NuPackage = NuNaturals

I got another package!  Woohoo!  You all probably know how excited I get about packages by now, so you can imagine how pumped I was to get it.  I was this pumped!

I Haz A Cheezeburger

Well… no.  Maybe not. I actually received a tracking alert email a few days before that made it less surprising, but still… you get my point.

This was a package from NuNaturals, a company many of you may have already seen on other blogs and sites.  When NuNaturals asked me to review a few of their products, I had to say yes.  I mean, if they trust me to test out a their Stevia sweeteners (remember, Tiff is no baker) then they must be pretty confident.

Checkin Out the GoodiesWhile checking out the goodies, I couldn’t help but think, “Dang… that’s a lotta’ goodies!”  NuNaturals sent me a huge packet of information about their products, including a conversion chart and tons of recipes.

the lootSo here’s the swag: Stevia packets, Stevia Alcohol Free Liquid, Stevia Vanilla Alcohol Free Liquid, Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend, and Stevia Cocoa Extract.  They say there’s no unpleasant aftertaste, but I’ll be the judge of that after I enjoy it in my cherry oats later today!

Before I leave you to get my sweat on, I must discuss a real downer from yesterday.  I had to attend a dessert-themed office party yesterday afternoon, and I dove right into the goodies.  See, I started okay with fruit and a cookie…

fruit n' cookie

But then I went for seconds and got a big slice of key lime pie (not totally pictured).  It tasted great, but I felt terrible about myself.  I just wanted to go throw on my fat pants and pout in my room.  Seeing how my boss would frown upon that, I stuck it out like a champ in my cube.


I felt awful, both mentally and physically.  I seemed slower and lethargic, and I got a headache.  I even got hungry again for dinner, despite the sufficient number of consumed calories.  So, dinner was an apple, four almonds, and decaf Constant Comment tea.  I should have had more protein to balance out my blood sugar, but I’m no dietitian.  I’m just a girl who likes food.  Apparently, I’m just a girl who likes food a little too much.

Thanks for listening reading.  If that’s the worst thing that happens this week, then it’s going to be a good one!  I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Now it’s time to get it off my belly.  Hittin the gym!

What is your favorite sugar substitute – or do you prefer to cook with sugar?  How do you keep off the office or freshman 15?


37 Responses to “NuPackage = NuNaturals”

  1. That’s a huge load of goodies you got there!! Let us know how they are. =] I’m a package junkie myself!! Woo HOo!

  2. Getting packages is SO much fun—I love it too! I find after having a bit too much (food, sweets,etc..) — its best to forget about it, get to the gym and do better tomorrow. Wishing you a super great day today — 🙂

  3. Aw don’t beat yourself up too much. It happens and you shouldn’t have to feel awful for indulging once in awhile. But I know you’d prefer that indulgence to be some beer (I couldn’t agree more!). 😉

    I love getting packages too! Normally all that comes is junk mail so I love getting something actually exciting in the mail!

    • Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have felt so badly if it were only once in a while… but I indulge a lot… 🙂 That’s okay – today’s a new day, and so-far, so-good.

  4. Last weekend I made a blackberry cobbler. The recipie says to let the berries sit in a cup of sugar then add berries and all to the batter. I used the Splenda blend which cut the sugar in half.The filling was stil gooey (sp?) enough from the sugar half, but I know I save at least a few calories. With that in mind, I’ll be very interested to see how the Stevia rates.

    I try to fend of the office muchie ward by adding something to it I like to/can eat. It started with me bring apples or pears when I knew bagles or donuts would be there. Finally, others started bringing stuff too. We actually had one office breakfast where instead of bready carbs, there was fruit and yogurt with several types of granola and fruit for toppers. Fight back by bringing the fun, healthy. Others may join you.

    • Best idea yet! I’m suggesting the next office theme – parfait party. I’m just glad we only have these office things once per month.

  5. I’m actually not a big fan of sugar substitutes. Splenda kind of scares me, and too much stevia does weeeeeeird things to my stomach so I usually avoid it. And I guess I’m kind of lucky with the whole office/college thing, because my allergy to peanuts mean I usually have to avoid dessert. It’s bittersweet, really…

  6. When I bake, I tend to stick with regular sugar. I just think the real stuff taste better and also I don’t want to screw up an entire batch of whatever I made because I measured out the substitute wrong. When it comes to coffee, I’m a Splenda chick all the way. You’re day was not that bad!! I know how you feel though, it’s a bummer when you have good intentions and your sweet tooth gets the best of you.

  7. Wow – I want NuNaturals to send me goodies! That’s a lot of fun in one package!!
    Anyways – avoiding the Office 15 is so much harder than the Freshman 15. At least at Penn State, I had to walk or bike to class every day – hell, I even had to walk to the bar. Now I just sit here at my desk all day. Ugh. But I think you have the right idea, work out everyday & do the best you can to eat healthy. But an office party once a month? Dig in. You deserve it. Plus, I know you hit the gym even harder to make up for it.

  8. Since I’m baking in smaller quantities now, I’m back to using regular sugar. But, I find that one bag lasts me forever now! And, I’ve started “forcing” some of my associates to walk around the park during our lunch breaks. They need some motivation!

  9. don’t feel bad ~ we all have those days! and it’s great to vent about it so you feel better 😉 as far as avoiding the freshman 15, i didn’t because i wasn’t very informed about healthy eating and proper calorie intake. it’s all about exercise and calories in and calories out. i think what you’re doing is great and just keep doing what you’re already doing!
    xx ~ kristina

  10. Its so funny how we punish ourselves mentally when it comes to food
    I wish i could say i didn’t but i totally do
    Work parties drive me crazy because there are usually NO healthy options so i end up pouting in the corner that the company is out to get me fat, lol!!!
    You are doing great, one bad day can’t bring you down 🙂

  11. Honestly, I’ve given up trying to replace real sugar and now just use it sparingly. I like brown sugar and turbinado sugar best for baking/cooking or I’ll sub out sugar for maple syrup instead. I haven’t ever found a sugar substitute that I really like so I’m curious to see what you think of this stuff.

  12. I’m not a big fake sugar person and now that I’m preggers the ONLY fake sugar I can hafe is Equal (no Splenda, no Sweet and Low)..weird huh?

    • Really? Interesting. I’m not a huge fan of the stuff either, but it doesn’t bug me too much. After all, I used to be a Diet Coke junkie, so I guess the stuff can’t really bother me toooo much.

  13. Unfortunately, I have gained both the freshman and the office 15 however, I was slightly underweight to begin with so it wasn’t that bad. I’m struggling to lose the office 15 now though – It’s just so hard when there are so many delicious and quick snacks so easily accessible. My office is connected to our kitchen so when anyone makes popcorn I get the craving for popcorn ….

  14. I don’t generally use sugar substitutes when I’m cooking/baking. Instead I’ll use a more natural and less refined form of sweetener! But, I do use sweet ‘n low in my coffee :).

  15. There is some serious NuNaturals love today!! haha… spreading the love right 🙂 Stevia is definitely my fav sugar substitute. I stay AWAY from the artificial stuff!!

  16. I’m not a huge stevia fan, but interested to hear how you like it. And don’t sweat the dessert, life is too short to feel guilty!

  17. Love nunaturals – i use it all the time!! Dont beat yourself up about a slice of key lime pie! It’s not like you had the entire thing!

  18. Haha ‘throw on my fat pants and pout in my room’ I love it but it’s only funny cause I completely know that feeling! You def shouldn’t worry about that desert though, the fruit cancelled it out for sure!! 😉 That looks like a great bag (box) of swag as well!! I don’t use any sugar substitutes just light brown sugar or honey / maple syrup etc keep hearing great things about stevia though! Interested to see what you think.

  19. Everyone needs a little indulgence 🙂 Especially when it involves Key Lime Pie!!

  20. I usually just stick to Equal or Splenda…I know probably not the best but it is cheap. As for the freshmen 15, I was actually pretty good. I lost alot of weight during college by picking up working out. If I knew I was planning on drinking alot I would watch my cals for that day and choose more of a clear liquor with diet soda over beer.

  21. I’ve gotten so bad with indulging–I used to never let myself eat ANYTHING and then occasionally binge like crazy, I was so restrictive, it was horrible. But now I’m the opposite and feel like I have no willpower against food! Seven pounds later, thanks to the damn office job… I know how you feel. I think depriving yourself of things you want never works, but when you don’t really want it the feeling can be crappy. Lucky thing is if it’s not every day or every meal it all evens out.

    • Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. If I plan to go out for a great meal, I’ll enjoy it. If I splurge just because it’s sitting around – no fun!

  22. Don’t let a little indulgence get ya down! Food should never be followed with feelings of guilt. When you treat yourself….enjoy it! Otherwise its no fun when should actually be tons!

  23. ahhh packages are the best!! but yeah i agree w. everybody- indulgences are good for the soul sometimes 🙂

  24. It was always so hard for me when working and there would be a ton of sweets all the time. Those were in my binging years so often I ended up restricting and then binging later because I felt deprived when faced with those situations. Now, when faced with unexpected sweets – I make a point to eat something I really want. If its really good then no point feeling guilty. 🙂

  25. Trust me- the office snackage gets to all of us! It’s often a surprise and very much unplanned. But I just balance it out with a salad for dinner or something “fresh” that makes me feel a little better and maybe an extra 15 minutes of walking or cardio than I planned. It all balances out!

  26. Don’t fret over the key lime pie! I feel ya! Even those of us who are very fit and normally are healthy eaters splurge every once in a while! I’ve been there too and while it doesn’t feel great…one slice of pie doesn’t require new fat pants either! That’s what my hubby tells me anyway!


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