One Hot Mess

Happy Friday! I’m about to hit the gym for an arm and pool workout, but first I’d like to mention dinner, upcoming goals, and some foodie fun. This post is really one big hot mess of stuff!

Dinner last night was this. The gnocchi and sauce were terrific. The nutritional yeast on the broccoli? Eh. Not so much. Still a good dinner though.


Goal Time! It is less than one month until my birthday, and my feelings are torn. Part of me is really excited because it means I have survived 25 years on this earth. Not only have I survived, but I’ve made friends, learned lessons, married the man I love, adopted two (furry) children, obtained my master’s degree, and purchased a home.


On the other hand, getting older means exactly what it sounds like- getting older. I’ve been pushed into the mid-to-late twenties bracket. Ugh. I’m not so sure I’m ready for that.

In order to ease into full-blown adulthood, I have a few minor goals.

  1. Start using moisturizer/cream/serum/something: I’ve only tried it because it comes in my Clinique bonus bags. So I made my first anti-wrinkle cream purchase this week. Wish me luck!
  2. Take more calcium: I should have been doing this for years but only do so occasionally. Calcium is important, especially for those with small frames. Maybe I’ll explain why in a future post…
  3. Lose 3 or 4 lbs before my birthday: That’s what I’ve put on so far in 2011. I fully welcome support and encouragement.
Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle

When did you first start using anti-aging products? Do you use them? Can you tell a difference?

Now I’d like to share a wee bit of foodie fun. It’s time for cooking with beer!

BBQ Mini Meatloaves: I made these for Kev to bring to work a couple weeks ago. I used beer instead of milk or water. You couldn’t taste much beer flavor, but he said they were good.


Pork-and-Pumpkin Chili: Seriously – this was delicious. It has many great ingredients, such as beans, beer, pumpkin, mustard greens, and those little adobo peppers. It’s from Food Network Magazine.

Beer & Sauerkraut Fudge Cupcakes, Beer Frosting: I was intrigued by this but haven’t made it myself. Dark beer occasionally goes well with chocolate, but I’d definitely omit the sauerkraut.

Brats n’ Beer: From The Smart Kitchen – Brats and beer is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s still so smart.

Beer Sweet Potato Fries: From Edible Perspective – I haven’t tried these, but what could go wrong with sweet potatoes and beer???

Have a good weekend!

46 Responses to “One Hot Mess”

  1. I haven’t started to use anti-ageing products YET. I’m not sure when is the best time to start using them 🙂

  2. I started using anti-wrinkle creams at night when I turned 30—doing good so far! I have been using sunscreen in my moisturizer though since I was 21… Remember girl – age is just a number! You have accomplished way more than I had by that age!! Whoo Hoo for birthdays!!! (they are my FAVORITE)

  3. Over the last year or two I’ve gotten much more serious about moisturizer and multi-vitamins. I don’t know if they’re really that big of a deal right now, but they sure can’t hurt, right?

  4. I probably should use more moisturizers–my mom’s side of the family has really skin-cancer prone skin–but I just enjoy tans more I guess haha 😉 By the way, your wedding dress picture is drop dead gorgeous!!

    • Thanks! I did my own hair/makeup for the bridal portraits, so I look prettier in those than I do in my actual wedding shots. Figures – ha!

  5. I’m 24 and bought my first anti-aging facewash. I don’t really like it though so I’ve been using what I always do….

  6. I kind of hate being in the mid-to-late twenties bracket too. I mean, I don’t feel that old! It really snuck up on me. I don’t use anti aging stuff, but always use eye cream and sunscreen. And take calcium every day – I think that’s super important!

    • Sunscreen is another good goal. I refuse to go to the tanning bed any more (even though I love love love it), but I’m not 100% ready to wear sunscreen as often as I should yet. Tan Addiction?

  7. Oh to be in my twenties again!! I think I really got on board (aka freaked out about wrinkles) with the anti-aging stuff about 5 years ago.

  8. I love gnocchi! Like pillowy bites of love! And I like nooch on broccoli …..but I guess its not for everyone 🙂

  9. Oh 25 was a fun year..haha 😉

    I’ve always bummed my Mom’s freebie anti-aging stuff, so I suppose I’ve been using it forever. But I’ve also always had wrinkles (high stress schools/jobs) and grey hair (genetic). Oye.

  10. My list was identical to your list at 25 except that I got pregnant that year too hehe!! 7 years (a lightning speed 7 years) later I’ve got 3 monsters.

  11. those muffins look so cute! i turn 24 in september and am not looking forward to it! i started doing the anti wrinkle thing on my 21st birthday (freak out much? yes.)

    girl, if you can put together meatloaf you can totally do black bean burgres!! i want to try nutritional yeast, is it good?

    • This was my first experience with it. It was more like sawdust than cheese, but apparently a lot of people really like it. I guess it might be better in or on other things…?

  12. Beer sweet potato fries, oh my! Happy early birthday!

  13. Did you know that the human brain is not fully formed until you’re 25!?! Welcome to the other side:). Sounds like you are doing great already. Have a great weekend.

  14. I just recently (at 28/29) started using “good” cremes and anti-aging stuff, that stuff is expensive! I really haven’t seen any difference but I’m not sure that I would now or if the effects are more noticeable in the long run…

  15. I turned 26 at the beginning of this year, and I promise you it’s not so bad 🙂 I used to feel all weird about getting older, but age is just another stupid number, like weight, and you’re only as old as you feel inside. Truth. As for the whole cream thing… I still don’t use anti-aging cream, but I do make sure to wear sunscreen and moisturize every day.

  16. I just needed to comment and tell you I heart you for using hot mess in this post. It’s like, my favorite phrase/descriptor.

  17. I have put on a few lbs in 2011 too — I’m hoping the second half of the year will be less stressful than the first and that will help the weight come off. Because god knows I’ve been hitting the gym like it’s my J.O.B.

  18. I’m not the only one who makes meatloaf (well, veggieloaf) in muffin tins! Hooray! I always get weird looks for it–but it travels so much better that way!

    By the way–GORGEOUS wedding photo 🙂 And I’d love to hear about that calcium business in another post, I’d never heard that us small ladies need it more than others.

  19. Oh girl, I hear you!!! ….I am already using anti-aging things but not regularly, which is what I need to be doing!! … No fear, growing older has it’s perks. You are more rounded and have soooo much more knowledge than you did even than a few years ago! (at least it is for me) 🙂

  20. Girrl you are one bomb 25 yr old don’t even worry about being 26!! You have earned these years! I think everyone feels that way when another year rolls around. After 21 it all seems downhill. I use facial lotion because I used to be a sun GODdess and would lay out all the time (sometimes still do) I am so scared I will look 90 when I am 30. I don’t think it’s ever too soon to start using products, as long as they aren’t the hodgepodge ones that don’t work. The skin is such a resilient organ we gotta take care of it just like the rest of our bodies!

  21. My mom uses a few different anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products…my grandma is the real consumer tho.. she will try every new one that comes out…im not sure if it makes a difference because im still 22 but i know my grandma who is 86 looks like she is in her late 60’s…so maybe it does something!?! hehe


  22. I hear ya – when I turned 26 I was much more upset about it than I thought I was going to be. But it’s been a REALLY great year so now I love it! I’m sure yours will be just as awesome 🙂

  23. I haven’t started using any anti-aging products yet – but we’re the same age, so maybe I should!? You’ve accomplished so much in your 24/almost 25 years already – you should be proud of yourself 🙂

  24. I haven’t started any anti-aging creams yet (though I’m 33!), but I do use a daily moisturizer because I like the soft feel of my skin afterwards. In the summer when creams tend to slick off with all the Chicago heat, I use The Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist. Happy almost birthday!

  25. For 25, you’ve accomplished so much! Purchasing a home and finishing a Master’s degree? Congratulations!! I’m turning 24 on Monday and I’m pretty far behind! I can’t say that I’ve started using anti-aging products yet… my skin still thinks it’s in high school & I use Clean&Clear haha. But calcium supplements actually screw up my stomach, so I just make sure to get my nutrients in food, and try not to rely on supplements. Ugh.

  26. I don’t wear antiaging creams, but I do moisturize every day and night. I also make sure to wear sunscreen daily. I also follow any and all tips that Jennifer Tilly ( gives. Can you believe she’s 52?!

  27. Just stumbled across your blog 🙂 i was drawn in by the title! i love beer and cooking with beer! nothing better. can’t wait to read more!

  28. I have been using anti aging moisurizers for years and I think my skin looks a little better than some others my age ( I may also be a little biased!) but I also am good about sunscreen and wearing big sunglasses. I really like Trader Joes’ Rejuvinating Spa lotion . It’s cheap and pretty natural, for lotions that is.

  29. Hey! Cute post! I don’t use an anti-wrinkle yet…I just use a moisturizer with SPF. A couple years ago I went to clinique to get an anti-wrinkle and the lady said not to start with that until I was older…so I believed her. Who knows right???

  30. Hmm I’m not really a fan of anti ageing creams I think it’s all just a massive advertising ploy to get us to part with our cash! I watched a program once where a woman was having surgery to have her eye bags removed and like 90% of what they removed was eye cream build up! :/ Scary stuff! I just use one really good moisturiser (good job because I can’t afford more than one at the price!) and sun cream every day. You never know though right, I think a lot of skin and wrinkle issues come down to genes.


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