I’m a Prep

I’m a total prepster.  I’m not saying this because I adore cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, and Lily Pulitzer dresses.

Cleo got in the way of my cable!

but I forgave her

I’m not even saying I’m a prep because I’m obsessed with all things nautical, think retrievers are the best dogs on Earth, and not-so-secretly idolize Martha Stewart.

His & Hers Sperry

Nope. I’m a prepster (prep-star?) because I prep everying!  I’m mainly into prepping lunch, and y’all know I’m the queen of leftovers.  Just check out my “veggie bowls” for examples.

I may not do it weekly, but on a regular basis, I make a big pot-o-goodies on Sunday with the sole intention of eating it for lunch all week at work.  I am motivated to do this because pre-packed lunches take less of my time in the morning, and they usually tastes pretty darn good.

Big Quinoa Bowl

Lean Cuisine and other frozen entrees aren’t expensive, but if cost is your thing, this is definitely cheaper This is also a great way to eat more natural foods.  Prepping lunch for the entire week is also waaaaay cheaper than eating out at a restaurant.  (All this obviously depends on your ingredients, but you get the idea.)

Divide & Conquer

Making your own Healthy Choice or Smart Ones-style meal probably tastes better too.  You can add whatever you want.  I happen to love quinoa and radishes.  You don’t usually see those in the frozen section!

I have to admit, sometimes you can flop… like I did Monday.  My dish is good, but it was supposed to have edamame that I forgot to add.  It was also supposed to have a wonderful kale puree.

the kale was pretty enough to put in a vase

Yeah, that didn’t turn out for me.  The bowl is actually really good without it though.  Just throw on a TBS of soy sauce, and you’re good to go!  This week’s bowl has a wee bit of kale, sweet white corn, zucchini, radishes, quinoa, 2 TBS balsamic dressing, and canned tuna (packed in water).  Yum!

Do you prep your food for the week, or do you make everything fresh to order? Or do you let Healthy Choice or nearby restaurants do the cooking (and cleaning!) for you?

PS: Last night’s book club was lovely!  We all met at a frozen yogurt shop, and you can read more about it on Caitlin’s post.

Frozen Yogurt with the Girls!


33 Responses to “I’m a Prep”

  1. I like to get some food prep out of the way at the weekend, especially if I have a busy week ahead. 🙂

  2. Now that college has started up again, I do a lot of my food prep on the weekends so I don’t have to stress during the week, it saves so much time! Thank heavens for tupperware!
    PS– lovin the cat sweater heehee 8)

  3. I sorta am… I buy all the salad stuff at the beginning of the week and have the spinach/lettuce all divided into containers so it’s easy to grab. Soooo boring I am… 🙂

  4. I’m a planner and lunch packer! Today was the first day I sent my husband off without a healthy lunch! I normally cook on Sunday and plan ahead!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. Love the shoes. I want to get a pair!

    I always have dinner leftovers for lunch so I suppose I’m prepping…but just the night before.

  6. When I was working full time, I prepped all my food. Everything you wrote about less expensive, more nutritious was true for me, too. Plus, I always had food at my side. Very important!! I still plan meals regularly and tend to have spurts of “keep it very simple,” coupled with “what new or favorite recipes should I use this week?!” [am going to get into some of your recipes as the dust of our BUSY summer schedule subsides; thanks for all the ideas :-)] It all works and I/we are all blessed to have food of any kind to set before us.

  7. I only really prep my breakfast the night before and that’s about it. Every once in a while I do good and at least cook off batches of beans or seitan on the weekend. But that’s not really prepping…

  8. I am totally with you on being prepared ahead of time with your lunches! That is my goal once I head back to work next week!


    I suck at prepping anything lately. My schedule has been all over the place and if I’m motivated enough to cook, it usually means a quick trip to the store beforehand to purchase supplies. Not the most efficient or budget-friendly way to operate! Sigh.

  10. I’m horrible when it comes to meal prep. I usually make my lunch the morning of if I need to pack it. It’s not THAT bad since I wake up super early anyways, but it can be really frustrating if I don’t know what I want.

    • At least you don’t get sick of it that way. Luckily I’m usually good with 4 or 5 days of the same thing, but every once in a while I’m ready to be finished with my repetitive eats by Friday!

  11. I am a big fan of make-ahead meal prep! I am working on stoking my freezer with yummy, healthy meals right now for after baby comes.

    As for being a prep – LOVE your Sperrys 😉

  12. I’m a prep because I went to a prep school for high school… but I do prepare meals ahead of time too 🙂 I’m a super prep. and proud of it!

  13. I like to prep during the school year. It makes it a lot less tempting to buy food out.

  14. I love the boat shoes! I’m rockin mine right now. 🙂

    I try and prep everything ahead of time. Sometimes I do better than others but I would much rather have a leftover meal or something I put together myself than a frozen, store bought meal.

  15. I take leftovers nearly every day. About once every 1-2 months, I’ll meet hubby for lunch and we’ll to Chipotle, but otherwise…always leftovers. Even less prep, and I’m all for it! 🙂

  16. I like to prep too..I definitely ‘prep’ all my clothes for the week on Sunday (ironing, shoes, everything!)

  17. I wish I had the discipline to prep my meals more. I always have good intentions on Sunday nights and yet it just never happens!

  18. I need to get into prepping food ahead of time. I was really good at it when I lived alone, but it’s fallen by the wayside now. 🙂 Hooray for frozen yogurt!

  19. Tiff –

    Great book club selections. Few things are better than a good book club to keep the mind refreshed.

  20. I barely ever prep for the week and I really should but I sort of like spontinaity. You are so organised, I will be taking tips haha. Your kitty is gorgeous, she clearly wants to hog the limelight!

  21. I’d love to prep ahead of time and do a big ol’ pot of yumminess for lunches for a week! My intentions are good, but I don’t always get it done. If I don’t, I’m more of a make fresh to order. Frozen entrees are a last resort.

  22. Wow that is awesome 🙂 That quinoa looks amazing. I wish I had time on Sundays to prep food!! You lucky girl 🙂

  23. I wish I could prep ahead of time! working at a restaurant is not the best way to have Sunday nights free, unfortunately!!
    Lucky girl you are 🙂

  24. I love this! I’m a total prep too and I’m in love with Preppy Princess by Vera Wang!

  25. My friend’s sister worked at Lilly this past summer in the graphic design area. She made patterns and got 80% off. I felt awful asking to use it, but I know my friend made out like a bandit. If only I was a size 2 like her….. sigh.

    Saw your reply on my comment at Shanna’s so figured I’d stop by!

  26. Hehe you really are a prepster LOL! I like some preppy clothes but I am more with ya on the preparing aspect! I like preparing things way in advance….it helps me stay organized for sure!

  27. I’m clapping at my computer. Well done! I love that you are a prepster. I love to make meals in bulk too- and have them ready for the week or freeze them for a quick snack! Your quinoa bowl looks amazing.

  28. I try and make a grain salad on a Sunday to last at least part way through the week, and since I cook for one most of the time, I make extra so that I have leftovers! Its when I forget to fail I know I’m more likely to fail in making healthy choices!


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