Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest

It’s Friday!  I bet you already knew that, but I just like saying it.  I don’t have to work today (thank goodness), so I plan to paint cabinets in the guest bathroom, go to spin class at 9:30, pick up and put down some heavy things numerous times, and then return to paint a second coat.  I’m pretty pumped, actually.

I’m also still happy thinking about the awesome beer I had last night.  I first tried it at a beer festival; then I was never able to find it.  Two years ago, I found it at a teeny beer shop in Maryland.  Finally!  It was delicious.  I hadn’t been able to find it since… until now.  <– Yeah, that part is best when said in your best movie announcer voice.


beer gods have spoken - "this is good"

It’s Sierra Nevada’s Northern Hemisphere Harvest, and it’s popping up everywhere.  Woohoo!  The beer scored a 99 on and received an A- on Beer Advocate.  Clearly it gets an A+ in my book!  It’s an IPA with 6.7% ABV.  Watch out – it’ll getcha if you drink too many.  It’s an IPA, but it could probably pass as an APA if it really wanted to do so.

Appearance: It has a beautiful amber color.  There is a thin lacy head that lingers like nobody’s business.

Smell: The beer smells of hops and light citrus, but there’s not a huge kick of either grapefruit or clove.  It’s a blend of fragrances.

Taste: It’s bitter.  It starts bitter and ends bitter.  However, the flavor-to-bitter ratio (a useful guide I devised for myself) is perfectly balanced.  It’s not like those beers that are bitter for the sake of bitter.  No, this dog has bite to match the bark.  It is also heavy in both malt and hops flavor.  The malt is more caramel – not overly roasted.

Mouthfeel: Ummmm… wonderful?  Not descriptive enough?  Okay – it is moderate to high in carbonation, but not overdone.  It’s also very smooth.

Drinkability: It’s so drinkable that even Kevin and I agree about its greatness.  Crazy.


This was worth natural light; too bad my best camera is on my cell phone.

This beer was the perfect appetizer for my dinner – turkey burgers with baked sweet potato fries and a grilled mushroom cap.  I was going to have the ‘shroom instead of a bun, but I caved and went for the carbs.  At least it was wheat, right?  Of course, I also had some ice cream for dessert.

Have a great weekend everyone!

19 Comments to “Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest”

  1. Love that 1st picture — very cool with the sun 🙂 Happy Friday girlie xoxo

  2. So funny but I read an article (in NY Post perhaps) that Rosie ODonnell was in some bar watching Women’s World Cup and the didn’t have a certain beer and she left. I think this was it (it was a Sierra seasonal selection). Love the review. Tried a great beer (husband loves beer) this past weekend. Bengal Tiger (from Brooklyn?). Have you tried? Sounds like you will have a productive day.

  3. Yum, looks tasty! I’m going to have to try that one out!

  4. Do you remember where you found the beer in Maryland? I live in Maryland so I wonder if I can find it!

  5. I ALWAYS go for carbs 🙂 That dinner sounds awesome!

  6. I am not a bitter beer girl. I’m super picky. Don’t give me Bud Light but then some micro brews are just too hoppy or bitter for me. I need something in the middle 😉

    • probably want to stay away from most Sierra Nevada products. They’re great for hop lovers, but if bitter isn’t your cup of tea, then another brewery should be your choice. Where you from … perhaps I can recommend a beer or two?

  7. Sounds dee-lish. Love the pics too. Have a great weekend!


  8. Ooh love that first pic! 🙂 And if your gonna have a burger you HAVE to have a proper bun… it’s the law! 😉 Enjoy your day off!

  9. I LOVE that first picture! Beer is beautiful lol

  10. I genuinely love sierra nevadas beers!

  11. Sounds like this would go great with those turkey burgers!

  12. that first picture looks like it’s a little gift from heaven 🙂

  13. If it gets an A+ that HAS to be a good beer…. It has been truly hitting the spot lately!

  14. One of my favorite wet hops offered. Both the Northern and Southern hemisphere are equally delicious in my book …. you can almost chew the hops, it’s so good.

  15. Wow, what a gorgeous picture with the sun coming in like that – stunning 🙂
    I love your blog name too!

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