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June 11, 2011

I’m Not Hip

You guys probably figured out I’m not too hip, but this really isn’t about my lack of trendiness.  Nope, it’s actually about my hip.  It hurts.  I was so pumped to run 4-5 miles today with music, thanks to the new armband I received earlier this week.  When I got out of bed though, all I could think was OuOuOuOuch!  I think my IT band might be super tight from biking yesterday at the gym, but I’m not actually sure what it is.  All I know is that my right hip hurts, and if I run, I will hurt it worse.

Therefore, I had a wee bit of cereal with almond milk, some plain coffee, and a purple monster to drown my sorrows.  By the way, when I say “plain” coffee, I mean “black” coffee.  When I went up North (*gasp*) and asked for plain coffee, the guy almost put creamer or something in it.  I was like, woah woah woah!  I said plain buddy!  Then as I complained to Kevin (the resident yankee), he informed me that in some areas of the country, plain is not synonomous with black.  Really?  Can anyone explain to me what else plain could mean?  Sugar, cream, milk, D – all of the above???  Just curious.


I like black coffee and bright mornings!

I think I’ll probably do a little pilates or light yoga to stretch things out in hopes of getting that run in tomorrow morning instead.  We have two of Kevin’s college roomies staying at our house this weekend.  Because the boys stayed up late polishing off a bottle of whiskey and a few beers, they are still in bed.  I should have plenty of time to get in some downward facing dog or other awkward poses before any guests come downstairs.  Oh, and did I mention I hated whiskey?  I tried to clean up the kitchen a bit this morning, and just smelling that stuff made me nautious.  Oh well – not everything’s for everyone, right?

For anyone who is interested, I do Denise Austin pilates/yoga, my own blend of routine/stretches, or easy workouts from Exercise TV’s website.  Here is a link to a good pilates one, and here is a link to a good yoga one.  I might do something lighter than those today, but they’re pretty good.

You know what else is good?  Water pilates!  (Yep, when the boys finally wake from their slumber, we’ll be hitting the lake again.  Woohoo!)

water pilates

Double-Leg Stretch, Anyone?

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  I stop taking entries Monday, and will announce a winner Tuesday.

Anyone have anything fun planned this weekend?  I want to hear all about it!

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