WIAW… Again

It’s time for another bloggie meetup party.  Woohoo!  I wish I could meetup with more of you in person, but until then, enjoy the pics!

Let’s start with something completely different.  Leia’s cuddling with Kevin, and for whatever reason, I found it picture-worthy.

leiaThey snuggled while Kev and I watched Supersize Me.  Wow.  What did you think of that bombshell of a movie?  I was angered that it was so hard on fast food (McDonald’s really) when other restaurants have plenty of meals that are as bad or worse.  However, the general message was good.  We eat out too often, and when we do, we eat too much.  The school lunch portion was the part I found most interesting.  Thanks, Mom for packing my lunch!

Now it’s time for the good stuff.  I switched up breakfast a teeny bit.  I switched to a two-part breakfast this week, but I’m not loving it.  It is half a banana or a rice cake with 1 or 1/2 TBS natural peanut butter.  I think I prefer my three-part breakfast since I’m starving by 8:30, but this is working for now.  Real breakfast is Love Grown Foods granola, 1 cup of strawberries or blueberries, and 60-calories worth of plain, fat-free Greek yogurt.


The berries are so beautiful!

Lunch for the week is not pretty, but it’s good.  I have two hard boiled eggs with a veggie wrap.


The wrap is filled with broccoli slaw, a little baby spinach, a couple bell pepper slices, and about 1 TBS of TJ’s Goddess Dressing.  That stuff is the best dressing ever, or at least it’s my current crave.  The wraps are also super tasty – verrrry healthy too!


Snack is a mix.  It’s a granola bar and a little nectarine.  I’m loving the fruit, but only partially satisfied with the granola bars.  I’ve had to eat some Nature Valley bars because I ran out of these awesome Nature’s Path bars.  They’re like Rice Krispie treats for grownups!  (Not that adults cannot eat Rice Krispie treats…)


Dinner tonight will be a chicken breast, mini sweet potato, and green beans (or other veggie).  Dinner last night was half a chicken breast, a little potato, and not enough broccoli.


Yup, I was quite hungry, and dinner just wasn’t enough.  I totally thought I had more broccoli on-hand.  Sooooo, I pressed a roll, and ate it with marinara sauce.  Kev had two rolls with butter.  Mmmmm – butter.


I followed that with chips and a spoon of peeb.  It’s okay if the chips are “reduced guilt,” right???  My eats weren’t too exciting today (sorry), but at least my scallops were pretty yesterday.  If you want more great meal ideas, check out the WIAW blog party at Peas & Crayons.

What was the best thing you have eaten so far this week?

42 Comments to “WIAW… Again”

  1. I swear I LOVE some of the people I’ve met blogging … even though we’ve never met in person or talked besides through comments on blogs. Love that goddess dressing too!! TJ’s has the BEST dressings no doubt. Also love their cranberry walnut, spicy peanut, and cilantro dressing in the fridge section.

    • How did I miss the spicy peanut??? I’m convinced your TJs is bigger than mine. It’s okay local TJs; I still love you – even if you have less to offer.

  2. Last night I made an awesome batch of roasted veggies — SO good!!! It was really my first super successful batch — useds Herbs de Provence to season them — YUM!

  3. I hate it when I mess with my breakfasts and it doesn’t fill me up… experimenting can be so frustrating. I think the best thing I ate in the last little while was a warm chocolate chip oatmeal muffin with a scoop of ice cream. Swooooon.

  4. That is the cutest kitten! I want one!!!

    I’ve eaten wayyy too much already this week… but it’s my b-day week and I’m committed to eating cake every night. 🙂

  5. Grilled bread is the best! Mmm I love the idea of dipping it in marinara!!!!

  6. Grilled bread dipped in marinara? You are genius 🙂
    I want to try TJ’s goddess dressing desperately! Can’t wait till August when i’ll finally be close enough to one to shop there and then try to sneak it all across the border 😀

  7. The best will be tonight’s dinner. I am going comfort with a roast, carrots, onion quarters, and a small potato in the crock pot with an envelope of Lipton’s onion soup mix. This will last me the rest of the week and satisty a craving! With company gone, it is back to walking, so that will help.

  8. Not much beats a good walk, though I did think of you when I ventured to the pool this morning. 🙂 Foreign territory for me!

  9. I would love to more bloggers!!!! Grilled bread dipped in marinara sounds super awesome :).

  10. I have those TJ’s wraps in my cabinet as well–they’re so sooft, I love it. And chips are always okay, guilt included or not 😀

  11. supersize me was such a terrific movie ~ very eye-opening, everyone should see it i think. that’s so cool that you’re doing a blogger meet up, would love to do one some day. 😉
    xx ~ kristina

  12. I’ve been switching up my normal ‘routine’ lately with eating as well, partially due to my travels and visitors forcing me to stop and have more ‘regular’ meals. I’m not sure if I prefer my mini-meals/constant munching or the focus on getting a larger meal in. It has reduced my nighttime eating, though!

    I just felt I needed to share that with you. Thanks for letting me. 🙂

  13. hmmm I haven’t had any good eats this week. Too hot to cook so it’s been sandwiches and salads. At least it’s pretty healthy!

  14. Leia is tooooooooo cute! I’m not a huge cat person, but she is just precious!!

    Best eat so far this week has been fresh peaches and cottage cheese. Though, tonight’s dinner has me rather excited!

  15. I haven’t seen Supersize Me! I really want to.

  16. YUM!

    I’ve been oddly enjoying taking my evening piece of toast and turning it into french toast… i still just top it with jam and eat it like toast… but it’s been fantastic! lol

  17. I don’t think your eats are boring at all. I would eat everything you made and be one happy camper!!! 😀

  18. I lovvvvvve granola bars… right now I’m loving Clif Z bars for kids (yes, they’re for kids…) but they’re SO tasty and they only have 130 calories! I get the chocolate chip or the brownie flavors. And to answer your question about the best thing I’ve eaten this week… I have some sweet potato fries in my freezer that I’ve been making and I love them!

  19. I love Nature’s Path bars! They came to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival and I got some awesome samples! Yumm!

  20. I think I’d choose any of my breakfasts as the best thing I’ve eaten this week – it’s slowly becoming my favorite meal of the day!

  21. Those granola bars look tasty! I’ve only tried the pumpkin flavor and they were soooo good.

  22. oh gosh! how awesome would it be if we could all party in person? eee! a REAL potluck! now that would rock!

    the kitty pic made me melt =) so glad you posted that cutie with your eats!

    Happy WIAW!!!!

  23. I like those granola bars!! Whats in the dressing??

    • I think oil, tahini, water, vinegar, soy sauce, and some other stuff. I may try and make my own version at some point, but this stuff is cheap enough as it is.

  24. I am on a really big mango kick and made a delicious mango ish smoothie. I also made some Jamaican veggies – so so good!

    • Jamaican veggies sound good. Are they prepared with jerk seasoning? I love that stuff but have only tried it on meat… not sure why though

  25. The chips are definitely okay, especially if they were TJs tortilla ones – oh my goodness, so good 🙂

  26. Pet cuddle moments are always picture worthy 🙂
    I have the same TJ’s wraps and love them! They taste great, are low calorie, have high fiber and protein, AND don’t crack when you roll them up. Bonus!
    I have tried the goddess dressing from TJ’s, but will now!

  27. What an adorable cat!
    Supersize me is such a good movie– It convinced my boyfriend & myself to stop eating McDonalds… lol
    The information is very interesting!

  28. Aww cuuute kitty 🙂
    Broccoli and sweet potatoes might be my two favourite ever foods too so that dinner looks deeeelish!

  29. Definitely the guacamole hummus I got at TJs! So good! 🙂

  30. I need to get back on the broccoli slaw train, I was eating it for a while then i guess I forgot about it? hehe

    The best thing I ate so far was this taco I had last night…lots of cheese, marinated steak, and grilled pineapple. YUM

    • It’s so good, but I hadn’t had it in a while either. When I tried a low-carb thing (which I do not recommend) I used it as a base of things, like stir fry. Delish

  31. loving the wrap! I had some amazing oatmeal with blueberries and almonds 🙂

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