WIAW: Sandwich Edition

Yeehaw y’all – it is wiiiii-aaawwww (WIAW) time again.  Before I share my eats of the week, I’d like to share the link to the awesome Peas & Crayons WIAW Blog Party.  I recommend you hop over to check out all the other great eats.

Breakfast for the week includes a pre-workout rice cake and a post-workout parfait.  The parfait is about 95 calories worth of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt, 70 calories worth of Kashi GoLean cereal, and 85 calories worth of blueberries.  It’s berry filling.  (Forgive my embarrassing pun, but there really are a lot of berries in there!)

Lunch is both simple and wonderful.  I hadn’t purchased Great Harvest Bread Co. bread before, but I am sooooo glad I did this weekend.  I got a loaf of the honey whole wheat.  It was delicious and contained only 5 ingredients!

I’m having one large slice with 1 can of tuna, 2 or 3 TBS chipotle yummus, 1 or 2 leaves of iceberg lettuce.  I pair my simple sandwich with side of sliced bell pepper or zucchini.

filling, fibrous, and fatty (healthy fatty, that is)

Snack has been pretty awesome.  It involves 1 peach and 1 half of a nutrition bar.  Want more information about the bar?  Well you can’t have it.

Just Peachy

Sorry – that was the bratty only-child in me.  I’ll actually be happy to share the details, but you’ll have to wait.  (Psssst… The details are worth the wait because it involves a delicious giveaway.)

I’ve been utilizing leftovers for dinner this week, but I haven’t been abusing them.  I had the same thing Monday and Tuesday, which was a grilled onion and chicken sandwich on more of that awesome bread with lite cheddar cheese.  That too went with a side of green beans.

I’m also having the same thing tonight as Thursday, which will be some sort of Shirataki noodle stir-fry.  I’m pretty excited to try those suckers out!  I’ll let you know what I think of them tomorrow.

Oh, and I definitely had some after-dinner treats.  Monday was a bar I can’t tell you about yet, and Tuesday was a 100-calorie bag of popcorn.  Mmmmm… salty goodness!  My last note, I was so proud of myself for turning down office sweets yesterday.  Woohoo!!!

Do you typically snack after dinner?  If so, what’s your go-to snack?

Also, thanks for all the sweet bday wishes.  You guys made it more special than a typical Tuesday!

27 Comments to “WIAW: Sandwich Edition”

  1. Yum! That kashi blueberry yogurt mix looks good 🙂 I do have a snack before bed like 2 hours after dinner, it’s almost always cottage cheese and nut butter, always puts me to sleep haha

  2. I always have to snack after dinner because I tend to eat it pretty early and there’s no way I’d make it through the night without some more food in me. It varies, but lately it’s been a bowl of oat bran with Greek yogurt, flaxmeal, and maple syrup.

  3. chipotle hummus?! i must make that! we’re currently enjoying a batch of roasted garlic & sweet potato hummus. so good.

  4. Love finding really wholesome bread like that. Most of the stuff you see has so many ingredients it takes up half the packaging. I do snack after dinner – my go to is rice cake with smear of PB.

  5. That bread looks so good, where do you get it??
    Considering I typically eat dinner at 9 pm due to long work hours, my snack aftet dinner is dessert! Cookies or ice cream. I don’t hold back lol

  6. I always have to snack after dinner. I get way to hungry haha. Usually it’s a hefty bowl of cereal 🙂

  7. That sandwich looks KILLER! And I’m loving peaches so much right now. Seriously can’t get enough.

  8. Always have a snack at bedtime otherwise I have a hard time falling asleep. It must be cause we eat dinner early!! Usually I have a glass of almond milk and some almonds or trail mix. =)

  9. I always love bad puns.. I laughed at yours 🙂 And I usually do snack after dinner.. I’ll usually just have almonds & raisins… or maybe a cookie.. or 5.

  10. Fun – giveaways are awesome! 🙂
    I always have something after dinner – I’m a salt girl, so something salty (pretzal, etc…)

  11. I turned down office sweets too. You just have to say no right from the beginning and I find that’s enough of a mental committment to not sneak a bite later. It was also made easier because I knew what was coming for dessert after dinner. 🙂

  12. Mmm I love wholesome and hearty bread like that!
    Oh and I gotta love that pun, just had to tell you that 🙂
    I always have a snack after dinner… I get way too hungry and mostly just bored. Ugh bad habit!

  13. Happy belated!!! I love snacking! I do it all day long. It really depends on the day, but I’ll usually have a little something after dinner. It always changes though. Yesterday was popcorn made the old school way! Popped on the stove with a little olive oil and sea salt. So good!

  14. I always snack after dinner because I eat so early. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be a 70 year old crazy old lady with a ton of cats.

  15. I always snack after dinner, even when dinner is at like 9pm, i have the midnight snackys calling! Yay for healthy fats, love the tuna/hummus combo.

  16. Happy Birthday! I hope it was awesome! 🙂

    If I eat early, then usually I snack later for sure!

  17. I always snack after dinner! 🙂

  18. I always have a snack after dinner, I usually eat dinner relatively early though! Happy belated birthday 🙂

  19. Aren’t peaches just wonderful this time of year? I’m going to be so sad when they’re out of season!

    I ALWAYS snack after dinner! I usually go for popcorn or soy ice cream sandwiches! 🙂

  20. i almost always have a greek yogurt, homemade granola and fruit parfait for breakfast too!! great minds think alike. i have been lovin’ on root vegetable chips lately. sooo good!

  21. I love breakfast parfaits with fresh berries 🙂 And, your snack reminds me that I haven’t had enough really good peaches this summer!

  22. Love that you keep your fresh veggies for your sandwich in a separate bag! I do the same thing.

  23. I’m excited to see how you like the Shirataki…I’ll comment with MY thoughts later 🙂

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