Go Ahead, Make My Day

Can anyone name that movie?  I know the title of this post is a movie quote, but I can’t remember its movie of origin.  Moving on.  I’d like to take a little time to share five things that are currently making my day.  Enjoy!

1 – I changed it up yesterday.  I usually hit the gym in the morning, but lately I’ve been feeling like this:


So instead I got up at the same time to complete an easy 20-minute kickboxing workout video and take my time getting ready for work.  After work, I went to body pump for a total body workout.  I’ll have to skip my workout Friday due to travel plans, so body pump actually covered two gym sessions.  I also ran this morning.  It was a mere 2 miles because of knee issues – courtesy of body pump.

2 – I got to drink my coffee at home today and yesterday due to today’s run and yesterday morning’s home workout.  I love hitting the gym, but drinking my own coffee is such a joy.  Work coffee is downright dreadful!

coffee coffee

I’m not sure if that goofy face is just my excitement or a sign of too much caffeine.

for the love of java

For the love of java...

3 – I’m one of the Applegate Farms coupon winners!  I received the coupons Lindsay sent me for winning her giveaway.  Check out her blog if you haven’t already!  


Leia wants Applegate goodies; she loves roast beef!

4 – I managed to only eat one flavorless cookie at the office dip party.  I also refrained from cheese dip, ranch dip, spinach dip, sausage dip, and other random chips n’ such.  I did steal a little hummus and pico for the broccoli, a crappy cookie, and my own peach.  All-in-all, I’m proud of myself.


Take that food pushers!

5 – The last thing that is currently making my day is short n’ sweet: OPI Cajun Shrimp nail polish and nude pumps.  Woohoo!


Pretty Nails + Pretty Heels

What has made your day today (or what made it yesterday)?

46 Responses to “Go Ahead, Make My Day”

  1. Proud of you at your work party and i LOVE nude heels 🙂

  2. I LOVE Applegate Farms! I think after my dinner disaster last night my yoga session and relaxing bath made my night 🙂 I feel ya on the sleepiness though – thank goodness it’s almost the weekend!

  3. Great job at your work party! I usually fall victim to the spinach dip… le sigh..

    • It happens to the best of us. I went for the cookie thinking it was peanut-butter flavored, but it was just oatmeal raisin with no oats and half a raisin.

  4. clint eastwood – dirty harry!!
    i love lists like this…yippee for goood coffee at home. congrats on winning the coupons!
    i love bright nail polish for this time of year – awesome shade!

  5. Nice pumps! I just bought some nude nine west shoes that I’m absolutely in love with.

  6. Love the nials.. and the shoes!

    What made my day yesterday… I finalyl went out and bought my fav lip gloss I had been avoiding becuase of the pricetag.. but khiels is the best and was worth every penny!

  7. I LOVE those heels!!! So cute! And I agree…coffee at home in the morning when you’re not in a rush…there’s just not much better than that!

    Love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine so I could find you! 🙂

  8. Work coffee seems to be across the board terrible, I bought instant coffee to bring to work because even THAT is better than the office-made stuff. Instant coffee. OPI polish! Yess.

  9. I always hated work coffee. Especially in styrofoam cups. And my work always had that nasty powdered creamer.

  10. I looove those nude pumps! I’ve been meaning to get some forever.

    Good job at the work party! I don’t know if I would’ve done so well, haha.

  11. LOVE those nude pumps! What’s made my day so far is enjoying a cup of coffee and a warm breakfast on a dreary, rainy morning. Makes everything feel so cozy…

  12. There’s nothing like being able to enjoy your own coffee at home. I love the name of your blog and those heels are awesome!

  13. I hate/love office or friend party get together things. There is always mass amounts of terrible food that I am always tempted by..good job on resisting! It’s def not easy..but I guess when the cookies are flavorless it makes it a little easier!

    • Yeah, the sad part is that I almost went back for another cookie. Wishful thinking that another flavor would taste better, perhaps? I’m glad I came to my senses.

  14. LOOOOOOOVE those shoes! Nude pumps are GOD’S gift to women. Um, yeah, caffine too 😉

  15. I workout in the afternoon..my sleep is just too precious! And I like to tailor my workouts to how active/inactive i’ve been throughout the day. It just works.

  16. I’m loving those nude pumps! 🙂

  17. Nude shoes are my absolute fave!! Mine are about ready for the bin but I will continue to squeeze life out of them for as long as i can! 🙂 What made my day today? My agency making a mistake meaning I finished up my shoot 3 hours earlier than expected! Woo hoo! 🙂

  18. Good self restraint at the work party!!!

    I LOVE nude pumps…like love.

    The weather has been making me a happppy girl lately 🙂

  19. Ok, seriously on the hunt for some nude heels. Love those. A good sweaty spin class made my day yesterday! Today it was an early morning run with the hubby.

  20. What made my day? Protein oats, strength training, and starting a new job!

  21. That quote is from Sudden Impact!!! Haha don’t ask how I know that. 😉

    Those heels are so cute and I am loving the nail polish too! Very summery!

  22. Yay! I’m glad you got your coupons! Enjoy! 🙂
    I love those shoes!!
    And the knee issues – is it from the squats and lunges? I do Pump twice a week and have noticed that my knees sometimes really hurt. I was wondering if it was a mini overuse injury from bodypump.

    • Yeah, I can do lunges and squats with weights on my own, but when you speed up the tempo and do a bunch of reps, it hits me pretty hard the next day. Although I’m sorry to hear that about your kness, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me being a weenie!

  23. Oh gosh I was totally looking for nude pumps, until i realized they would probably go horribly with my skin tone lol I have horrid knee issues as well so I really try to limit my treadmill time. I do walk alot, but I figure that is way less impact than the pounding of jogging or running!

  24. I LOOOOVE those nude pumps! I have been wanting pair for a while now but just haven’t gotten them!

    PS–I’ve always hated running, but am trying to get back into it. I tend to get horrible shin splints–any advice on how to help these? Will they eventually go away if I keep pushing through?

    • I haven’t had too much experience with shin splints, but I know that too much too soon can cause them. So unless you can complete your entire run on flat, soft grass, ease into it and ice them at night. Freeze water in little plastic cups, and at night pop out the ice for rubbing on your shins for 20 minutes. I think there is more info for ice cups online if you search for it. Feel better!

  25. I just bought some nude shoes and they are my absolute fav!! they go with everything practically!

  26. Killer heels! Walk in them for me…I’m SO clumsy! Sneakers and flip flops are how I roll! 😉

    I LOVE being able to drink my coffee at home. The coffee they have at the hospital is like drinking dirty water! Blech!

    What made my day? A surprise invitation from an old friend to meet for coffee this weekend! Wow, do I sound like a caffeine addict or what?

  27. After years of drinking the coffee at work, I’ve started to switch it up by drinking coffee I brew at home. It’s literally the same stuff, but there’s something going on with the actual coffee maker at work… meh!

  28. This is going to sound ridiculous but OPI Cajun Shrimp has been my go to summer color for 4 years now. I just love it!

    I also got my first pair of Nude Pumps last weeks and absolutely love them!


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