I’ve Been Kirsched

Hello! I hope Monday wasn’t too rough for all of you. I was dragging a bit, but I survived. I was also crazy hungry. I think part of that is because I started a new workout today. I found this workout on FitSugar’s site, and I’ve did it once about a year ago. You can’t take more than two weeks of it (boredom due to high reps 3 times per week), but it’ll kick your booty!

David Kirsch created the circuit workout, and as many of you may know, he is a renowned celebrity trainer. He has worked with Heidi Klum for years and wrote The Butt Book. Seriously, the guy knows how to tone a tush.

Heidi & David Stretch

Source: Heidi Klum on AOL

Before my wedding, I did a similar workout that David Kirsch created a long time ago. I got great results, so I totally recommend you check out this one. I started my workout with 12 minutes on an elliptical/stair climber hybrid machine, and boy am I sore today!

David Kirsch’s Boot Camp Circuit Workout


Source: David Kirsch

Oh, and I *might* have cheated on the plyometric push ups. I totally did those on my knees.

For dinner, I tried something new. I’ve made a few Southwestern stuffed peppers, but I made Greek stuffed peppers last night. Kevin got his with a twice microwaved potato stuffed with spinach and feta.

kev's dinnerI stuffed the bell peppers with spinach, red quinoa, tomato, kalamata olives, and feta. As I always say, feta makes everything betta’.

dinnerYou might be wondering why I have an arsenal of utensils. Keep scrolling…

feta pepperIt gets even less attractive…


The spoon, fork, and knife all came in handy. Maybe next time I’ll just grab a shovel…

Oh, and I also followed up with a 100-calorie bag of popcorn. Salty Goodness.

Are you a fan of celebrity trainers? If so, who’s your favorite?

29 Responses to “I’ve Been Kirsched”

  1. Mmm I love stuffed peppers! Stuffing veggies is always the way to go! And I agreee feta does make everything betta!

  2. I’m a HUGE Tracy Anderson girl myself — her DVD’s, books and philosophy have changed my entire body… 🙂

  3. I’m a big Jackie Warner fan! And a big stuffed pepper fan – those look awesome. 🙂

  4. Ooo nice workout! I don’t consider your push-up cheating at all! I would have done the same exact thing :).

  5. Jackie Warner….she is really awesome!!

  6. Dang what a workout! I would’ve done the same with the pushup haha
    And even though Mr. Bell Pepper got a little unattracive, he still looks amazingly delicious 😀

  7. I don’t really have a favourite celebrity trainer but I do love Zuzana and her BodyRock workouts! That push up to tee stand looks like a cool move!!

  8. To be honest, I don’t really know of any celebrity trainers – it’s not something I pay much attention to. If I need to get my butt kicked, I go to BodyRock.com. That girl has some pretty intense workouts.

  9. Haha… luv the twice microwaved stuffed potato! I think I might make those tonight… it’s one my husband will eat = BONUS. Love quick and easy meals.

  10. I can’t help it, I love Bob and Jillian from Biggest Loser. I was sooo upset with Jillian started marketing diet pills. 😦 She
    sold out!

  11. My favorite celeb trainers are Jillian, Bob & Jackie Warner. I really love their workouts.

    Greek stuffed peppers sound incredible! Anything with feta is a winner in my book. :]

  12. Mmm, that pepper looks delish! I typically just go italian-ish when I stuff peppers–now I want to give greek a try.

  13. Hmm, I don’t follow any celeb trainers really, but I want to do the Tracy Andersen dance work!

  14. True story: sometimes during a workout video when a male is instructing, I wanna reach into the tv and grab his toned tushy!

  15. Yum what a great idea! And feta does, in fact, make everything betta.

  16. You know, I’m not a huge fan of celebrity trainers, but I do love Bob from the Biggest Loser. He seems like such a nice guy, yet can also kick your ass.

  17. The stuffed peppers look delicious!

  18. You are too funny… I am the same way when I eat. You gotta have it all. 🙂
    The peppers look delish!

  19. I can’t even tell you how many of my meals end up destroyed by the end of it lol
    It just means that we’re gifted eaters 😉

  20. I’ll definitely check out David Kirsch! I’m all about trying new workouts!
    Your stuffed peppers look so good – I love kalamata olives and you are so right. Feta cheese does make it all better 🙂


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