Happy IPA Day! Head over to BeerWench for more info!  For those who didn’t know, there are different styles of IPA, but my favorites are the American ones. By design, American IPAs usually have more hop and herbal flavor, but be careful since they often contain more alcohol as well. In honor of IPA day, I’d like to do a special post on the relationship between beer and health.


First and foremost, I’m not one to say beer is or isn’t healthy. It’s all about moderation, and I’m no dietitian. You have probably seen articles on beer’s health benefits, most of them appearing around St. Patty’s day or Oktoberfest. Even though the topic is “beer,” these studies are more like shot of tequila – best when taken with a grain of salt.


Some studies claim that that one or two beers a day can significantly lower blood pressure, and I can sort of see how relaxing and enjoying a good brew can be a healthy stress reliever. In my opinion, beers happen to go down much easier than a dose of asprin. I have also read a number of times that…

  • Beer can help with bone density, especially IPAs due to their silicon levels
  • A brew after physical exertion helps prevent sore muscles
  • Some types of beer can be thought of as a complex carbohydrates (kind of a stretch)

On the other hand… no researcher can deny that all forms of alcohol impair judgment, make your liver work overtime, and make you think ordering a pizza at 3 a.m. is the best idea you’ve ever had. See more dangers of alcohol at this Active.com article.

Stone IPA

Tons of studies have found that a daily glass of wine or piece of chocolate is good for you, and I’m not disparaging those claims either. You have to admit; publications that print/post this stuff are telling people what they want to hear, but I don’t blame them. People eat this up like nachos (Think that’s not a good comparison? You just haven’t seen me devour good nachos.)

cashew un-cheeze sauce

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I consider my beer-drinking ways to be healthy, but my pints are part of a healthy life that’s sprinkled with good times, indulgences, and occasional trips to the bar.

  • Self Magazine explains a number of ways beer can be healthy.  For instance, Self says hops have polyphenols, which lower bad cholesterol.
  • Draft Magazine’s “Beer Runner” explains how beer can be good for runners in one or more of his blog posts.
  • Men’s Health Magazine talks about how beers can boost your metabolism.  (How much did they pay a researcher to say that??? Lolz)

Will you be celebrating IPA Day?  What’s your favorite food/beverage day?

25 Responses to “IPA Day”

  1. Interesting facts. I am not a fan of IPAs though. My hubby, on the other hand, would gladly celebrate!

  2. Happy IPA Day! I dont drink much beer, but when I do it’s mostly an IPA- I love all that hoppy goodness! That was until I heard my favorite IPA Dogfish Head 60 & 90 minute had about 400 calories or something like that a beer!!! Yikes!! Crazy! I still like them, but only after a serious workout! xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Happy IPA day!!! I have never thought beer could be good for you until I was given a huge glass of beer after crossing the finish line at a 10k in Germany !

  4. Happy IPA day to you!! As a huge IPA Fan, I can’t wait to celebrate…. but not until I hop on the elliptical at lunchtime!!

    Balance… so hot right now.

  5. IPA’s are my least favorite kind of beer, so I won’t be celebrating. 🙂 I do really want to try the skinny pina colada recipe that’s floatin’ round the blogosphere though!

  6. Love that drinking beer helps with athletic performance 😉 Awesome!!

  7. Happy IPA day!!! I am a HUGE fan of IPAs and will be celebrating by splitting my rare bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA with the BF later. SO excited!

  8. I am so not a fan of IPA’s. They’re sooo bitter.

  9. Happy IPA Day! I am a dietitian and I looovee beer! haha.
    I agree..all in moderation.

  10. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinking a beer or two a day….just as long as your calories factor in around it!

  11. Now that I know it’s IPA day, I certainly WILL be celebrating! And I like a good beer, and like anything I enjoy, I’ll enjoy it but do so reasonably.

  12. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but my boyfriend will appreciate IPA day! Now when is national donut day? Because I’m in!

  13. I love a good quality beer, I don’t think there’s any harm in enjoying beer in moderation. Work out hard, play hard right? Right 🙂

  14. I think beer (or wine or whatever you choice is) is a good stress reliever for me. So I call it healthy (in moderation). Whether it be scientific or psychological, I do not know. But I will cheers the article anyway!

    And then I’ll go have some pizza with it (hopefully NOT at 3am and half the pizza). Because seriously- not much is better than beer and pizza together…

  15. Happy IPA day! I am going out to dinner tonight with some girl friends, and now I know what my beverage of choice will be 🙂

  16. My boyfriend would appreciate IPA day!! I am not a big beer drinker though.. I dunno why!

  17. Well said! Just like anything, beer can be enjoyed in moderation. You have a very healthy approach and attitude towards it and I think it’s awesome. 🙂 My drink of choice is usually something frozen. Daiquiri, pina colada, etc.

  18. Interesting info! Thanks Tiff!

  19. Beer, wine. Everything in moderation is okay in my book!

  20. Thanks for supporting IPA Day. Love your site!


    The Wench


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