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September 8, 2011

I’m a Prep

I’m a total prepster.  I’m not saying this because I adore cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, and Lily Pulitzer dresses.

Cleo got in the way of my cable!

but I forgave her

I’m not even saying I’m a prep because I’m obsessed with all things nautical, think retrievers are the best dogs on Earth, and not-so-secretly idolize Martha Stewart.

His & Hers Sperry

Nope. I’m a prepster (prep-star?) because I prep everying!  I’m mainly into prepping lunch, and y’all know I’m the queen of leftovers.  Just check out my “veggie bowls” for examples.

I may not do it weekly, but on a regular basis, I make a big pot-o-goodies on Sunday with the sole intention of eating it for lunch all week at work.  I am motivated to do this because pre-packed lunches take less of my time in the morning, and they usually tastes pretty darn good.

Big Quinoa Bowl

Lean Cuisine and other frozen entrees aren’t expensive, but if cost is your thing, this is definitely cheaper This is also a great way to eat more natural foods.  Prepping lunch for the entire week is also waaaaay cheaper than eating out at a restaurant.  (All this obviously depends on your ingredients, but you get the idea.)

Divide & Conquer

Making your own Healthy Choice or Smart Ones-style meal probably tastes better too.  You can add whatever you want.  I happen to love quinoa and radishes.  You don’t usually see those in the frozen section!

I have to admit, sometimes you can flop… like I did Monday.  My dish is good, but it was supposed to have edamame that I forgot to add.  It was also supposed to have a wonderful kale puree.

the kale was pretty enough to put in a vase

Yeah, that didn’t turn out for me.  The bowl is actually really good without it though.  Just throw on a TBS of soy sauce, and you’re good to go!  This week’s bowl has a wee bit of kale, sweet white corn, zucchini, radishes, quinoa, 2 TBS balsamic dressing, and canned tuna (packed in water).  Yum!

Do you prep your food for the week, or do you make everything fresh to order? Or do you let Healthy Choice or nearby restaurants do the cooking (and cleaning!) for you?

PS: Last night’s book club was lovely!  We all met at a frozen yogurt shop, and you can read more about it on Caitlin’s post.

Frozen Yogurt with the Girls!

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