Hello Weekend!

Good morning!  Were you up early today, or did you get some needed rest?  I guess I was somewhere in between.

I had a half-day off from work yesterday (thank goodness), and instead of heading home after lunch, I got a massage.  It was pretty awesome.  The massage place is near my house and also dangerously close to our expensive, fancy, health-food store.  I decided to pop in to get the guys some supplies (chips, frozen pizza, and beer).


The Loot

What  I actually got was a little more selfish.  Seriously, I know this is supposed to be a healthy store, but I always walk out with the most decadent products!  The best thing I got was that beer.  See it?  That’s my favorite beer, or at least one of my favs, Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest.  It’s an elusive seasonal that is only sold in large bottles. I can’t wait to taste it; the bottle is a little time bomb in my fridge!

Last night we went out with another couple, and I wore this.  How do you make a Talbots cardi cute?  Wedges + Mini Skirt, duh  🙂


Love That Cardigan

Speaking of beer….. and I got an Old Hickory Death By Hops.  Major yum.  I’m not going to give it a full review here, but I’ll make a few minor points.  Medium carbination, golden amber color, little bite, and hops hops hops and hops.  Yup – that about covers it.

so good

Death By Hops

I also ordered a salad.  What???  Yeah – I felt guilty after that muffin, so that’s a hold-the-cheese, hold-the-rice, salsa-chicken salad.  It was surprisingly really good.  I was glad I had some dressing on the side since a few of those jalapenos were pretty intense!


Beans, Onion, Tomato, Jalapenos, Chicken, n' Spices

You know what you can do when you order a salad?  Have a little ice cream for dessert of course!  (This healthy train thing isn’t working so well for me…)

ice cream

Strawberry Sweetness

Moving on… this morning I had a sweaty 4-mile run.  It was so muggy that as soon as I stepped outside I was soaked.  Yuck.  But I ran hard anyway, and I treated myself to a bowl of goodness.  What a great reward for my efforts!


Cinnamon, Banana, Flax, Protein Oats

Do you work out on the weekends?  Do you like to sleep in?

35 Responses to “Hello Weekend!”

  1. I bet that massage felt amazing 🙂 Love your outfit too!
    I can relate with the mugginess, it is blazing hot here with hardcore humidity yuck!!

  2. I’m jealous of your massage- I’ve never had a professional one! I definitely workout on the weekends, but I still sleep in because I just go to the gym whenever I get up 🙂

  3. I loooove massages! I really need to go get one….I am probably the most stiff teenager in the world. Literally i have no flexibility or looseness anywhere in my body. It stinks!

  4. I don’t really have a routine with when I work or workout so I don’t really look at weekends as ‘weekends’ I do take a day or two as rest days though and I have a major problem with sleeping in whenever i’m not working. It’s a really bad habit at the moment, need to start setting an alarm! Maybe tomorrow… 🙂

  5. Eee I can’t imagine running in muggy weather. Kudos to you, girl! I don’t usually plan a workout on the weekends, but I’ll squeeze something in if I have time and feel up for it. Sleeping in, though, is something I can’t do. No matter what time I go to sleep, or what day of the week it is, I’m always up by 530.

  6. I try to do some outside exercise on weekends – hiking or biking or something like that, but it is raining! UGH. I guess its a gym day. Boo.

  7. Tiff,

    I’m driving through NC from VA in August … I assume you would suggest the Death by Hops right? I’m taking a 5 week beer-cation through 21 states, picking up brews that we don’t have access to in VA/NC. Anything else from Olde Hickory/Foothills you would suggest?

    Gracias chica,

    • Yup, I recommend the Death By Hops for sure. I also love Foothills Hoppium. That’s a great one. Old Mecklenberg Brewery has a tasy copper. Other than that, Blowing Rock Brewery is meh, and I assume Highland is easy to find elsewhere. I’m also a fan if SC’s RJ Rockers’s Brown Ale, but not any of SC’s Thomas Creek Brewery beers. I hope that helps! Shoot me an email or leave a comment about your trip and your thoughts of the Carolina beers I suggested. I’d love to hear it!

  8. I always work out on the weekends…even if it isn’t a typical workout I do lots of outdoor activities! And I think the latest I can ever sleep in is 9 which is pretty late for me!

  9. A massage sounds like the absolute perfect start to the weekend 🙂

    I love to sleep in when I can but I can’t always manage to do it – I love it when I do though! As for exercise, I try to stick to mostly fun things on the weekends rather than anything formal. It’s just better that way 🙂

  10. I am incapable of ever sleeping in, but I do work out on the weekends for the most part. I usually take Saturday as a rest day, but I’m hitting the gym today because I took a rest day yesterday 🙂

  11. I’m all about weekend workouts… because I’m all about weekend fun. 🙂

  12. I love working out saturday and sunday mornings, makes me feel like i can splurge a wee bit more and enjoy my weekend!
    Side note: i am OBSESSED with boulder chips, they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought Kev loved them, but he apparently only SUPER likes the sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavor. I failed, but I bet these are pretty darn good too!

  13. Love that cardigan! (& the fact that there is beer + cheese on your laptop background 😉 )

    Have a great weekend- cheers!

  14. My husband & I wake up early everyday…just used to it now – we love our weekend workouts (mainly running & some pool action)! 🙂 We also like to eat & drink well, so that means working out is a MUST!

  15. Ohh jealous of your massage! I’vve had a spa finder gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet for over a year now, I think I need to use the darn thing!
    I LOVE sleeping in on weekends. didn’t happen today to catch a 10am flight though 😦

  16. Sounds like your weekend is off to a great start!

  17. I find it hard to make some of my clothes ‘cute’ …. Good idea! 🙂 Looks like your weekend is going great so far!

  18. Iusually have a hard time sleeping in, but I love it when it happens 😀
    And I love working out in the weekends! I needed a rest day today, but im already excited for my run tomorrow 😀
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂 I lovelovelove what you got at the store- Ive heard about that pizza! But Norway is so useless when it comes to veg. foods :((

  19. I LOVE getting a good intense workout in on the weekends. My fave thing to do is wake up early, get a good workout in and then have the rest of the day to just unwind and have some fun!

  20. I usually workout on my weekends, because I have more free time and it means more time for some moving 🙂 I would love to sleep in, but I am kind of an insomniac, so it never happens :))

  21. that cardigan is super cute, I am cardigan-obsessed! Anything I can layer is a winner in my book.

  22. Love those shoes! I hate that feeling of walking outside and already being soaked. I definitely workout on the weekends. Usually Saturdays are my long runs and Sundays are leg day.

  23. hi! just found your blog mostly because the word beer was in your title! great weekend for a few beers outside. and of course lots of strawberry desserts, you deserve it after a sweaty run! i like to workout on the weekends, but only if i feel like it. and sleeping in is a must!
    looking forward to more posts 🙂

  24. yes, I try to work out on the weekend. i can run at 7am where as, during the week, I have to run super early where it’s still dark or later when it’s super, frickin’ hot.

  25. Your post makes me want some ice cream. Yum!
    I love to sleep in but at the same time love getting my workouts out of the way for the day. It can be a struggle if no one is going with me..the snooze button usually gets hit. 🙂


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