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July 3, 2011

Blogger Awards

I was lucky enough to have two lovely bloggers pass on the Amazing Blogger Award.  Kaila and Jessica passed it along to me, so I think now is as good a time as any to give it a whirl.  It’s a survey-type thing with ten fun questions.  Gracias Chicas!
Amazing Blogger Award
1. Favorite Cartoon Character: I was thinking Rainbow Bright, but Amanda reminded me it’s actually Unicorn from The Last Unicorn
The Last Unicorn
2. Favorite Thing to Photograph: My Family (Yes, that includes my cats.)
3. Favorite Thing to Cook: Meatloaf – It makes me think of home, and everyone enjoys eating it when it’s done.
4. Favorite Way to Exercise: I enjoy lifting weights.  Go big or go home.  Hiking is good too.
5. Favorite Movie: Considering my cat’s name is Leia, the Star Wars movies are high on my list.  Other favs include Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Mel Brook’s Robin Hood: Men in Tights
6. Favorite Clothing: Pajamas.  I’m also a huge fan of dresses, so I guess I’m not a total slob.

Dressing around at the Vineyards

7. Favorite Flower: Sunflowers or Hydrangeas

White Hydrangeas

8. Favorite Breakfast: A big one.  Does that count?  No?  Okay – maybe cereal.
9. Favorite Book: A Prayer for Owen Meany, Water for Elephants, The Help, The World According to Garp, East of Eden…
10. Least Favorite Food: I think asparagus is high on the list, but grilled squid takes the cake.  Generally speaking though, I like just about everything.  It’s a blessing and a curse.
I also recently received an award from It’s The Cookie Monster, but it’s similar to another award I wrote about in May.  Thanks for linking up though!  For those who are interested, click here for the link to the other link to my previous post regarding the Smile Award.
Here is just a wee bit more link love of some good stuff.
  • Link love to beer commercial: This is a pretty darn funny beer commercial I found on Beer and Whiskey Bros blog.
  • Link to comical post: “If healthy living blogs existed in…”  Thanks Marie!
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