Jalapeno Corn Muffins

I got up this morning and completed another 3 miles with my running buddy.  I’m glad I did it, but we were both huffing and puffing.  It was hot, windy, and humid.  How does this happen before the sun even rises???  Anyway, at least I did it, and I’m done!  Moving on…

Last week, I know I said that there was a jalapeno corn muffin recipe coming soon.  It didn’t come very soon, but it came.  It came just the same.  (Sorry, I totally ripped off Dr. Seuss right there.  Thanks Mr. Grinch!)

I made these for a 4th of July cookout we attended, but since I didn’t create the recipe, I wasn’t in a huge hurry to post it .  (Nothing is more American than corn these days.)  The muffins aren’t even healthy, and for once, I did not try to “healthify” them.  At least they were a hit at the cookout!

The recipe comes from Food Network’s website, so I’m not going to re-post it here.  I will just go through it with you to let you in on my baking secrets.  Okay, there’s no lie.  I have no baking secrets.  I just want to share the yum-ness.

 The Essence of Emeril’s Jalapeno Corn Muffins  (recipe yields 14, but I got 12 out of them)

First, you’ve gotta gather your goods.  Martha Stewart says it’s best to gather and pre-measure your ingredients before cooking.  I agree, but I don’t always do it.  Shame shame.


Gathering the Goods

Then, I defrosted my frozen corn.  Sorry Emeril, I like it frozen.  So easy, and so yellow.  I also fried up my onions in 1 TBS butter.  Again, sorry Emeril, 2 TBS just sounded excessive.  I also throw in a diced, fresh jalapeno after the onion cooked a bit.


Onions + Butter = Hot Love in a Pan

Now mix your dry stuff.  I added a little extra cheese, which was barely noticeable.  I also couldn’t taste the cayenne pepper, but maybe I have a cheap brand or something.  Then mix your wet stuff separately.  I used this sustainable honey came from my uncle’s property.  I guess it’s organic too, but who really puts chemicals on bees?  Steroid bees?  Antibiotic super-bees?  Odd.


Honey Bear Always Sees the Glass Half Full

You put your dry stuff in; don’t take your dry stuff out.  You put your wet stuff in, and then you mix it all about…


Honey Bear Approves of this Mixture

As you can see from the pic, I used both pickled and fresh jalapenos.  The recipe calls for red jalapenos, but I’ve never heard of such things… and I might have been too lazy to look for them.

 I spooned the goo into muffin tins and baked.  Mine took a while to bake, but my oven’s older than dirt.  I like to sarcastically call it, Old Reliable.

Here’s the finished product.  Yum!  Be sure to let them cool, and yes, it’s okay to use a roasting pan if you don’t own a cooling rack.  I’ve never been the kind of girl to sport a big rack.


Take a Chill Pill, Muffins

Notice that half are darker than the others.  I used whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour for the first batch, but I just used all-purpose flour for the second batch.  Kev and I actually preferred the muffins with whole wheat, which is very surprising since he’s a white pasta/bread/muffin kind of guy.


So Friggin Cute! (And Festive)

These were not terribly spicy, but they were good.  They had just enough kick to appeal to a crowd but not send anyone reaching for a beer glass of water.  I have to admit that I did not figure the nutrition stats on these.  I bet we don’t really want to know…

What do you think of spicy foods?  Jalapenos – yay or nay?


37 Comments to “Jalapeno Corn Muffins”

  1. I love spicy foods and think you must add jalapenos to corn bread!

  2. Gina just made jalapeno bacon herb cornbread! You guys are killing me! This looks amazing. I love to do my cornbread as muffins – perfect little bite 🙂

  3. Mmmm, I love corn muffins! I don’t like spice too much, but maybe I could leave out the jalapenos?

    • Probably – I might add something else though so they’re not bland. I mean, the corn bits help, but maybe cooked bell pepper or something would work well.

  4. I LOVE corn muffins!! No jalapenos though. Too spicy for me!

  5. jalepenos = nay… haha just saw cornbread over at running to the kitchen! too funny 🙂 Esp. considering the time of year!

  6. I love spicy foods so I bet I’d really enjoy these. They look great!

    I always try to gather my ingredients and measure everything out beforehand but I get so lazy sometimes. Martha knows what she’s talkin’ about though.. it’s much easier when everything is there and ready to go.

  7. Those look really yummy. I’m a huge fan of cornbread!!

  8. Jalapenos – YAY!! We love spicy food at our house! I’ve seen a similar recipe recently and I am definitely going to be giving this a try!

  9. These will be super great this fall with a big bowl of chili. I like to dice jalapenos to put in the chili, too. The whole wheat option will probably go over best here, too. ;

  10. Wow these look delicious! I love corn muffins!

  11. Well of course these look delicious since we have almost identical recipes today 🙂 You used cheese though, I really wanted to throw that in too but honestly, I got lazy and didn’t want to deal with shredding it and then having to clean the grater!

    • What are the odds? Great minds think alike! I actually don’t think these “needed” the cheese. You could hardly taste it, but perhaps it helped keep them from crumbling. Not sure, but let’s face it – cheese never hurts.

  12. Maybe because we don’t really see a lot of corn bread in canada but i’m totally not a fan! I think with maybe a little added spice i might like it more – yours do look perfect though 🙂

  13. Love cornbread muffins and never thought to use jalapenos to make them spicy. What an excellent idea… I like jalapenos but they can be dangerous. I found that out a couple of weeks ago when I chopped one with no gloves on. Luckily I didn’t touch my face or eyes!!

    • Really? I’m actually jealous. 95% of the time, the jalapenos I buy aren’t spicy. They’re hardly more than bell peppers, which is pitiful. I keep trying to find peppers that will actually spice up my chili, cornbread, fajitas, etc, but I have a hard time.

  14. I’ve never tried a savory muffin, but these look fantastic – I’m a big fan of corn anything, but I usually have to go easy on the spiciness, because anything too hot makes my tongue go numb and then I can’t taste my food. No good!

  15. They look great – for some reason JAPS here in trinidad are flaming hot…think they grow them next to the scotch bonnets,.,,,the other days i got some in my eye and I sear I was going blind…my husband of course thought it was hilarious!! 🙂

  16. Looooove corn muffins. And I really love spice. The hotter the better — bring it cuz I can take it!

  17. I LOVE spicy foods…and I love adding jalapenos to so many different dishes. These cornbread muffins look great! 🙂

  18. yum! i love that they have corn kernals in them!!! i’m a spice love all the way!

  19. I need to show this to my fiance because he is in love with both of these things. Jalapenos are the only things aside from me that steal his heart. He has an unhealthy obsession with them, actually.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. YUM! I love corn muffins and am going to use whole wheat next time!

  21. Those look great and it’s always easy to spice up a batch if need be. Better to play it safe for a party.

  22. Yum I love spicy food. I think more restaurants should put out Frank’s Hot Sauce with ketchup and mustard.

  23. Love spicy food, and especially love jalapenos! Those muffins look delish.

  24. I like spicy foods okay, as long as they’re not so hot that you can’t really taste anything else but heat. Jalapenos are a nice addition to lots of dishes, though I usually de-seed them to make them not spicy in case people are not fans. There’s a lady at the farmer’s market here that makes a jalapeno cheddar cornbread SCONE that is just unbelievable, it’s so good.

  25. I was just thinking of making cornbread muffins for tomorrow nights mexican fiesta!

  26. I love corn muffins but not with jalapenos…too spicy. My favorite way to eat cornbread is with butter and honey…I am such a southern girl! 🙂

  27. in my humble opinion ~ the spicier the better!! and this recipe sounds absolutely divine!!
    xx ~ kristina

  28. These look good! And for the record, Martha Stewart has a particular way of doing everything–which, according to Martha, is the correct way.

  29. Hi!! Sorry I haven’t stopped by lately–I have been busy, busy!! My family would LOVE these muffins, I might have to make some soon!

  30. I love jalapeno in anything! The more heat, the better. I think whole wheat lends itself to a more savory muffin – they look amazing!

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