campeón del burrito

This weekend, I was the campeón del burrito. It takes a lot to be the burrito champ, but I earned the title this weekend. I enjoyed a day off from work Friday, but I spent it working on the house. Kevin and I took a much needed break from housework on Saturday. We spent the afternoon at the lake, and then partied it up the rest of the night.

I joined about 15 other people to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a pretty awesome Mexican restaurant. Even though it was a big group, everyone really enjoyed their food and received decent service. I ordered the steak burrito. Mmmm… beef.


It was huge! I didn’t eat my beans and rice as a side, and I pulled most of my rice out of my burrito. I was still totally stuffed! Oh, and if you were wondering, that’s a Dos Equis Amber on the side. Perfect pairing – as usual.


I took my remnants to-go, which turned out to be an excellent decision. I’ll spare you party details, but trust me, come 3:30 a.m., I was really happy to have those leftovers! I shared, so Kevin was happy to have them too (best wife ever).

The next morning, about 10 of us all met up for brunch. Wow. Worst brunch ever. The food was cold. The menus were misleading, and service was terrible. Even the hashbrowns were pitiful.


I ordered an egg, onion, pepper, and black bean burrito, or so the menu said. There was actually turkey sausage in it too, which upset one of the vegetarians in our party. I ate it anyway even though I’m not a fan of breakfast sausage.


I made up for the cruddy brunch when I made my dinner. It was soooooo good! As you can see, it was a spinach wrap filled with homemade yummus (aka: hummus), a few kalamata olives, and grilled veggies.


The grilled veggies included a portabello mushroom cap, eggplant slice, and some zucchini. I then pressed it all together. Delish! Of course, I also enjoyed a post-dinner treat (2 servings of Vanilla Almond Special K and unsweetened almond milk).

Now it’s time to face the week. Wish me luck!

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

32 Responses to “campeón del burrito”

  1. Wow those are some awesome burritos! I’m liking the green spinach wrap a lot mmm 🙂 Best thing I did this weekend was go for a walk with my dad and the dogs without burning up in the heat too much haha

  2. It’s been far too long since we’ve gone out for Mexican food. Have a good week!

  3. Never tried almond milk – how does it taste? My weekend rocked — I am a tired girl today though! After spending Saturday surfing and Sunday on the boat all day – whew – I’m glad it’s Monday! lol I’m wishing you you a wonderful Monday Tiff! 🙂 xoxo

  4. My whole weekend was great (we went camping) but the swimming was probably the best!

  5. That grilled burrito looks fabulous! I love grilling wraps!

  6. Dos Equis Amber = one of my favs. We should definitely get together for some drinkies. You had me cracking up reading your stevia review. Happy Monday!!

  7. I looove burritos! Best thing I did this weekend…went out with some younger members of our family to dinner and bowling. It was a blast! 🙂

  8. Relax – It was a much needed, restful weekend.

  9. Love me some burritos..nom!

    Hmm, best thing I did all weekend? I ate 3 bowls of smores ice cream in 3 days..that made me very happy =)

  10. Burritos are the best! I usually scrape out half the rice too – or I don’t get it added at all and ask f or more other stuff.

    Best thing… I need a food category and an activity category. Seeing my BFF’s baby again or those epic s’mores brownies I made. 🙂

  11. Mmmm mexican!

    the best thing i ate… probably the cheap dirty pizza I had last night. So delish

  12. I love Mexican food and yours looks delicious! That stinks about the brunch being sucky :[

    The best thing I did this weekend was have a cooking party where my sister-in-law and I made a ton of yummy food to last us this whole week. It was so much fun cooking and listening to music and chatting.

  13. Mmmm burritos!! Sounds like you had a fab weekend! We spent the weekend relaxing at the beach pretty much! 🙂

  14. Oh, my–now I want a burrito! My weekend was fabulous–happy hour specials, sunset views and live music shopping galore. 🙂

  15. Haha, that is one hell of a burrito kick for sure! There’s nothing worse than crappy brunch food- that’s when you need the good food the most, am I right? I tried to convince some people to go out for Mexican this weekend, but no dice- I’m going to have to fix that situation ASAP.

  16. Bad brunch?? How terrible! I feel like brunch is one of those awesome meals that is pretty darn hard to do wrong. Guess not, huh? But that burrito looks delicious! And burrito leftovers at 3am sound even better 🙂

  17. You deserve to indulge in burritos every now and then after all your hard workouts!!

  18. One of the best things was a watermelon (not too sweet) martini, vegging on the beach didn’t hurt either. It sounds like you were 2 out of 3 for burritos.

  19. That’s too bad that the service was bad at brunch! It’s always disappointing to spend money on bad food/service! The burritos sound fabulous though 🙂

  20. i wish i could say i had an awesome weekend, but truth is, i worked ALL WEEKEND. kudos for sharing your food, im notorious for hoarding 😛 and sorry to hear your brunch sucked, how can anybody screw up hashbrowns?!

  21. I hate when places don’t turn out that good! I don’t take to being disappointed with my food too well. Your grilled veggie wrap sounds perfect though. I know I would be satisfied with that. 🙂

  22. It sucks when you get disappointed with a restaurant… big fail to add turkey sausage to a veggie burrito!

  23. that veggie wrap looks delish! hummus and grilled veggies, yum!

  24. I went out to a French restaurant with my sister before she left for Hawaii! It was a great way to hang over the weekend!

  25. Now that is a burrito. Your husband’s duty is to finish what you can’t eat. If he says he can’t, just make sure he goes on a long run with you.


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