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July 19, 2011

NuPackage = NuNaturals

I got another package!  Woohoo!  You all probably know how excited I get about packages by now, so you can imagine how pumped I was to get it.  I was this pumped!

I Haz A Cheezeburger

Well… no.  Maybe not. I actually received a tracking alert email a few days before that made it less surprising, but still… you get my point.

This was a package from NuNaturals, a company many of you may have already seen on other blogs and sites.  When NuNaturals asked me to review a few of their products, I had to say yes.  I mean, if they trust me to test out a their Stevia sweeteners (remember, Tiff is no baker) then they must be pretty confident.

Checkin Out the GoodiesWhile checking out the goodies, I couldn’t help but think, “Dang… that’s a lotta’ goodies!”  NuNaturals sent me a huge packet of information about their products, including a conversion chart and tons of recipes.

the lootSo here’s the swag: Stevia packets, Stevia Alcohol Free Liquid, Stevia Vanilla Alcohol Free Liquid, Stevia Pure, Stevia Clear, More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend, and Stevia Cocoa Extract.  They say there’s no unpleasant aftertaste, but I’ll be the judge of that after I enjoy it in my cherry oats later today!

Before I leave you to get my sweat on, I must discuss a real downer from yesterday.  I had to attend a dessert-themed office party yesterday afternoon, and I dove right into the goodies.  See, I started okay with fruit and a cookie…

fruit n' cookie

But then I went for seconds and got a big slice of key lime pie (not totally pictured).  It tasted great, but I felt terrible about myself.  I just wanted to go throw on my fat pants and pout in my room.  Seeing how my boss would frown upon that, I stuck it out like a champ in my cube.


I felt awful, both mentally and physically.  I seemed slower and lethargic, and I got a headache.  I even got hungry again for dinner, despite the sufficient number of consumed calories.  So, dinner was an apple, four almonds, and decaf Constant Comment tea.  I should have had more protein to balance out my blood sugar, but I’m no dietitian.  I’m just a girl who likes food.  Apparently, I’m just a girl who likes food a little too much.

Thanks for listening reading.  If that’s the worst thing that happens this week, then it’s going to be a good one!  I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Now it’s time to get it off my belly.  Hittin the gym!

What is your favorite sugar substitute – or do you prefer to cook with sugar?  How do you keep off the office or freshman 15?

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