It’s that time again – What I Ate Wednesday (wiiii-aawwww)!  If you’re a foodie, health nut, or cook, head on over to Peas and Crayons to check out other bloggies’ muchies.

I started with another three-part breakfast, which included a pre-gym rice cake and a post-workout GNC Vanilla Soy Protein (natural and under 5 ingredients) workout shake with water.  Now that I’m at work, I’ll also be enjoying a parfait.  It’s all-natural plain yogurt (fat-free), with 1 cup of blueberries, and my first attempt at toasted oats. 

Due to my Real Food June challenge, which I mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t buy any granola at the store or use my regular Kashi GoLean cereal for parfait topping.  I was convinced I could make a lower-fat and lower-sugar version myself. 

Toasted Oats/Granola/Topping/Nom Noms

Toasted Oats/Granola/Topping/Nom Noms

My oat topping includes 1 cup of oats lighted toasted on stove top and then mixed with 1 tsp olive oil, cinnamon, and 2 tsp maple syrup.  I then spread the oats on two baking sheets and baked them at 350 for about 8 minutes.  The little buggers are pretty good, but I’m not posting this as a recipe.  They’re not cereal or granola quality, but they’re good, cheap, and all-natural.  Hopefully they last me 3 mornings!

As you can see, my lunchbox is packed to the max.  It’s a huge box too!  This includes 3rd part of breakfast, lunch, and snack.  Lunch is another veggie bowl.  This one is not as tasty, but it’s not bad.  I plan to post a recipe tomorrow.  It’s perfect for losing a little water weight, which feels good after my vacation.  It includes basil for flavor and asparagus for its diuretic properties.

The Lunch-Box-O-Plenty

My afternoon snacking consists of two servings of hummus with a cup of raw broccoli florets every day this week.  I got a little hungry yesterday, so today I also brought a green apple.  Girl scout motto = be prepared!

Dinner will be more leftovers from Monday night (the last of it).  We are having one of Kev’s college buddies over for a sleepover tonight, so I’ll make the boys meatloaf.  Mmmmm!  It’s my mommy’s recipe, and it’s fan-didilly-tastic.  I’m going to cook it and try my best not to pout in the corner with my lame leftovers.

There were a couple other mini things I wanted to mention.

  1. I was just invited by Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes to join in on a bloggie food swap with UK bloggies.  I had to decline, but stay tuned for an update to Jemma’s roundup of all who participated.  (Trust me.  The other bloggers do NOT want my baked goods!  My cookies don’t bring any boys to the yard.)
  2. FitSugar had a neat post yesterday about non-vegan drinks.  I already knew that about Guinness, but it makes me wonder how many other beers use animal products.  Check it out here.

Have a great hump day y’all!

  • Have you made your own granola before?  How did it turn out?
  • What’s the best thing you ate (or plan to eat) today?

31 Comments to “WIAW #3”

  1. I’ve never made my own granola, but I never eat it enough, so it would probably just sit there!

    I loved the article about non-vegan drinks; I didn’t even know about half of them and I’m vegan. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. This is one of the few days where I don’t have any meals actually planned out. Sometimes that turns out for the better other times I end up with cereal at 9pm…

  3. Our lunch bags look quite alike 🙂
    Awesome link, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks for the mention! Your granola looks so good! 🙂

  5. I tried making my own granola once but it wasn’t really that good 😦 Sad that it wasn’t as good as store bought!

    • I hear ya. I didn’t get my hopes up for this. I already knew that a bunch of dried fruit, butter/Earth Balance, and brown sugar would have made it 50 times better before I even got started. Then again, that would defeat the purpose of making it myself!

  6. I just mentioned you over at CheersBeers. She was talking about exercise and drinking beer and I though, oh I know the expert on balance!

  7. haha your lunchbox looks like my lunchbox! Way too many containers! haha

  8. I am LOVING your lunch bag; especially how full it is 🙂

    I am a huge fan of granola and I always make my own! I never make the exact same recipe twice because I just throw in whatever I have in my pantry at the time. My favourite way to eat it is on greek yogourt or on banana soft serve — so good!

  9. Never made my own granola or granola bars but could definitely see doing it at some point.

    Hmmm, well since I’m traveling today and will be in airports I imagine the best thing I will eat is warm nuts in First Class..ha!

  10. You’re homemade granola looks delish!! Love the breakfast 🙂 Best thing I ate today was breakfast 😀 I love my oats

  11. Thanks! It looks really healthy because it’s Wednesday. If the blog party was called, What I Ate Saturday, I’d be painting a different picture. haha

  12. Looks delicious! I love yogurt parfaits!!! They are so yummy!

  13. I really need to get on making my own granola- this looks great!
    And animal products in beer?? I had no idea!

  14. i love that you do three part breakfasts. awesome!
    never made my own granola because store-bought is so yummy and i’d fear a flop/waste of ingredients if i tried myself. i love quaker harvest crunch and kashi go lean crunch.
    hope your dinner leftovers taste ok – the guys will love the meatloaf!

  15. Guinness uses animal products??? YIKES

  16. oooh twins! hehe I break my breakfast into stages on workout mornings! =) it works oh-so-well! though yours is prettier I must say! =)

    Happy Wiiiiiaww!!! MWAH!

  17. Your lunch box looks a lot like mine. 🙂
    I always feel like I bring enough for an army but I am there for 10 hours.

  18. I’ve made my own granola and it’s quite delicious 🙂

    I love your bag of food- I totally believe in being prepared with snacks!

  19. I like your post! Glad to see I am not the only one packing huge amounts of food when at work 🙂 I have never done my own granola, but I am not much of granola-girl actually, I prefer my regular oats:)

  20. Love the easy granola! My boyfriend makes his own granola using coconut oil, sliced almonds, a little maple syrup, and some other stuff, and it’s amazing.

    I always bring a giant lunch bag too—it beats shelling out $$$ for lunch at a restaurant or deli

  21. whoa! that is indeed a lot of lunch boxes! that’s what my bag looks like too, i always have to pack alotta food

  22. My lunchbox is always packed to the brim as well! In fact, I usually have to take a mini cooler with me just to accommodate freezer packs and the many containers!

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