I need another weekend…

This weekend wore me the heck out!  I’m tired.  I need coffee.  Okay, work coffee is bad.  I actually need chia tea.  Despite working really hard on the house yesterday (and not even finishing), I still got up and hit the gym bright and early this morning.  I bonded with the stair climber and worked on my arms, per my July workout.

Friday was fun.  Projects are always fun when you first start them… and when you add champagne and a good dinner at home.

Saturday was moderately productive as well – except for that trip out to the lake.

Sunday was hard!  I’ll spare you the complaining and will share dinner details instead.  I used the guardian angel of dinner (crock-pot) to cook dinner while I sanded and painted cabinets. 

Slow n’ Simple Salsa Chicken

I put a bell pepper, two jalapenos, half a tomato, and half an onion in the bottom.  I wish I had added corn and used an entire onion, or just two bell peppers.  I like veggies; what can I say?


Then I topped that with skin-on, bone-in (aka: more flavorful) chicken thighs.  Add 3/4 jar of salsa.  I used a yummy roasted-style of salsa with a good smokey flavor, but any would work.  Cook on high for 4-4.5 hours.


This produced a lot of liquid, so you will need a slotted spoon.  Take out your chicken thighs, and remove skins, bones, and extra fat.  Discard.  Use two forks to pull apart your chicken.  Place chicken on tortilla (or on rice or a salad – I think it’d be terrific on salad).  Fish out your veggies and place them on top of your pulled chicken.  flatout

Add more salsa, lettuce, or other toppings as desired.  (Cheese is recommended though I skipped it.)  I used the leftover shredded lettuce to make a black bean n’ salsa side salad.  This was a simple, yummy, very affordable dinner – just my style!


I might have also had two servings of strawberry cheesecake ice cream after painting…

ice cream

How was your weekend?  Do you ever need a break after your weekend?

32 Responses to “I need another weekend…”

  1. I don’t know why I never take my slow cooker out in the summer, it’s so easy but there’s like a mental block against it or something. That meal looks great!

  2. Ugh I feel ya on needing another weekend! I didn’t even have a tiring weekend but I STILL wouldn’t mind another! Why does Monday always come so fast??

    That meal looks awesome – I really need to invest in a slow cooker!

    • Kev didn’t want me to put it on the wedding registry, but he eats his words every time I make something awesome. He loves that thing more than I do!

  3. Mmmmm salsa chicken sounds delicious! I love making chicken wraps!

  4. I agree – projects are fun and exciting when you first start them. Then halfway through you start to think, “man what was I thinking taking this one on.” I think that’s why we haven’t started any projects lately even though we both know they need to be done. I need a break from this training/semi-vacation I’m on LOL.

  5. A glass of wine or a beer ALWAYS makes projects more fun!!! Wish we had more weekend too 😦

  6. I always need another weekend…always!

  7. Yum that looks tasty. I absolutely love my crockpot! I haven’t been using it much as of late and that needs to change!

  8. I hate it when you feel like you need another weekend after you just had one! Sometimes my weekends feel like catch-up and I’m racing around trying to get everything done that I didn’t during the week. Hopefully today is good for you!!

  9. I am inspired from your chicken. Looks easy and delish! ….You painted? I tore up carpet to expose hardwood floors. YUCK! I totally wouldn’t have made it to the gym this morning if I were you….. Maybe I’ll get productive and run later today.
    Happy Monday!

  10. I totally agree, i need a day to recover from the weekend even when i don’t get up to much
    That chicken looks delicious!!! As does your icecream, i’m more of a frozen yogurt girl though 🙂
    Way to get your paint on, that is one of my most hated chores!

  11. I could have easily slept for another few hours this morning, but my weekend was good. Productive and fun, especially my shopping spree on Saturday!

  12. I could have slept all day today and I didn’t really do anything other than go for 2 runs this weekend. Talk about lazy! I can’t wait til we can buy a house and have projects to work on. I love using power tools. 😀

  13. Weekend went awesomely 🙂 So much fun — you have to click over and check out the pics girlie… I am sore sore sore from all the surfing…wow — major workout!

  14. OMG, i feel the exact same way! I need a weekend for my weekend today. Love packing them full of fun things, but hate being tired and a smidge cranky at work on Monday 🙂

  15. I’m with you! When I woke up this morning, I felt like I need just one more day of the weekend. Great post!

  16. Work coffee IS terrible… the days that I turn to work coffee are pretty serious situations.

  17. Pulled chicken = brilliant. Those tacos look great.

  18. Great idea for the crock pot! The tacos look good!

  19. i love the crock pot. i want to marry it!!!

  20. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream?! Yum!!

  21. I hate when you need a weekend to recover from your weekend….or a vacation to recover from vacation. Doesn’t quite seem right, does it? I used to DEVOUR Breyer’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. I would even crumble extra graham crackers in the bowl. So. good.

    • I think this was a knock-off of Breyer’s. It was store brand Premium Natural Strawberry Cheesecake, and after reviewing the ingredients when I got home, I’m not really sure how they can call it “natural” at all!

  22. The salsa chicken sounds awesome and strawberry cheesecake ice cream well it just speaks for itself!!


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