Burning calories… then eating them all up again

I rocked the gym yesterday. Seriously. I owned that place. After a short warm up, I completed my regular leg workout. I followed that with 30 minutes of stair-steppin’. Let’s just say that stair climber now knows who’s boss.

I’m happy with the way I’ve been packing on muscle lately, but I’m always careful not to over-do it with legs. That’s the only part of me that can bulk; though I must admit, even my legs don’t actually bulk all that much. Too many days of heavy lifting and too many days of bike (spin class aside) and/or stair climber can have a huge impact. For that reason, I’ll probably complete the same leg workout next week with 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. I may also skip the stair climber. Don’t worry; I’ll be back at it the following week!


***Here’s a little tidbit of info – those with pear shapes should shy away from stair climbers and stationary bikes. These machines build the muscles you want to slim. The machines give many people a great rear view, but if you want to minimize any pear-ness, I’d limit stair climbing and stationary biking (spin class aside) to less than once per two weeks. I also happen to think stair machines with actual turning steps are the best steppers for lower body shaping.

I proceeded to consume loads of protein throughout the day. For my 1366 calories (a wee bit low, but not too much considering weekend splurges), I had 77 grams of protein. Sweeeeet. Sadly, my sodium was a bit high, but that’s okay every once in a while. This dinner helped with my muscle recovery.

local beef

Okay, that wasn’t my real dinner. I made this tenderloin roast last night, and that’s the entire roast. My dinner was more like this.

local beef n' spinach salad

Yeah, that’s a lunch plate, not a huge dinner plate. Can you believe that’s 3.5 oz of beef? No, a better question is, can you believe that’s a recommended “portion?” I know that 12-oz restaurant steaks are ridiculous, but I guess it takes a while to re-train your brain from those gargantuan servings.

To wrap up the post, I just haaaaaad to share some links I’m loving.

  1. Regarding the small plates… I love this Small Plate Movement. I recommend it to everyone!
  2. I enjoyed reading Runner’s World’s healthy approach to weight loss. No gimmicks here.
  3. I also can’t wait to try a few of Martha Stewart’s eggplant recipes, like this one or this one.

Have you heard of the Small Plate Movement? Do you follow “recommended” portions?

22 Comments to “Burning calories… then eating them all up again”

  1. Love the small plate movement! It is sometimes gross to see the portion sizes when eating out…and people wonder why they are overweight…. Great post Tiff!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. I’m glad you’ve been owning the gym because uh.. that makes up for my lack of interest to go. it’s bad. I need to get motivated. Right now. Anyways… I usually stick to the recommended portions…. so when I go out to eat I can barely make a dent in my food! It’s crrrazy.

  3. Love that feeling of owning the gym. Nice job! I definitely don’t follow the right portion sizes. Or maybe I should say I do, it’s just the going back for round 2 is where I fail.

  4. I need to be owned by the gym today, yesterday’s workout didn’t feel so good haha. I am a pear shape too, and I definitely have to be careful about not bulking up my legs!

  5. The small plate thing actually does trick your brain into thinking there’s more food. It’s legit!

  6. LOVE Martha Stewart! And I’m so with you on the small plates movement, love the idea. I think downsizing in general is the key to help America!

  7. haha that’s so funny because that meat looks microscopic! I always choose a small plate at dinner time as well. It does wonders on “tricking” your brain and 99% of the time I am satisfied from the portions.

    Martha Stewart has an amazing craft line at Michaels and Joann Fabrics – not sure if you’re the crafty type but it rocks. I’m actually a Martha Stewart fan. It must be exhausting to be her though lol!

  8. It’s always crazy to actually see a real portion size of meat in person. Our brains are so trained to think that unless it’s 6oz+ it’s not big enough based on what every restaurant serves!

  9. The think the small plate movement is interesting. I definitely struggle with portion control. I eat healthy food but I eat a LOT of it!

    Thanks for the tips on us pear shapes πŸ˜‰

  10. I’ve never heard of the small plate movement. I just eat whatever I’m hungry for. If I fill me plate and get full half way through a meal, I just toss whatever’s left on my plate. I’m not a believer in the clean plate club!

  11. I had never heard of the small plate movement before! My portion sizes used to be out. of. control. I finally got a grip on it and am doing so much better. I never thought to use a smaller plate.. maybe that would have helped. Keeping a food diary is really the only thing that helped me break the habit of eating far too many portions.

  12. But oh, there’s nothing like a big ol’ steak from a really nice steakhouse. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, portion sizes are such a huge problem in our restaurants- doggy bags are my friend!

  13. I have never heard of the small plate movement but I do go by recommended portion sizes. I count calories daily and it’s easier to track what I’m eating. I realized that when I go by portion size, most of the time I am satisfied and really don’t need the extra servings I used to allow myself to eat.

  14. I try to follow portion sizes, but sometimes the “recommended” size is just absurd. 1/2 cup of cereal? Sure…now let’s multiple that by three to get in the “real serving” zone.

  15. I do actually try to use smaller plates when we eat at home because I swear my eyes are so much bigger than my stomach and I am a chronic over-eater. Plus there’s no shame in getting seconds when your first plate was tiny πŸ™‚

  16. My legs build muscle really quick too! Same with my abs…..so I hardly have to work those areas. I have to watch how much I work them cause other wise they get way to bulky to quick!

  17. Nice post! I have a pear shape body, so knowing that I shouldn’t work too much on those two machines, was nice to know! I’ve never heard of the small plate movement, but I do notice that when I use small plates ( like a tea cup plate) to eat from, I tend to feel satisfied, after a small amount of food! Of course, put a huge bowl of mac and cheese, and I will dog that thing down! =]

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