A Fun-Stuff-Friday Mix

Hurray for Friday!  Today’s post is a mini recap of yesterday and a fun-stuff-Friday mix.  Yesterday did not play out as I had expected.  In the morning, my running buddy and I didn’t do our regular Three-mile Thursday.  (We decided that sounded more responsible than our “Thirsty Thursday” meet ups in college.)  My legs gave me a fit, so we only did two miles before I headed home for abdominal work.

Due to the shorter run, I planned to do yoga at night.  Instead, Kev and I met our friends at a park-like place an outdoor concert.  This was my first trip to this venue, and lemme’ tell ya, I plan on returning!  They have low and high ropes courses, mellow kayaking, a slalom rapids kayak course, rock-wall climbing, zip lines, and a bunch of trails.  Did I mention they also have beer?  Good beer?  Oh… yeah, that’s important too.

Kev's Brew

Dale's Pale: Always a good choice

An evening of jams, beer, animals, and good weather is something I couldn’t pass up.  Sorry yoga.  My evening was even better because I had a sweet potato and a spoonful of peeb (peanut butter) for dinner before the show.  ::Big Smiles!::  I didn’t get a beer at the concert (whaaaaa???), but I appreciated the great selection nonetheless.


Sunsets, Dogs, Beers, and Jams

Okay… now for that fun-stuff-Friday mix…

First up is link love:

  • CheersBeers has an interesting post.  I too use a “Tiff Cup” that looks like a pint glass but only holds about 12 oz of beer instead of 16.  I love having it on hand when we have a keg or full growler at the house.
  • Beer Runner is another great site.  See… I’m not the only one who pairs the two!  On a side note, a buddy in college completed a half marathon while moderately inebriated.  No, I’m not recommending this or planning on doing it myself, but it’s just an entertaining tidbit for ya.

 Lastly, in honor of the first football game, which is officially 3 months away (9/3/11), here is some Clemson culture:

Clemson Girls Are…

Memorial Day

Photo from Last Weekend

Classy Enough to:

  • rock a tasteful Ralph Lauren bikini
  • enjoy chilled pinot grigio
  • have a love for boating/yachting/sailing

 Country Enough to:

  • rock a cowgirl hat with their bikini
  • drink out of a plastic purple wine glass (safety first when boating!)
  • secretly enjoy cheap pinot grigio because you can’t taste the difference (I’m a beer girl. What did you expect?)

There, now you know a little more about Clemson Girls.  Check the Clemson Girl blog I found for more info if desired.  Have a great weekend!


19 Comments to “A Fun-Stuff-Friday Mix”

  1. You look great and what fun! I can’t wait to go out on our new boat this weekend! Whoo hoo!

  2. That park sounds very cool! Why does nothing like that exist around me? Did you go to Clemson? It’s one of our clients and I always love visiting that school!

  3. That park sounds awesome!
    Grat picture, love the classy/country comments 🙂

  4. Haha LOVE that of you!! Lol classy and country!! I’m just SO not as cool as you! 😉

  5. This post is “all things summer”!! Gets me excited for the coming months!!!

  6. Hahaha – I am more of a wine person than a beer person, but I purposely don’t get into wine tasting so that I can keep buying the cheap stuff!

  7. That park sounds awesome!!! ROPES COURSE!!!??? So fun! I would definitely go back there!

  8. what a fun weekend I love boating… and im definitely a wine person I love good wine but usually only drink that when my parents are in town!

  9. Honestly expensive pinot grigio isn’t that much of a difference. White wines are pretty forgiving that way.

  10. You’re a clemson girl!? ahhhhh we can no longer be friends! ❤ Florida State baby!

    Have a great weekend!!!! =)

  11. good call on ditching yoga for the park – sounds like an awesome spot!
    boating on a sunny day? sounds perfect!
    have a great weekend, tiff!

  12. I love the link love! Thanks so much for the shout out Tiff. Hope your Saturday and Sunday are as fun as your Thursday. That outdoor concert looks awesome!

  13. Baha love your class/country enough part you are suppaa cute. What a fun night of Sunsets, Dogs, Beers, and Jams. I love me some yoga, but I think I would have picked the same stuff you did!

  14. Awesome photos! Love the Dale’s…you know I dig the pale ales! Here’s to a fun summer on the water!

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