Belated Weekend Recap

I know that weekend recaps usually occur on Mondays, but this one is a little behind.  I really wanted to post my new workout the very same day I started it. 

As you probably know, Kevin and I hosted company this weekend.  I didn’t get to try any of our visitor’s home brews, but he left a few for Kevin and I in the fridge.  Yawhooo!  If you all ready Saturday’s post, you know there’s another timebomb in my fridge.  It’s crazy, but I didn’t get into that either even though it’s my favorite beer.

So what did I do?  I’ll show you through a lens.  Naturally, the pics focus on the food and drink of the weekend, but I don’t think you really want pictures of me grocery shopping and cleaning my house.  Didn’t think so…

On Saturday, we went here:


The local brewery also offers some food in their taproom, so the guys ate lunch there.  I, on the other hand, checked the menu online before we left and saw no healthy options, so I enjoyed a pb n’ jelly sandwich on the way.

peeb sammich

The guys got one of these.  Normally I’d be jealous, but I was happy with my brew.


I was driving, so my portions were more like this.

mr & mrs beer

On the way home, we stopped by here and got these.  I’m not even a fan of buffalo blue cheese chips, but I had a couple anyway.  Fail. 

buffalo blue cheese chips

We stopped by a beer store on the way home, and Kevin picked up a six pack.  I wanted a pack of non-alcoholic beer, but the shop didn’t have any that was cold.  Bummer.  I stuck to water until dinner.

Speaking of dinner – the picture says it all.

bronx bomber pizza

*** I totally switched gears Sunday, and my heart/kidneys/liver thanked me. ***

I ate TJs raisin bran for breakfast with almond milk and black coffee.  I cleaned all day, except for when I took a trip to TJs.  My body was tired, and my feet were hurting!

Kevin and I both had grilled eggplant, grilled onion, spinach, and hummus pressed in a wrap for lunch.  (Not Pictured)  It was so tasty I made mini ones after without the wrap.  Aren’t they cute!?!


For dinner, I made scallops for the first time.  Scallops, grilled eggplant, red onion, orange bell pepper, and of course, olive oil.  It was totally fusion and totally rockin.  I served Kevin brown rice with his.  Oh, and we split a mango for an appetizer.

scallopsThis was so good!  I cooked the rest of the scallops again last night, but I served them with the rest of the black beans, brown rice, spinach, onions, lime, and cilantro.  I put the cilantro with most of the spinach and the juice of half a lime in the food processor so that it would mix well with the beans n’ rice.  Another interesting dish.

cilantro scallops

Have you made up any odd/unique/fusion meals lately?

21 Responses to “Belated Weekend Recap”

  1. I’ve never cooked scallops! They intimidate me!!! Food pics are much more exciting than cleaning house pics 😉 good choice!

  2. I always throw random stuff into my grain/veg/sauce bowls, and they usually turn out pretty good. 🙂 I’ve never heard of buffalo blue cheese chips!

  3. Oh the grilled wraps sound great. Love grilled eggplant. I always try to check out menus online first as well so I can be prepared.

  4. Mmm that pizza looks awesome! We had it last night and it was so good 🙂

  5. Yum, looks like you had some awesome eats this weekend! That scallop mixture looks delish 🙂

  6. Yum on the scallops!

    I went to brewery celebration this weekend…unfortunately I know nothing about beer, but it tasted pretty good. 🙂 I would have done the same thing on bringing a snack, except my favorite food truck was there…so I did splurge on a pork belly taco.

  7. Love wraps!! The combo of eggplant, grilled onions, spinach and hummus sounds fantastic. TJ’s has those breaded eggplant cutlets that are super good and would taste awesome in a wrap!!

  8. I love scallops! Seen so many recipes recently for scallops, need to make some soon.

  9. I’m just not fan of blue cheese anyway- so i would have been in the same boat as you. I feel like people either love it or hate it?

    • Usually I agree with you. It’s funny the guy we were with is doing his master’s research on blue cheese flavor (food science major), but he’s not all that crazy about blue cheese. He said he’s trying to like it. ha

  10. Hehe I think most of my meals could be classified as odd. Lately I’e really been loving my sweet and savory oats for dinner, which includes banana, cottage cheese, hummus, and jam. Don’t knock it ’till ya try it 😉

  11. Well, healthy and unhealthy alike–all the food looks good! And I love weird food combinations. Usually a result of “use up what’s in the fridge” rather than planned fusion, though 😀

  12. I didn’t know people actually drank non alcoholic beer…

  13. Looks like a fun weekend! For odd meals, I’ve been eating salads and using a ton of hummus as dressing. it kind of creates this big pile of mush, but it’s really delicious…

  14. I LOVE SCALLOPS! Yum…one of my fave types of seafood ever for sure!

  15. Oh man…I love scallops. They are so simple to make and taste incredible. 🙂


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