a day, but it quickly became one of my favorite countries! There seems to be lots to do there, so we’re planning to go back some time and do more exploring. It was definitely gorgeous there though! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  19. I actually have been paying more attention to sugar lately and wow, I didn’t realize how over board I go sometimes! For example, I noticed in Chobani flavored yogurts, specifically the strawberry-banana one, that there is 18g grams of sugar. I have a major sweet tooth, but I found this to be too sweet! I never thought I would say such words haha

  20. Eek thats a scary amount of sugar in those pumpkin lattes… I don’t rink them but I am partial to a chai tea latte and I imagine the sugar count is pretty similar. I’m not gonna check though, ignorance is bliss! 😀

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