Yogi Bear Tiff

I did more yoga yesterday and today.  Yesterday morning, I finally tried one of the workout videos Jeannette Jenkins sent me from Cali.  It was her Power Yoga video, and it definitely had a kick to it.  It’s not nearly my fav yoga routine, but I liked how quickly she went through all the poses.  That warmed me up enough to get a deeper stretch.  She says “inhale… exhale” for ever pose change, which is good, but I felt like I would hyperventalite if I actually breathed that quickly.  Maybe it works if you get out of breath doing her workout?

Anyway… today the running buddy and I went for a run.  It was quick but not fast, and it was not our typical three-mile jog.  I think we only went about 2.25 miles or so, but that’s good for me.  I’m feeling better, so there’s no use hurting myself.

Upon my return, I did this awesome Post-run Yoga Flexibility Routine from Runner’s World.  I do this alllll the time.  Then, I finished up with this super simple (and short) pilates workout from Exercise TV.  Oh, and I also had coffee brewed at home – yay for non-office coffee!


I Break for Coffee

Although today I’m sticking with my Love Grown Foods granola n’ blueberry parfait (never gets old), I’d like to share a recipe with you that I made for breakfast last weekend.  I was thinking about it today since I’ll probably make it again this weekend.  I’m already excited about it, and frankly, being this excited about oats is kind of odd. 

The Maine Attraction Oats (get the name?  pun intended – these oats have more blueberries than the state of Maine – well… not really, but it still reminds me of  a Maine classic: blueberry pie!)

Ingredients: (I wish I had measured, but sorry, I didn’t – this is what I think I used)

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • approx 1/2 cup water (but it depends how liquid you like your oats)
  • 1/2 or 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 long graham cracker (mine had one bite taken out, but you can approximate)
  • 1 or 2 (or 4) tsp maple syrup

First, gather up some goodness, and wash your berries.


Cook your oats, water, and half your berries for one minute in the microwave on HIGH.  This makes a couple berries squishy, so don’t worry, that’s a good thing.  You could also add chia seeds here, but I didn’t have any at the time.

Stir in the cinnamon, all of part of the syrup, and the remaining berries, and crumble the other half of the cracker on top.


It’s not a measuring spoon, but this isn’t rocket science.  Microwave for another minute on HIGH.  Keep in mind that your oats might overflow, so keep an eye on the bowl! 

oats 1

You might think that looks good (it totally does), but it’s not the finished product.  We still have more graham (and possibly more syrup) to add.


Ta-da!  Who says pie isn’t for breakfast???

Do you like sweet or savory breakfasts?  What is your favorite way to dress up plain oats?

42 Comments to “Yogi Bear Tiff”

  1. I like a savory breakfast, but I know lots of sweeties out there. Dressing up oats? Not for me. I like old-fashioned oatmeal … plain. No milk, sugars, or berries. Occassionally a few walnuts on top rocks, but plain is perfect.

  2. Normally, I tend to reach for the savory (read: bacon, eggs, and some toasted breadlike product). However, on those rare occasions when I go for sweet, I go balls to the wall. We’re talking Reese’s PB Cup pancakes, french toast with pumpkin pie spice and drowned in syrup, or blueberry waffles with whipped cream.

    What can I say? Go hard or go home.

  3. YUM! Those look amazing.

    And love the yoga break for coffee – totally something I would do 😉

  4. Mmmm I love graham crackers! That is such a fun addition to oats!

  5. I guess I like a semi-sweet breakfast? I almost always have oats with PB, cinnamon and either apples or bananas.

  6. Yum Tiff!
    I have never thought about graham crackers on oatmeal
    I LOVE making my favourite desserts into oatmeal – banana bread, apple and pumpkin pie etc… – i even made a banana creme brulee kind once!
    Bahhaaa love the i break for coffee 🙂

  7. Sweet all the way! Lots of cinnamon and honey on my oats! 🙂

  8. Ahhhhhh got my new address wrong
    Lets try this again…
    Yum Tiff!
    I have never thought about graham crackers on oatmeal
    I LOVE making my favourite desserts into oatmeal – banana bread, apple and pumpkin pie etc… – i even made a banana creme brulee kind once!
    Bahhaaa love the i break for coffee 🙂

  9. I love a sweet breakfast – especially oats with cinnamon, so pretty much, I’m going to try your recipe. haha

  10. I’m a savory girl myself – normally I eat a egg white mcmuffin with turkey bacon – homemade &delicious!

  11. You’re a yoga beast! I really should start doing more, it feels so nice to relax 🙂
    Dang those oats look SO good! I’m a sweet breakfast kinda gal–I love to load up my oats with fresh berries!

  12. I’m usually a sweet breakfast person. I made blueberry pancakes this moring, this blueberries are so good right now!

  13. I’m savory all the way. I used to be all about the pancakes, but I like them for dinner now.

  14. During the week I like a sweet breakfast, but on weekends I am all about the eggs!

  15. I’m definitely a sweets kinda girl for breakfast. Granola and peanut butter are the perfect additions 🙂

  16. My breakfasts have to be sweet, for sure… mine are actually more like dessert because I love adding pudding and almond butter 😀

  17. Mmmm… never thought of crumbled graham cracker on the oats. Sounds so good!! My favorite way to dress up oats is with chia seeds, whipped banana and PB. Like dessert for breakfast.

  18. Sweet breakfasts get me every time..I like pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins, and even donuts!

  19. i like both sweet and savory ~ i don’t really like just one or the other. your oats look awesome! i like to dress mine with wild blueberries, brown sugar, some sort of flax meal, cinnamon & ALWAYS real maple syrup 😉
    xx ~ kristina

  20. I’ve been wanting to try that yoga DVD – thanks for the review!

    I definitely like sweet breakfasts. 🙂

  21. Yum! I’m pretty consistently an oatmeal or yogurt kind of gal for breakfast. Funny thing is, they’re both on the sweeter side (though I barely add any sweetener to either option) but I really prefer savory breakfasts!

  22. Yay for the Maine shoutout 🙂

    I usually hate yoga dvds because I feel like they’re either super lame or super rushed and I can’t keep up and maintain good form.

    I usually eat breakfasts that are more on the savory side, but occasionally I like pb &j english muffins and greek yogurt.

  23. Oatmeal, dried cranberries and shredded coconut = best breakfast ever!

  24. Oats, unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, strawberries, and raisins….every.single.morning. 🙂

  25. The oats looks super tasty :). I definitely prefer sweet oats over savory ones!

  26. I love blueberries in oats! But usually just throw some frozen ones into my overnight oats to thaw, because I am also lazy when it comes to breakfast. I’m more of a savory breakfast person, but if I have oats I want a hint of sweet in them.

    • Thanks for letting me know frozen berries work well in oats. I buy frozen for my smoothies because they’re cheaper, but this revelation is going to save me some $$$. Woohoo!

  27. I love how you named your oats- I enjoy giving my concoctions names as well haha. I am going berry picking next week so I suppose my oats will have lots of berries for a little while… usually I like cereal in them! But I’ve been eating more oat bran than oat meal lately.

  28. Yoga has been on my to-do list all year long. I can’t believe it is already July and I have done it maybe twice. Bad bad bad!! I love how I feel after yoga and need to get on it ASAP!

  29. I love yoga! It’s such a grat way to unwind and clear your head. Blueberries in oats are so yummy!

  30. i can never stick with the breathing pace of dvd’s, either! it’s too fast or two slow…yoga after a run is GREAT, though!
    i like peanut butter in my oats…i just keep it simple!

  31. I much prefer sweet…. but alongside savory. A big boal os banana-y sweet oats with an omlette fully of roasted vegies would be perfect

  32. Generally, I like sweet breakfasts… pancakes are my favorite!

  33. Yum! that looks so good! I usually stick with bananas and nut butter as a topping, but I love your idea! Looks like a healthy cobbler – yum!
    I need to start incorporating yoga for runners or something like that into my routine. I’m not a frequent runner, but I enjoy it once or twice a week. I always have pain in my left groin area after I run and I’m not too sure why. Maybe I need to stretch more before and after?

  34. I really like Jeanette Jenkins, I am looking forward to trying that yoga workout!
    I prefer my breakfasts sweet – oatmeal with ripe banana raw cacao nibs, a lots of cinnamon and peanut butter!

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