Southern Hospitality and Southern Food

I survived another family reunion.  Even Kevin made it back alive.  Haha!  Actually, I really enjoy seeing the family, so surviving that was easy.  You just have to make it through all the artery-clogging food!  No heart attack here… yet…

Instead of writing out a long, detailed post, I have created a semi-wordless weekend recap. Enjoy!


Very Hilly Saturday Morning 4.5-mile Run


Post-Run Breakfast


White Bread n' Dirty Eggs (Cooked in Bacon Grease)


Golfin' Buddies


Ruby Tuesday's Salad for Lunch


Afternoon Snack - Not Everything I Ate Causes Hypertension


In My Lilly Dress Before Family Dinner


Worst Fried Green Tomatoes Ever (Not Pictured: salad, steak, bread basket, and ice cream - wow)


Sunday Breakfast - I Love Gravy!!!

Now you guys know why the rest of my eats this week will *hopefully* be super healthy…

What was the best thing you did/ate/drank this weekend?

38 Responses to “Southern Hospitality and Southern Food”

  1. Best thing I ate this weekend was a new pancake recipe! Looks like you had a lot of fun! And the food looks yummy!

  2. Fun! If I ever had a family reunion it would be a complete disaster. The eggs and bacon look like a delicious post-run option 🙂 I drank a Blue Moon summer beer this weekend and it was so refreshing and delicious. (and yes, just one. I have no alcohol tolerance!)

    • The eggs and bacon were a nice change from my regular oats, and the bread wasn’t bad either. I can’t remember the last time I had plain ole’ white toast!

  3. Looks fun, but definitely artery clogging!
    Best thing I ate was smores on the BBQ last night 🙂

  4. Oooh I did a lot of good eating this weekend. I’d probably say the cupcake I had from Magnolia on my food tour was one of the best. Though my salad at brunch was delicious as was my vegetable lasagna! Gah! Too many yummy things to pick from!

    Your weekend looks just as yummy – sometimes you just gotta kick back and eat things that cause hypertension, haha 😉

  5. omg my friend Amy used to make bacon & dirty eggs when I’d sleep over at her apartment. So delicious!!!

  6. I love Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. They have so many good options.

    “Not Everything I Ate Causes Hypertension” haha! That made me laugh :]

    The best thing I ate over the weekend was some vegan chocolate chip scones. It was so stormy over the weekend so I wanted something comforting and decided I needed to eat three to make myself feel better :] haha!

  7. Best thing I ate: homemade cookies from my friend’s wedding
    Best thing I drank? The martini my friend created for her wedding!

    Looks like you had lots of yummy eats this weekend too!

  8. OMG! Eggs cooked in bacon fat?! I am in love!!! The best thing I drank was 2 glasses of savignon blac cupcake wine. YUM!

  9. Ohhh yum, southern comfort food just hits the spot sometime!

    The best thing I ate this weekend was a vegetable primavera I made.. but your eats > my eats for sure!

  10. Bacon grease really is an amazing thing to cook with. Heaven!

    The best thing I ate was probably at a Southern restaurant- blackened catfish and whipped sweet potatoes. I do not want to know what was in those potatoes… but OMG.

  11. The best thing I drank this weekend was a glass of Tribunal from TJ’s!

  12. Hmm, best thing I ate was rosemary white bean hummus — so tasty with pitas or veggie chips. Nom!

  13. you look beautiful!! and i’m with you on the unhealthy eating thing, my father-in-law
    is here and has been cooking up A LOT of delicious meals for us!! mainly steak,
    chicken & more steak! and those eggs look fabulous!! my dad makes eggs that
    look similar to those! happy monday to you and here’s to eating a bit healthier
    in the week to come!! 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  14. Looks like a great time! I’ve always wanted to try fried green tomatoes. 🙂

    Best thing I ate this weekend was pasta from a local Italian place!

  15. All looks great!! I was hoping to be healthy this week but i’m slowly realising I just don’t think it will be possible! (she says after consuming jugs of cocktails!) :/ Best thing I ate this week was an amazing hot salad made by Luke. Oh, and the toast with peanut butter and white chocolate! 🙂

  16. Best thing I ate this weekend (aside from like 1/4 of a chocolate cake) was a Chocolate Monkey drink (Banana puree, creme de cocoa, creme de banana, and chocolate syrup). I’m with you on trying to eat healthier during the week!

  17. Looks like fun, unhealthy food included! Glad you got to see the family and enjoy some of the food while there 😀 And bad fried green tomatoes?? How is that even possible? As a southern gal, I would like to have words with the cook! And the best thing I did this weekend was spend hours sitting on the porch with a (good enough) book!

  18. When in the South….do as the Southerners do?

    I wish you’d had some shrimp ‘n cheese grits too…and maybe some pimiento cheese? Just to put it completely over the edge. 🙂

    • I know it’s sacrilegious of me, but I’m not much of a grits girl. On the other hand, some pimiento cheese and contry ham (though not necessarily together) would have really topped off the weekend!

  19. Oh the joys of southern cooking 🙂

    The best thing I ate was REAL pancakes – not the healthy homemade ones, but REAL buttermilk pancakes from a restaurant. They were so good!!!

  20. Brave woman with all that spectacular food. What are family celebrations for but loving family, having fun, and food?! And you still looked fabulous in your lily dress.

  21. Everything looks so good! I’ve never been to the South before. I am dying to try some real Southern food!

  22. I ate way too much that I shouldn’t have. But *best* would be a toss up between homemade blueberry coffee cake and homemade blueberry pie. Too much of both!

  23. Those breakfasts look amazing. I love dirty eggs, although I had no idea that’s what they were called.

  24. What a great weekend!
    I ate this delicious eggplant dish for PF Changs.. I know, PF Changs. But it was really delicious!

  25. I love the salad bar at ruby tuesdays! Best meal…. probably the falafel I had at the vegetarian festival! YUM!


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