What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

It’s time again for another wiiiaaawwwww (What I Ate Wednesday).  I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas & Crayons, so check go check out the other WIAW posts.  Well, go check them out when you’re done here, of course!

As you all know, I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and snack all week every week – at least for the most part.  This makes my shopping list easier, and I like to think it keeps costs down.  This week’s three-part breakfast included a pre-gym rice cake, a post-workout hardboiled egg, and an at-work oat concoction.


Berry Good Breakfast

The concoction is ½ cup dry oats, approximately 1 tsp of chia seeds, and ½ cup blueberries.

I’m trying out some alternative beauty this week.  I’m trying to eat a bunch of skin-feeding foods.  My skin has been horrible lately, so I’m trying to give it a little extra nutritional boost. Here are links to two articles on the subject:

I am having blueberries for their radical-fighting antioxidants that supposedly contribute to a youthful appearance, eggs for their skin-repairing properties, and oats for their skin-clearing, whole-grain goodness.  Two nights this week, I am enjoying sweet potatoes for dinner for their glow-enhancing properties, and I’m eating lots of greens for a multitude of skin-related reasons.  I’m also including chia seeds, salmon, and almonds for healthy, nourishing fats that should hydrate my skin.  Lastly, I’m also trying to drink more water and decaf green tea.  In theory, the tea should help with inflammation.  I’ll let you know if I can tell a difference.

Lunch is a romaine salad with shredded green cabbage, snow peas, and a hint of leftover red bell pepper (wish I bought more of that at the store Sunday)!  I top it with Annie’s Naturals Gingerly Light dressing, almost half a can of skinless, boneless salmon, and a rice cake on the side.  This canned salmon is soooo yummy!


Asian Salad

Snacks vary.  Two days were red bell pepper strips with 3 TBS hummus, and yesterday was a plain, nonfat yogurt and a peach followed by organic, no-sugar-added applesauce.  Sadly, I think some unhealthy selections are on the horizon.  My office is having a “dip party” with various dips (cheese, salsa, chili, whatever), and they’ll also serve cookies and sodas.  I’ll try and abstain, but let’s face it – cookies are probably in my future.  (That’s probably not so good for the skin!)

Dinner tonight will be either a sweet potato (one of my favorite dinners) with a side of about 7 almonds, or I will make Chinese Take-In.  Either way, it’s gonna be good!  The last two nights’ dinners were only mediocre.  They included quinoa, loads of spinach, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, and half a chicken breast.  Good, but not great.


Vibrant Veggies

Definitely not recipe-worthy…

I can feel my skin healing itself already!

But certainly picture-worthy.  By the way, after dinner snacks have included almonds, mini bags of popcorn, and/or mini cones.

  • What is the best thing you have eaten so far this week?
  • What do you think of food-focused office parties?

43 Responses to “What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)”

  1. I’m glad to see you dont go to bed without dessert 😉

  2. Thanks for all the sweet comments youve been leaving me 🙂

  3. I love your eats! The best thing I ate so far would have to be the chai oats hat I made this morning yum!

  4. I love your eats! They look delicious.
    The best thing I ate … hmmm .. cottage cheese on toast with jelly 🙂 OR my peanut butter and fluff banana. That was an epic win for finding it in my baking closet.

  5. It’s amazing how much our food affects our skin ~ I have some issues too and if I stick to clean, whole foods my skin is much better! Your eats look awesome – too bad that quinoa bowl isn’t recipe-worthy because it looks awesome!

  6. Sweet potato is one of my favs too! I ate ate one yesterday topped with spiced almond butter. Ah-mazing.

    Food-focused office parties freak me out because I don’t like eating buffet stuff… and I don’t trust the people I work with the properly prepare food. LOL!

    • I know! I like treats, but office treats are rarely worth the calories and are never the sort of thing I’d actually bake or purchase for myself.

  7. Everything looks delish! But the “7” almonds thing made me laugh…..so specific LOL!

  8. My skin is awful lately too, but I’m pretty sure it’s lack of water!

    Best thing I ate this week was Kenyan food – healthy and SO delicious. 🙂

  9. I’m curious to see if your skin starts improving. I eat all these things pretty regularly already and my skin is horrible. I never had skin problems when I was younger and ever since going off bc (TMI?) about 4 years ago it’s like I’m a 15 yr old with raging hormones. I’ve tried every product out there and none help! And I don’t want to go to a dermatologist just to have them put me on meds for it. Not my style.

    • Not TMI – no worries. TMI is the girl in the cube behind me talking on the phone with her gyno about how to conceive quickly. Woah! As for the dermo, I’m currently on some meds, and I hate hate hate hate it. I was on accutaine (sp?) twice though, so the little antibiotics I’m on now really aren’t so bad in comparison. I should quit my bi… I mean, complaining…

  10. The best thing I ate so far this week was a crilled chicken, tomato, basil, fresh mozz sandwich. MMMMM!

  11. Thanks for those articles, they definitely caught my interest.

    The best thing I’ve eaten so far this week was my bowl of oatmeal this morning.. seriously sometimes it just tastes SO much better with some brown sugar and bananas piled on top!

  12. I made some really good butterscotch banana cookie bars that I am loving. And eating too many of.

    Cookies may not be good for the skin, but they are good for the soul. 😉

  13. I am really looking forward to hearing how your skin reacts to this type of eating! I am all for natural beauty remedies and such 🙂

  14. I eat the same breakfast-lunch-snacks all week as well! Definitely makes for easier shopping and MUCH less prep/assembly time during the week. Good idea of eating for skin health, I could use some more of that, you’ll have to post on how it goes!

    I have a high level of dislike for office-food-parties, but mostly because I’m vegan and can usually eat all of…maybe some chips. Best thing this week? Hmm, my dinner last night was pretty amazing in that it had lots of flavor and still managed to be incredibly healthy.

  15. I’ve had (and still have) skin issues and I can absolutely tell a difference in my skin based on what I’ve been eating! The more greens, the better! 🙂

  16. The best thing I’ve eaten all week is definitely the fajitas my friend’s inlaws made last night. Heaven. And the cookie cake I made for it didn’t hurt, either… 😉

  17. I had a very similar dinner last night but I LOVED mine. I think it may be the best thing I’ve eaten this week…though my oats this morning were pretty delectable as well 😉

  18. When I like something I’ll eat it over and over again until I like something else more =) which is exactly why you see matzo ball soup on my wiaw post so so so often =) haha!

    your dinner looks glorious and i’m going to argue that it prob IS recipe worthy =) i’d eat it!

    Happy wiiiiaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww lovey! xoxo

    • Thanks for dropping by the site! Perhaps I’ll jazz it up a bit and make a recipe out of it. Of course, I’d like it more if I actually enjoyed eating grape tomatoes!

  19. Yumm this makes me want some quinoa! We do office lunches, with international themes, so those are kind of fun!

  20. Best things I have eaten this week are all deserts! I had some blueberry muffins today that are definitely well up there on my list… and when I say some, I mean 3 :/ whoopsie! 🙂 Oh, and my morning oats, never seem to get bored of them! Dinners this week have been a little uneventful… :/

  21. Desserts are the best part of the day after breakfast! 🙂

    Your quinoa dinner looks so nutritious, fresh and, well, pretty!

    Water makes such a difference to my skin. I’m bad at keeping on top of drinking plenty of water in the colder months.

    Thanks for you comment btw. Hope you enjoy your cherries when you get hold of some! 😉

  22. Hope all the healthy skin foods work for you! I think diet is a great way to get healthy skin, but a lot of it comes down to stress, environmental stuff, and what time of the month it is. Let us know if it works!

    Best thing I ate this week was sweet and savory oats with hummus and jam. Weird and crazy, but oh so good!

  23. Best food I’ve had this week were fish tacos – courtesy of Wegman’s awesome recipes. Of course, I topped them with a mango/avococado/red onion salsa which made it perfect!

    As for office food – I don’t know why it’s always pizza, pop, and dry cookies. I gave up and just pack my own lunch / treats now so I’m still eating with everyone else, I’m just eating something that tastes good! (Now if the cookies didn’t suck, it would be another story….)

  24. The best food I’ve had so far this week was a Caesar avocado salad at a vegan restaurant last night. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I’m a little bit obsessed with avocado recently—they’re so good right now.

    Your anti-inflammatory diet approach to skincare is pretty cool. I recommend different anti-inflammatory foods and spices all the time for things like joint pain, but the skin rarely comes up, at least in the warm weather. It’s true, though, that when people start including lots of these good foods into their diet, they look freaking radiant. I love that.

  25. Can’t wait to see how your skin feels after including those foods into your diet! My problem is that I just forget to drink water during the day. As I was just reading your blog, I realized that I haven’t had any water in four hours. Ugh!

    The best thing I’ve eaten this week is the hazelnut butter my blog friend Ragnhild sent me from Norway. It is so yummy!!!!

  26. food focused office parties are a yay!! I’ve been loving kabocha squash this week!! I don’t know if I could eat the same thing every day- good for you for planning ahead though.

  27. Sweet potatoes are my favorite for dinner! So filling. I also love quinoa. Gluten-free grains are so much easier on my stomach.

  28. I love eating blueberries especially when I know they’re so good for you 🙂 That quinoa dish is so colorful, love all the veggies!

  29. I would happily have eaten with you today! YUM! I love quinoa salads and blueberries in my oats are perfect! Looks like a tasty day!

  30. Don’t you love how all these skin benefiting foods are delicious 🙂 shouldn’t be too hard to take them all in right? I’ve heard carrots are really good as well 🙂

  31. I love your quinoa salad!
    I don’t know if you did this, but cooking the quinoa in broth adds more flavor.


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