Gravy Train to Healthy Train

Diet schmiet, who needs it?  Apparently I do, and after this weekend, it’s time to buckle-down on some better habits.  If you thought I lead a healthy example of good nutrition and regular workouts, you are wrong (and you’re probably not an avid reader of this blog).  I’m used to a few splurges on the weekend, but this weekend with the in-laws takes the cake.  Cake?  Did someone say cake???  Ha – that’s been me lately, so after I recap my weekend via pictures, you’ll see why I’ll be back on the calorie-counting train for a while.

I already blogged about Thursday’s splurge, and after that meal, I had plans to be more mindful of nutrition on my weekend trip.  Well… this was Friday’s dinner…


Not Many Healthy Options on That Menu...

It was good Southern food.  The okra wasn’t as good as my mommy’s, but it was still tasty.  Those little things to the left are hush puppies.  I love those little buggars!  The beer was not impressive, but at $1 per draft, I couldn’t turn it down.

I tried to run on Saturday.  To my dismay, Kevin’s parents’ live in an area that is not safe for runners (no shoulder or sidewalk but lots of turns and hills), so I drove up to a local school’s track.  I was pumped to do some speed training, but this is what I found.

no run

No Run 4 You

My motivation took a nose dive, and I gave up.  Run = Fail

We had more Southern cookin’ for lunch and dinner Saturday.  No exercise and lots of food makes Tiff an uncomfy girl.  Lunch included a hearty chicken salad sandwich and blueberry n’ peach cobbler.  I know cupcakes are in vogue right now, but they don’t even touch the greatness of pies and cobblers!  They’re two of my (many) weaknesses.

Dinner was… interesting…

We went to an Italian restaurant.  Never have I seen fried pickles and jalapeno poppers on an Italian restaurant’s menu.


Italiamerican Food?

The food was edible.  Don’t let the cheese fool you; the sauce and noodles were not so yummy.  In fact, I was kicking myself for not ordering a side salad and baked sweet potato for my meal.  You guys know how much I love sweet potatoes!


Cheese = Good ~ Ziti n' Sauce = Meh

Sooooo… Sunday I spent allllll day in the kitchen.  Don’t worry, recipes are soon to come.  It’s time to get back on the healthy train!  I could use your support and bikini-body tips, so if you’ve got any, send them my way!  Luckily, I got a great workout in first thing this morning.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

36 Responses to “Gravy Train to Healthy Train”

  1. LOVE okra! The best thing we did this weekend was adopt two kitties from the Olathe, Kansas Animal Rescue. They’re solid black siblings! Still working on names though. As for eats…our treat this weekend was a batch of muffins made with Fiber One cereal and blueberries. I know…processed stuff, but not too bad! We also did in half of a pound of fresh cherries. Mmmmm.

  2. Haha jalepenos at an Italian place?! That’s too funny! I gotta say, even though that okra isn’t healthy, it sure is good!! my mom makes it amazing too 🙂

  3. Fried okra is right up there with fried green tomatoes for me!! Love them. We don’t get those kind of appies where we live, but my parents & siblings live in KY, which is the heart of fried country LOL!! Best part of my wkd was going to a stay & doe for our good friends who are getting married in a few weeks. We got to see lots of old friends that we haven’t seen for ages!! The beer was pretty standard, but I managed to choke back a few 😉

  4. Mmmmm fried okras, gimme that! So tasty. So many late nights at UNC getting them post bars on the weekend…

    I hate when Italian places have foods like that, it’s so obviously less “italian” and more “food you’d find at a graduation party.” Sorry your ziti was molto male!

  5. That was some “authentic” Italian Restaurant huh? The best thing I did this weekend was spend the day on Saturday at the BEACH!

  6. Hmm.. the best thing I did this weekend.. was RELAX! I was on vacation last week.. and traveling can really take a lot out of you!

    And my fro yo on Saturday night was amazing too. AND I got new sneaks. Guess I liked a lot about my weekend!!!

  7. My bf has a motorcycle and we were at a bike rally all weekend! Needless to say, my eats were not the healthiest….think cheese sticks, pepperoni rolls, fries, pizza, etc. Oh well, sometimes you just have to have fun! I’ll get back on track! 🙂

  8. Its ok to splurge here and there and you are aware of what you are putting in your body and know what you have to do to get bikini ready 😉 Can’t wait to check out your recipes! I unfortunately worked all weekend but, I did but a new apple juice blend they were selling at the farmer’s market. I’m usually not a juice drinker but I bought it to make popsicles with for the hot days that I need a treat. I’ll let you know how they taste.

  9. Those are some gooood eats. The best thing I did this weekend was go shopping without my 3 kids.

  10. Everyone is allowed to have some fun and indulge every once in a while. You eat healthy and exercise, and you look fantastic, so I wouldn’t worry too much about having to make up for an off weekend. Don’t stress too much, hun!

  11. Oh luv I am definitely in your shoes right now! I have completely fallen off the healthy eating wagon and really need some motivation to get back on it! But I have faith in both of us!! We can dooo itttt! 🙂 Tomorrows a new day! And it will be a fabulously healthy one! 🙂

  12. After moving for what feels like forever i’m in serious vegetable withdrawl – can i get on the healthy train?
    Best thing i did this weekend was sleep in till 8am on Sunday and bought really cute new roxy quicksilver shoes 🙂

  13. Haha, yeah I need to get off the Gravy train too…I’ve been indulging a bit too much lately and mentally it makes me feel like poop. Luckily I’ve had some really good workouts, but certainly not enough to balance the massive eating!

  14. I’ll need to get on the train too after this vacation. You always eat really, really healthy though, so I’m sure you’ll be feeling good again in no time! 🙂

  15. We all have weekends like this sometimes…..I have been like this pretty much the past week :). You’ll be back to your normal self in no time….but for now just enjoy the time with your family and with the thjings you usually don’t do!

  16. You seem to strike a good balance. Living in the South poses some unique challenges. I once went to a conference in a small town and everything on the buffet was fried or a dessert. Once I’d eaten, they brought out green beans, swimming in bacon.I didn’t have time to run out for lunch. Plus running outside is tough at this time of year. I trained for a half marathon in 2007, but a lot of my short runs were on the treadmill. My long runs had to start so early. You’re far more active than I am too.

  17. I had a GREAT weekend, but I hear you about not having great options at restaurants. I have a feeling my new small town isn’t going to have much by way of healthy restaurants, but hey, I can deal with that!

    Deep fried okra? YUM.

  18. i hate when Italian places don’t turn out well. I’m so picky with sauce!
    Best thing about my weekend was jet-skiing on the lake 🙂

  19. everybody should splurge every once in a while 🙂

    OMG how can just close a track?! wth!!! i wouldve been so mad if i saw that! then i’d turn away and walk to the nearest bakery LOL

  20. MMM, southern food! yum!

    This week I did a whole lotta’ relaxing, which I really needed. Felt great!

  21. I’d have to say the best thing was meeting up with an old friend for dinner! Either that or the food festival we went too 🙂 All those eats look amazing! So worth the splurges 🙂

  22. I wish I had some great advice, but lately I have all but forgotten what healthy eating looks like. Good luck nailing down some healthier habits!

  23. I was pretty active for most of the weekend, but Sunday was a major disruption of my routine. As in, I went for Arby’s and cookies the whole way home with limited physical movement… meh!

  24. Summers are so hard – it’s when you want to look your best, but let loose the most! 🙂

    I just try to cut sugar and get some form of exercise every day to get back on track. Easier said than done, but a good “habit” to form.

  25. That’s the oddest Italian menu ever…

    Who can say no to fried okra? Best southern food option. Pickled okra is pretty good too. I just like okra. And the best thing I did this weekend was NOTHING. Let’s hear it for relaxing!


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