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June 10, 2011

But I don’t know if I like beer…

First and foremost, I am not trying to persuade anyone to drink beer.  I frown upon excessive beer consumption, and I frown on underage drinking.  Whew!  Now… let’s get to the good stuff.  Today, we’re learning how to review a beer, and I’m basing my review off guidelines provided by an article at BeerAdvocate.

My first beer when a warm keg beer in a plastic, red cup.  It was a Miller Lite.  I hated it.  Guess what… now that I have an appreciation for brews, I can honestly say that I still despise warm beer, prefer not to drink from plastic cups, and dislike Miller Lite.

red cup

Knowing which beer to pick is the hardest part.  It depends on many factors, such as what you already like.  Sweet or savory?  Light or hearty?  Even seasons can play a part in your beer experience.  (I know you all have heard of chilled pinot grigio in summer!)

With all these variables, I’m going to just generalize here, and we’re going to go with a whitbier. Yesterday via tweet, It’s Just the Booze Dancing and Beer Runner also recommended a crisp wheat beer (hefeweizen, actually) for a beer newbie, which makes me feel better about my choice.  I’d go with a Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat or Hoegaarden, and for this post, let’s stick with Hoegaarden’s White Ale.  (On a side note, Kevin is not a Hoegaarden fan!)



  • First, pour your beer into a pint glass at an angle or order it draft.  Notice its appearance, including the beautiful light yellow color and its cloudiness.  This isn’t a very heavy beer, but as a non-filtered ale, it’s more cloudy than your typical American lager.  You can also take note of the lovely lacy head on top.  Makes it cute, right?  (I think the Hoegaarden people would track me down if they discovered I called their beer cute.)


  • Doesn’t it smell pleasant?  Your senses may pick up different things than other people – just like with wine.  You could notice lemon, bananas, other citrus, spice, yeast, malt, or even pepper.  I mean, we’re not talking about fragrant rum punch; it’s still beer.


  • Finally!  Don’t get too excited; we’re not shot-gunning!  Sip, savor, and think about any complex flavors you taste.  Maybe it’s apricot, orange, or lemon that’s dancing with the doughy flavor in your glass.  Is there an aftertaste?  There’s a lot going on here, but this is not an overpowering beer.


  • Mouth-whaaa?  Many stout drinkers might say this is light and refreshing, but if you’re used to a light pilsner, you may think it has moderate carbonation with a n almost “chewy” mouthfeel.  It’s relative, and there are no wrong answers.  Score!


  • We’re at the finish line here.  Ask yourself the most important question, do you like it?


I hope that helps.  As you know, this blog is more about healthy living, fun times, and random oddities than beer education, but I hope we all learned a little something.  As you know, I don’t place beer in my “healthy things” file, but I keep it in my “enjoy in moderation and let the good times roll” file.  Yeah, that files much cooler.

  • Have you had this beer?  What do you think?
  • Also, I’m curious as to how many readers are also beer drinkers.  Gimme’ your two cents.

Have a super weekend!

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