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May 21, 2011

Party Race Anthem

As you all probably already know, today was my 5k.  I didn’t reach my stretch goal of 22:45, but I can’t say I thought I would.  I did, however, get a time of 23:08!  I’m happy with that; I surpassed my main goal of beating last year’s time.  It would have been cool if I had broken 23 minutes, but I’m still happy.  As you can see below, I started today with breakfast.  I actually referred to it as b-fast.  (Get it?  Nerdy pun alert.)



Then I listened to this song to pump me up before leaving.  I don’t have a little MP3 player I take on runs, so I had to get a little pre-party excitement going.

I’m not a Corona fan, but I think my lime top would go well with one!

The Running Lime

The Running Lime

Run run run!  Kev walked over to Starbucks during the race, but he got his cappuccino in time to take my picture.  This race was so much more hilly than I expected.  It still wasn’t as hilly as the 10k I ran in November, but whew!


Approx 2.85 Miles Down!

You know you worked hard when you make sweat marks on your “dri-fit” shirt.


Is it beer-thirty yet???

In other news…

I will be attending a tasting this evening at a pizza place, so you can bet I’ll also enjoy some pizza.  Yup, my Garmin watch said I burned the caloric equivalent of two lagers, not even the higher-calorie IPAs.  Why again do I run so hard???  Ha.

Lastly, sweet Lenna over at Czech Vegan nominated me for the “7 Things About Me” Award.  It makes my day that a bloggie friend thought of me!  Here are 7 things…

Blog Award

  1. I really like dumb, inappropriate movies.  Serious, I just saw Sgt. Bilko for the first time last night and loved it!
  2. I am fascinated by the human body, but I get too grossed out to ever study it seriously.
  3. I become easily bored on beach vacations.  I love them… for about two days.
  4. I become angry when my friends get married and don’t like to party with me anymore.  Married does not have to = lame!
  5. I am happy that I never had to live alone, but I still prefer to have one night a week in the house to myself.  Only child syndrome?
  6. When people are discussing their children in social situations, I seriously have to bite my tongue to not talk about my kitties.
  7. I hate shopping.  I mean, I think I like it, but then after shopping around the mall for a while, I get frustrated and verrrrry angry.
There.  Those are seven things I betcha’ didn’t know.  Now I’m passing the nomination on to…
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