Thursday Things

I’m just all about awesome alliterations these days, aren’t I?  Well, I don’t think “Thursday Things” will be a weekly type of post, but you can probably expect to see it again every once in a while.  Let’s face it, it’s too darn catchy to only do once!

Yesterday’s body pump class was good and bad.  I saw a buddy in class, which is obviously good.  However, I got an excruciating foot cramp in class.  I get these from time to time, but this is the first time I got one during a workout.  It’s official – I’m calling to find a podiatrist today.  I am no longer able to deny it – I need help.

As you can imagine, today’s 3-mile Thursday is not happening.  I’ll spend the rest of the morning enjoying my coffee with Kevin and packing for this weekend’s getaway.  Yes, I’m packing running gear.  I’m a wishful thinker.  I also hope to do pilates tonight.

Anyway… now it’s onto those Thursday Things.  Here are 5 things I’m loving right now.

1. Cherries!  They make my morning cheery.

Did you know current research shows that drinking cherry juice can combat muscle soreness?  Eating cherries after I workout sure hasn’t helped me lately, but someone did a study – it must be true...


2. This necklace I got from New York & Co.  I got it about a year ago, but I hardly wear it.  It goes so well with this shirt though, doesn’t it?


What? You haven't taken a pic of yourself in the office elevator?

3. Fish in a Cup: I love these little buggars.  I bought both tuna and salmon for my salads this week.  80 calories of easy, portable omega-3s!

Salmon Cup

4. This Pasta Sauce: It’s organic, cheap, and delicious – win, win, and win.  It’s going on my wheat gnocchi tonight!


5. These Soft Style Shoes: Yeah, they’re lame and ugly.  Due to my aforementioned foot issues, I need a low heel.  I’ll buy them later today with yesterday’s Groupon for  I seriously need to unsubscribe from Groupon ASAP!

Soft Style Shoes
Have you had foot issues in the past?
Would you be seen in public wearing old lady shoes for the sake of comfort?

40 Comments to “Thursday Things”

  1. I saw those fish in a cup things the other day and thought how cool those were!! I didn’t buy them cause they were a little pricy but once school starts I might have to indulge for a quick go to lunch. I also love the necklace 🙂
    I actually have plantar fasciitis right now. I’m in the process of wearing my sneakers with insoles around the house and massaging my foot with a golf ball. All summer I’ve been wearing sneakers, no flip flops for this girl 😦 People probably think I’m crazy

    • Oh no – I tried massaging with a tennis ball, and even that didn’t feel so awesome. I bet a golf ball would be extra tough. I hope you heel soon!

  2. I’ve worn my share of ugly shoes…especially as a waitress and working in retail. I need comfort more than cuteness! haha!

    I hope your foot gets better! Injuries are not fun, but I do always learn something about myself and my body from them (for instance, I had hip pain from running and realized my running form was just awful) I hope that your issues will be figured out soon!

  3. If I needed old lady shoes, I would get them too! 🙂

  4. Not foot issues but knee issues. Heels/flats can aggravate the issue, long periods of walking, running is a big no-no. So it’s a big pain. I don’t currently wear any old lady shoes but I keep telling myself I’ll need too if I don’t want to exacerbate the issue!

  5. I get a lot of my work shoes from Nine West…they seem to be comfortable while still being trendy at the same time. But believe me I hate for my feet to hurt so I would definitely forgo fashion for no pain!

  6. Aw I’m sorry about your foot! That sucks! I saw that “chicken of the sea’ pic and immediately thought of jessica simpson haha.

  7. I am loving cherries too! Especially frozen! They are so refreshing!!!

  8. I love your necklace!

    Sorry to hear about your foot… I hope it feels better soon!

  9. Love NY&Co for their jewelry. I’ve read that about the cherry juice as well. Never tried the juice though to see if it worked. I never think to buy cherries but I like them.

  10. Yes!! Best pasta sauce ever. It’s the only one I use 😉

  11. Those shoes aren’t so ugly…and at least you have a beautiful necklace to distract from them?

  12. I need no excuse to dig into a big bowl of cherries – they’re WONDERFUL! Any benefits they offer are just a happy plus in my book 😉

  13. Girl you are on your own on the fish in the cups =P

    But I love that necklace — NY&Co have great inexpensive pieces!!

    Right now I’ll take pain for fashion when it comes to shoes, but talk to me in a few months 😉

  14. Ack! I’m sorry to hear about your foot issues, and hope it turns out to be nothing too serious. I was always dealing with some weird leg pains when I ran more, which is probably why I cut down on the running and began focusing more on strength training. Now, no more leg pain 😀

    • Gotta love strength training… or at least I do! You just started New Rules to Weight Training (or something like that), right? I can’t wait to hear more about it. I’m definitely interested.

  15. I’ve had some major ankle issues, but no foot-specific injuries. And I go for comfort all the time. As in, I often wear sneakers to work–but luckily work in IT, so while I’m outclassed by coworkers, it’s still acceptable enough. I tried that marinara sauce and wasn’t very happy with it, but maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance. Love the necklace!

  16. I’ve had foot issues, so I feel for you. Seeing the doctor is the right thing to do.

    I adore cherries. I think I prefer them frozen and pitted though. Is that strange?

  17. OH heck yes I wear shoes for comfort, those aren’t that bad! …If they are seriously granny shoes (those are NOT) I won’t wear them though….
    Oh cherries, I like to suck on the seeds, weird I know!

  18. I’ve got a stockpile of that marinara sauce in my pantry. It’s a good one! I also have about 5 lbs of cherries in my fridge 🙂

  19. I wear flats every day because I have a ton of blocks to cover to get to my office in the city, plus I am 5’11 and really get sick of people stopping me on the street and asking how tall I am every time I wear heels!

  20. I have a huge problem with my feet – they are super flat! I am not very good at wearing the right shoes, but I do make sure I have quality, properly fit running shoes.

    Although, I am sure the 6 inch heels I wear counteract any positive things I try to do for my feet!

  21. I can’t walk in heels to save my life, so if I ever get a job that requires nice shoes I will definitely be going for a small heel 🙂 My friend has crazy foot problems right now and is spending a ton of money on inserts!

    • Uh oh… I’m not a fan of spending money. I had a pair in high school, but that was back in the good ole’ days when The ‘Rents paid for stuff like this.

  22. I have flats I wear to work that could get the fashion police called, but I rock them daily!

  23. If they are comfy, then who gives a hoot what they look like 🙂 I am rather tall so feel quite uncomfortable wearing heels, so I rock flats all of the time time. However, a lot of the “cuter” ones don’t provide much support so I sport some uglier shoes pretty regularly

  24. aw, take care of that foot, tiff. at least you have a weekend get-away to look forward to!
    oh yea – i’ve had sooo many foot ailments from running over the past 22 years that it’s not even funny. i swear you have to go thru denial, anger, depression; then you hit rock bottom where you call for help/accept that you are not superwoman (have a good cry in here somewhere) then you pull yourself up and move forward. i hope your foot thing is not too serious!
    i DO care what my footwear looks like! but since 99% of the time i live in running shoes or flipflops, i can avoid dressier shoe choices all together!

    • Thanks for making me feel better! I admit, I may have had a good little cry about it last night, but I guess that’s good since it made me call the podiatrist today.

  25. Oooh thanks for sharing about those fish in a cup things, I’ll keep my eyes open for those!

  26. I’ve heard about the cherry juice claim! I follow it…can’t hurt, right? Plus they’re super tasty!

  27. I do have problems with shoes irritating my feet especially if I don’t break them in before I wear them!

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