Resistance Bands & Other Randomness

Today’s post is all over the place.  Luckily, at least I won’t be all over the place this weekend.  I was gone at least three weekends in a row and hosted company last weekend.  I was about to go out of town again this weekend, but I’ve managed to talk Kev into just staying home.  Woohoo!  I have too much work to do around the house for a pajama day, but hopefully I’ll indulge in at least a little good ole’ fashion laziness.

First, I want to talk about resistance bands.  I mentioned them in my most recent workout post, and I want to share why I like to incorporate them from time to time.  They’re not better than free weights, but they have noteworthy benefits.  One of these benefits is great for travel season – they fit in your carry-on!

This article brings up another resistance-band bonus:

With your resistance band training, every part of both the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation.

The article also says that many people who strength train give the eccentric part of the exercise significantly less attention than they should.  It also offers some exercises that incorporate the bands (some good, some not so good, but that’s just my opinion). mentions another added benefit:

You’ll find that when using resistance bands, it’s easier to target smaller muscles and also mimic real-life sports scenarios. Because the bands offer tension in all directions, you can use them to mirror the movements you make in your sport and strengthen those muscle groups.

FitSugar doesn’t go into any further detail about this type of training, but I’ll fill you in briefly.  Exercises that strengthen your muscles in ways that make you stronger and better prepared for real-life activities are called functional exercises/movements.  Who really bench presses their bags of groceries?  Resistance bands help you practice functional movements, and they often help strengthen your stabilizer muscles at the same time.

On a side note, here’s a video to a few of my favorite functional movements. I really like the last exercise.


Next topic: Packing your lunch gets annoying.  Seriously.  After a long day of work, an hour+ commute, unpacking and re-packing the gym bag, cooking dinner, and assisting with some of the dishes, the last thing I want to do is prep more meals.  However, here’s my secret.


Too Bad It Can't Go In My Lunchbox

Okay – I actually only have a beer when packing my lunch on rare occasions.  Nevertheless, it helps!  I hear wine helps too – gotta try that next time.

Also, I made my first batch of overnight oats in a jar last night.  Milk, oats, cinnamon in an empty peanut butter jar, and I have sliced strawberries ready for topping in the morning.  I can’t wait to try this after my workout when I get to the office!

overnight oatsI didn’t like my first and only other experience with overnight oats, but I’m willing to give it one more shot.


Finally, I want to discuss something that’s surprisingly cool.  If you shamelessly leave the gym like this:


Will one thumbs-up be enough?

You arrive at work like this:


Nope - I give this two thumbs-up for sure!

Happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Will you be out having fun or getting in extra pajama time?

30 Comments to “Resistance Bands & Other Randomness”

  1. Hi there I give your – after gym hair– 3 thumbs up!!! 🙂 I am off to Tobago for the weekend!!! so fun – at the airport now—hope u have a great weekend!

  2. Haha that hair trick is so funny! Love it!

  3. No shame in leaving the gym like that 😀 And I’m not really big on overnight oats either… they always seem like a good idea when I’m making them, but not so good when I’m actually eating them.

  4. Haha that hair pic is EPIC!! 😀 I’m so jealous of your locks, they’re gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love your hair pics!! This post just reminds me that I should really invest in some resistance bands 🙂

  6. My hair would never in a million years work quite like that. Kind of jealous 😉

  7. One thing that REALLY helps with overnight oats is soaking chia seeds with the oats overnight (you have to add more liquid though) and then adding a whipped banana to the mixture in the morning. It makes it thick and creamy. No big plans for the weekend. My husband works so it’s just me and the kiddos and LOTS of cleaning.

  8. Going to be an awesome weekend! Harry Potter finale on Saturday then watching . the US Women’s World Cup final at the Sproting KC Livestrong soccer complex on Sunday

  9. Oh my gosh…what I wouldn’t give t be able to use rollers like that in my hair! Yours looked awesome!

  10. I enjoy the resistance bands every so often. It can leave my thighs burnin!

    I haven’t tried overnight oats yet. I keep meaning to but we’ll see!

  11. Hoping it’s all about the pajama time for me! We’re doing a couple of fun things though – but more or less hoping for a low-key weekend 🙂

    LOVE the way you leave the gym, haha! That’s amazing. I would give you a high-five if I saw you!

  12. Love the hair trick, hehe! And I am all about extra pajama time over here. I don’t like to get out of mine unless I absolutely HAVE to! 😀

  13. Your hair looks awesome! I’d totally leave the gym like that :]

    My weekend plans are lots of relaxin’. It’s been a crazy work week so I’m looking forward to it. Have a great weekend!

  14. My hair does not stay in curlers – I WISH!

    I didnt like OIAJ. What did you think?

  15. OIAJ is weird the first few times you have it, I didn’t like it on first but now I’ll eat it on occasion. I feel you with the traveling – I have been home on a weekend for over a month, going out of town today yet again, and I’m moving in 2 weeks eek!

  16. When I was in dance in highschool, I would wear curlers in my hair to my AM practice and by the time school starts, my hair would be perfect. I need to resurrect this habit.

    OIAJ are waaaay overrated.

  17. Haha, I love the rollers! I’ve been doing the same thing with a bun these days- my hair is wavy when I get to the office! It’s way to hot to blow dry my hair these days.

  18. My roomate in college used to walk around everywhere with curlers in her hair. I was amazed how nonchalant she was about it!

  19. this weekend I plan on working relaxing cooking and getting outside!!

  20. You are just too cute Tiff! Love the beer while making sandwiches 🙂
    I had to get gas once on my way to a wedding and i forgot i still had the curlers in my hair so i totally pumped gas in front of about 10 cars on a busy road 😀
    My weekend will be spent relaxing and enjoying the sun – maybe a trip to the beach, i can’t wait!!!

  21. Love your hair!!! Mine is always in a sopping wet ponytail after the gym… I should try your methods ha

  22. Let us know how you like the overnight oats! I like them, but real hot oats are definitely more of my thing 😉

  23. Your hair leaving the gym is ROCKIN…. and the fact that you have a beer while packing lunch is a wonderful idea. However, I would do wine or a margarita. Tomorrows plans!

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