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September 10, 2011

Sweatin’ on Saturday

I have a new move for you today, and I’m pretty pumped about it.  You know what else I’m pumped about?  My pumped up kicks!  They make training much more comfy!  (And I just like saying “pumped up kicks” because I love that song...)

Okay… here’s the video.  This is me explaining my version of the bench step-up.  Yes, I still feel goofy watching myself on film, but due to the success of last week’s cross-back lunge video, I thought I’d make another.  Enjoy!

If you try this move, please let me know by linking up or commenting.  I’d love to know if y’all like it.  I’m also open to other suggestions.  You know I’m not physical therapist, personal trainer, or anything like that, but if you have a trouble spot you’d like to tone, I can tell you what works for me!

Lastly – don’t be jealous, but this was my awesome dinner.  I had spaghetti squash and meat-less balls.  Yum!  Kevin had real pasta.

Our friends that came over for wine last night brought bake-shop brownies.  I avoided them all night, but finally had a piece of a peanut butter one to be nice.  I was so proud of myself for not going overboard, especially after a couple glasses of Chianti!  I even got them to take the leftovers home.  Woohoo!

In addition, I have already completed my quick run for today.  I often forget how good it feels to make good choices.

Have a great weekend!

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