Fall for Friday

Is anyone else fall-crazy? I am usually bonkers by now, but I’ve had so much fun this summer that I haven’t paid fall much attention, which is probably a good thing for my sanity. Now that football season is upon us, I cannot help but think about awesome autumn.

I thought a fall-inspired post would make for a fun Friday read, so here are some autumn things that I adore.

1. I love squash. I can’t wait to bake/roast a delicious acorn squash again, and don’t even get me started on pumpkins!

Source: Image from Pinterest

2. Fall Foliage! I guess that’s a no-brainer, but they’re just so beautiful. Kevin and I enjoy fall getaways, and I’m already excited about this year’s adventure. It includes hiking!

3. Halloween décor makes me smile. Isn’t it fun to decorate and remember all those years of trick or treating?

Source: Image from Pinterest (I think it’s originally from BHG)

4. Pumpkin beers are on the shelves! Actually, my favorite seasonal beers are ales and Oktoberfests, but pumpkin brews sure are fun, aren’t they?

5. Last but not least, it’s time for some footbaaaaaaall! Bring on the grills, the tailgates, the beers, the first downs, and the orange!

Are you fanatical about fall? If so, what autumn awesomeness excites you the most?

By the way… last night’s dinner was truly a dinner of champions… champion beer drinkers, that is.

TJ’s Masala Veggie Burger (newly discovered product that I adore!) with a whole wheat pita, lettuce, and a Paulaner Hefe. So much flavor!

26 Responses to “Fall for Friday”

  1. Love all the orange! My favorite color!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Ahhh pumpkin and fall colors get me so excited for fall! Sadly stupid Texas just stays blazing hot up until November, so I still have a while before nice weather haha

  3. I’m obsessed with fall as well! Pumpkin everything, and I love having the house decorated for all the holidays. And road trips, and fall photographs … yeah. Everything. 🙂

  4. I love that since it’s officially September, I can start thinking of a Halloween costume! I have a lot of exciting things planned in the fall so I’m definitely just as excited as you are! Happy Friday!! 🙂

  5. I love pumpkin beers too. YUM. The only thing I love about fall is that the temps are more bearable. But it can be depressing when the leaves start to fall 😦

  6. Ahh loving this post, yay for orange 🙂
    Pumpkin beer is rather tasty… I tried it for the first time last week! Yum

  7. I’m pretty excited for the pumpkin beer as well, and breaking out all my boots that have been hibernating in the closet.

  8. Fall does bring some awesome and delicious meals! Beer is always welcomed year round!

  9. I am fall-crazed too! I love the summer, but the warm days, cool nights of fall definitely are #1 in my heart!

  10. I’m equally as fall crazed! I never thought I was a big football person – I don’t mind watching it and I was born a Bills fan (embarrassing, I know) but I never really got super into it… but I don’t have cable and for some reason i really miss watching it. I didn’t think I would!

  11. I’m so, SO excited for fall! I’m already breaking out the pumpkin and can’t wait to do more baking/cooking with it. I’m also bringing my chunky sweaters and knee-high boots out of storage, and I can’t wait to see the leaves start changing, and to smell that intoxicating aroma that hits the air around this time 😀

  12. I’m so excited for football tailgating! I’ll have to try those Masala veggie burgers.

  13. I’ve actually never had pumpkin beers…I should try one soon! I do love fall though! All of the wonderful “scents” and colors and the crisp air are just fabulous 🙂

  14. I’m with ya on everything except football 😉 I just despise that sport!
    I need to finish the beer we have in the fridge so I can go grab some pumpkin ones!

  15. Cute picture of y’all! I dont Necessarily like that winter is close once fall arrives but I do love the fall scenery! I must take a fall hike this year to take in the foliage : ). Happy Friday!

    Katie : )

  16. Love Fall!! The things I love most are football games, pumpkin, “Fall” weather, and the World Series… Love that picture of you guys ❤

  17. I think I am the only one who does not want fall to happen. I absolutely hate the winters in Chicago so the longer summer stretches out, the less I have to deal with the freezing snowy days!

  18. After shopping today and seeing all of the fall displays, I am definitely excited for it now! I also picked up some pumpkin beer from a local brewery and I am excited to try it tonight!

  19. I love fall. And I love hefes. And football… pretty much agreed with everything you just said 🙂

  20. Eeeeh, I love all the fall excitement! Decorating for autumn is my favorite!

  21. i love fall for the boots, cute sweaters, apples, pumpkin dishes, and SQUASH!! especially kabocha!!!

  22. I am more than excited for Fall, especially after this post. I haven’t had much of a Summer where I live, but now I am so over it that I am ready for Fall. I love the cold crisp morning air and the leaves changing colors and falling! GAH SO excited! THOSE MASALA burgers are TO DIE FOR! I had one for the first time the other day and about cried it was so good.


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