What I Ate Wednesday (And Most Every Other Day)

We’ll get to my meals in a wee bit. First I’d like to share a thing or two about yesterday’s workout. I woke up tired, very sore, and super hungry. It’s a good thing I wasn’t also freezing cold; that’d be too cliché.


Snuggle Monster wants more zzzzs.... and snuggles

After I finally quit snuggling with my kitty, I had a peeb-covered rice cake. It was the perfect pre-workout hunger fix. I couldn’t do much for the soreness, but I completed 35 sweaty minutes on the elliptical before finishing up with about 20-25 minutes of abdominal work.

I was mainly sore in my lats and inner thighs. This can be expected when you switch up your routines on a regular basis. Gotta keep loading the guns! Instead of hitting the gym bright and early this morning, I leisurely enjoyed breakfast and coffee with Kevin.

Don’t worry; I’m not skipping my workout today. I’m simply postponing it. I’ll attend body pump tonight, and if I have time, I’ll also do 15-20 minutes of cardio before class.

Speaking of breakfast, let’s get to the yum stuff…

Breakfast for the week has included a pre-gym rice cake, a post-workout hardboiled egg, and oats upon arrival to the office. The oats include ½ a cup oats, 1 cup cherries, and 1 or ½ tsp ground flax. Can you tell I really really really like breakfast???

oats n' cherries

Like last week, I’m having a daily salad for lunch. One day I might have to have a wrap or pita instead though. Too much salad makes Tiff a dull girl.


Snack consists of an apple and some almonds. I finally sprung for organic apples! Seeing as how they sit at the top of the Dirty Dozen list, it’s about time I splurged on them.  Oh, and I may have also cheated by grabbing a bagel from the break room around 2.  Willpower, 0.  Carbs, 1.


Dinner this week has been a mix of goodness, and it only gets better from here. You’ve already seen the grilled veggie wrap (sooooo good) and the Greek stuffed peppers. Last night was this awesome teriyaki chicken.

chickenYup, it was darn good.


Tonight I plan to have my always satisfying Chinese Take-In. This is one Kevin can manage while I’m at body pump. Yes, menu planning is very strategic in my house!

Thanks for checking out my eats! Be sure to head over to Peas & Crayons to get other great meal ideas.

What was the best thing you have eaten so far this week?


36 Comments to “What I Ate Wednesday (And Most Every Other Day)”

  1. Ohhh..Chinese take sounds so yummy…haven’t had good Chinese in 4ever!

    • I try to avoid take-out when possible, but Chinese food is yummy when cooked at home too – especially when the hubby is the one doing all the cooking!

  2. That tuna cup looks so handy, I gotta find me some of those when college starts back up!

  3. haven’t eaten anything today yet, but yesterday’s greats were an avocado sandwich and eggplant pizza. 🙂 I’ve bought organic apples before because they were the only way I could get pink ladies, but I hateeeeeed paying 2.99 a pound for them, since 3 apples would cost me 4 bucks!

  4. I think tonight will be my best meal of the week…going to hit up some Food trucks!

  5. i succumbed to a bagel yesterday too!

  6. My eats have been pretty boring this week because I’ve been running around so much. Breakfast is always good though 😀 Oats with egg whites, banana, almond butter, and pudding. It’s why I get out of bed in the morning.

  7. I am beyond consistent with all meals except dinner. That’s when i get creative (or nuts). I think this week best meal has been my lentil loaf with peach salsa. But it’s only Wednesday 😉

    • I’m not vegetarian, but I’m totally obsessed with lentil loaf! I came across an awesome recipe for one, and I wish I could remember where I found it.

  8. Ooooh I think the garden herb sabra hummus that I just ate with some rye bread and raw veggies for luch was pretty amazing! Happy WIAW!!!

  9. Woha- lovely eats Tiff! Love that yo actually have a three course breakfast 😉 Happy Wednesday 🙂

  10. Your salad looks great! I can’t wait until I actually have food in my house to make a salad!

  11. Hmm best thing I’ve eaten would probably be my peanut butter sandwich the other day. Boring, I know but I had a hankering and it was so yummy!

  12. I love that little tuna cup. I buy the little hummus ones but really need to get the tuna as well – so convenient!

  13. Almond + an apple is my favorite snack combination! When Sam “makes” dinner, it usually (okay always) involves Chipotle take-in! haha

  14. I happen to have that same bag of almonds sitting on my desk for snackage. Yumm. And I’m with ya on breakfast–the BEST part of the day–so why not do it more than once??

  15. Haha menu planning is also very strategic in my house, The meals that are uber easy get made by E. The meals that require a little more work go to me to cook. Not cool not cool….

    • Haha – totally not cool! All he has to do for this one is scramble a few eggs, defrost frozen veggies, and warm up the already cooked brown rice. I hope I’m not asking too much…

  16. I feel like I eat the same lunch everyday too! except i love switching my dinners up so i guess that makes up for it. your dinner looks delish!!

  17. Those oats look fantastic!

  18. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…is what I like to think! 😀 and your chinese sounds so good!!!

  19. I switched up the routine last night with the elliptical/stairs. And yep… sore. Sort of miss my cross training options…

  20. Hmmm best thing I’ve eaten so far? Probably the salad + hummus combo I had yesterday. It was SO good. My cafeteria at work makes some awesome hummus 😉 haha

  21. So good. I have never done this post before! #slacker. how cute is your cat??

    best thing i’ve eaten this week? huh. my weight in teddy grahams?

  22. I could probably eat a salad like that every which way. in a wrap on a pizza beside a pizza and on top of anything else you shove infront of me! haha =) happy WIAW Tiff!

  23. I love breakfast, too, I could eat breakfast food all day long. 🙂
    My fave thing today was a banana with cashew butter and carob chips. 🙂

  24. We all need some carb action in our lives! No worries girlie!

  25. OMG, my cat gives me that same look!

  26. The best thing I ate was a GF pizza! So delicious!
    Happy WIAW 🙂

  27. Cuddle monster is too cute, and I’m NOT a cat person!

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