I’m Not At Work

Yup.  I’m not at work today.  That is big news because I’m so friggin happy about it.  It’s okay… I’ll move on to other news now so that I’m not rubbing it in, but I just had to share that tidbit of info.  See, that’s why the blog post is late today.  I got up at 6 instead of 5 to workout, and then I had a dermatologist appointment.
*Notice the Slick Segway to New Topic*
Speaking of dermatologist, my Eat for Good Skin diet only sort of worked.  I think my skin’s tone has become more even, but it’s still breaking out like crazy.  Bummer.  I am now on a new, slightly scary prescription for my acne.  It is supposed to make my potassium levels skyrocket, so I have to lay off the bananas, potatoes, and other goodies.  In addition, it’s mainly used for those with high blood pressure.  Great.  I already have low but healthy but blood pressure, so I’m going to be walking around like a zombie until this clears up a bit.  Wonderful.
Moving on…
I started my weekend with a glass of wine, an ounce of parm cheese, and three kalamata olives.  I tried to take this picture…

Unwind in 3... 2... 1...

but then this happened.  Thanks Cleo for making the picture much more interesting.


I'd reach for it too if I lived off dry kibble!

After that, I had Italian on the brain.  Should I have cooked healthy Italian?  Yes.  Did I?  No.  This was dinner.


Unhealthy and Delicious

I’d love to tell you Kevin and I split that, but that would be a lie.  I’d also like to say I ate half and saved the rest for later, but that too would be a lie.  So let’s just not talk about pizza any more.
On a positive note, last night’s pizza led to a killer green monster smoothie today and an awesome workout.  I picked up very heavy things and put them down quite a few times.

Thanks, Gina, for posting this commercial.  I love it.

The meat-head in the video above reminds me of something I wanted to mention.  I received a lovely compliment today at the gym.  Another morning regular was there, and he’s a total meat-head.  We occasionally say hello, but we don’t talk much.  Today he told me that it looked like I had recently put on a good bit of muscle, particularly in my legs.  I would generally be offended if a man said this to me because it would be really creepy, but given the source, it really made me happy.

We talked a wee bit about protein supplementation and my fav move for ultimate quad definition.  His comment pumped me up, and I totally rocked my bench step-ups.  I went until total failure on my left side, which felt odd.  When I tried to step up one last time, my leg said, “Sorry Tiff, but we’re done here,” and I was okay with that.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I’m off to see the in-laws.  Hopefully I’ll get a run in tomorrow… if I can feel my legs!

Do you talk to other regulars in the gym or on the trails?  What do you think about gym compliments/remarks – creepy or cool?


41 Comments to “I’m Not At Work”

  1. I probably would’ve been like Booyah! That’s right! lol

  2. Love that video!
    Can you let me know how the medication works out? I’m seriously considering seeing a dermatologist too since every attempted face wash and healthy eating has failed. I don’t know what’s going on with my skin. It’s apparently making up for the fact that I had no acne problems as a teenager.

    • I was on an antibiotic for a while, and that worked well. Things just got out of whack, so I’ll drop this and stick with the antibiotic in a couple months – provided this new stuff works! It’s great you didn’t have issues as a teen though – mine has been with me foreverrrrrrr Ugh

  3. It completely depends on the person giving the compliments… 🙂 Always nice to hear though, right?!

  4. The other day, I came INCHES away from asking a woman in my body pump class how she got such excellent definition in her quads. And I didn’t, and I kind of regret it because if someone asked me that I’d be so flattered. That being said, 70% of the time I’ll tell someone at the gym if I’m impressed with some aspect of them, whether it’s their form in a group class, the shoes they’re wearing, or how much weight they’re lifting!

    Do unto others, right?

  5. i wouldn’t mind getting a compliment…as long as it wasn’t in a creep way. It would me want to work even harder!

  6. spiranolactone?

    The birth control pills I take have that in it, and my face cleared up within two months of taking them. I don’t want to take birth control though, so I may stop and if my acne comes back (which I’m sure it will) try fixing it with diet. *sigh*

  7. Don’t you just love how your cats want to investigate everything. I’ve been about to talk a picture, and they walk right in front of my camera. 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. I’m not at work today either! Woop woop! Okay, so, “working remotely,” but we all know that just means “blogging.”

    Mmm, I’ve been craving pizza, considering getting some cheeseless Papa John’s for my dinner…it just means I’d actually have to get dressed and leave the house…

    Gym compliments vary depending on who they’re from–like yours, muscle compliments from other muscley people are always flattering, while obvious leering from guys sitting on weight machines but not actually using them is creepy. Similar, age matters–my age: flattering, guys I’m way too young for: creepy, cute old dudes in their 70s: adorable.

  9. I don’t let gym compliments or remarks bother me if they’re negative. If they’re positive then I’m all for it! Haha. We’re having pizza tonight – I can’t wait! Yours looks delish 🙂

    I’m not at work today either – I just wish it were a little nicer out in my neck of the woods so I could enjoy the day more!

  10. Haha, that commercial is too funny. I love that your cat totally photo bombed your food photo- was she going after the cheese or the wine? The answer will totally determine my view of what kind of cat she is. 🙂

    • I’m not sure what she was going for, but she’s so curious that she’d go for just about anything. The funny thing is, she never likes any of the treats I give her, so I’m not sure why she still bothers.

  11. I talk the the regulars a lot, but that’s mainly because I was the manager of that gym until february. It would seem odd to start ignoring them now that my income no longers depends on their happiness/willingness to remain members of the gym. . 🙂

    There are some *new* regulars that I don’t know- but they all seem to talk to me anyway.

  12. I have a new found respect for you after seeing that pizza you polished off 🙂 You’re a girl after my own heart for sure LOL!

    Have a great weekend.

  13. I hope the pill thing isn’t too bad!

    Haha, the guy at the gym is hilarous! I used to work at a gym, so I had my fair share of compliments. Usually they weren’t creepy, but sometimes when guys would talk to me through their whole workout..yeah, a bit creepy.

    • Oh man, I bet you got a ton as cute as you are. My buddy interviewed at a gym, and she was warned that when men wirkout, their testosterone surges, which means they may say not-so-lively things! Haha

  14. You are so funny and that pizza looks really good to me right now! I need it!

  15. You make me laugh so hard. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed your pizza….whether you ate one piece (not likely) or the whole thing. It looks so good!

    I love pictures where the pets pop in unexpectedly. My dogs do that often. I have the perfect shot ready to go and then a tail makes it in, or a wet nose….

    Have fun with your in-laws! I hope you enjoy spending time with them. I actually love mine, a rarity I know. But it certainly is nice! 🙂

  16. I love it when people are brave enought to give compliments to someone they dont know! And you should feel so proud for getting that compliment 🙂
    I talk to many many on my gym, but that because I work there so it is easy to get in touch with people 🙂

  17. I usually will make small talk if someone makes eye contact, but that’s it, really. and usually, the compliments are creepy, but that’s because I work out at my university and it’s a bunch of weirdo meatheads.

  18. That is a great compliment!

    I definitely talk to regulars at my gym because I work here..haha, but I would still talk to them regardless. It’s nice to see friendly, familiar faces 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. I have acne, too. I can relate. It really stinks! I never had it as a teenager and now I’m 32!?? Wah??? Not fair.

    Also, the pizza bit is SO funny! We’re having pizza tonight and I’m pretty sure I can kill a whole one by myself… Maybe I will.

  20. there are a few regulars I talk to at the gym and out running. I totally agree that the source of the compliment totally matters – coming from a trainer or someone like that I would be totally loving it and thankful, but coming from a creepy dude that obviously goes to the gym to gawk and stare at chicks I would be soooo not into it!

  21. The pizza looks so good!! When I used to go to the gym (my previous life b4 kids) I didn’t really talk to people. I went in, worked out, and went home.

  22. Thats great that you got a compliment!!! Always nice to hear some positivity from others!

  23. Haha! That is a great compliment! It would have made me smile too! And cheese, olives, wine and a cook…that sounds like a perfect night to me!

  24. Hooooray for not having to work!! We all deserve those days so go ahead and rub it in! I love your kitty..seriously so precious. That pizza looks amazeee..and I am still laughing at that commercial. The man looks like he fried too many brain cells. So good. I am not a big gym rat, I usually use my home equipment..but the time I have done to the gym there aren’t many people around. I feel like it could go either way on the creepy or compliment sayings. Depends on the person I suppose!

  25. Ha ha ha, love that cat picture and the kibble comment. I always say hi to other runners on my path and I’m always highly offended when they don’t respond. I’m glad you took the guy’s comment as a compliment. I’m willing to bet lots of women would be insulted. There’s nothing wrong with being toned 🙂

  26. Hmmm, I’d probably say creepy but it would depend how often I saw that person…then again, a compliment is a compliment!

    Wine, cheese, olives and pizza sounds like a perfectly delicious night..mmmm, yum!

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