Spreading Link Love

Yes, I actually went to the gym last night.  I don’t like to be negative, but it was hooorrrrible!  It was packed, people were rude, ladies were letting their lovely lady lumps out all over the place, and I saw more bad form than a kindergarten ballet recital.  Yes, it was that bad.

Moving on… today started out well, and it’s still going strong!

I had a great treadmill run this morning.  I did three miles at 7 mph with hills.  I started at a zero incline and increased it 0.5% per minute until I got to 8 minutes, and then I did it all over again.  Sweat sweaty sweaty.  This workout was hard but manageable.  It should set me up well for an easy run Thursday and my race Saturday.  Yuppers, I said race.  I’ll be doing a 5k, and I’m starting to get both nervous and excited. 


My Cuppa' Tea

Other good things:

    1. Rocking the Nude Pumps Again
    2. We get Panera breakfast at work today.  Mmm… sugar-laden calorie-bomb muffin…
    3. Earl Gray tea on a rainy day

Muffin = 6 Miles on Treadmill with Intervals

Here is a little link love.  Some of it is beer focused due to Craft Beer Week that is going on now.  Will you be celebrating craft beer week, and if so, how so?

* I purchased a LND when I went shopping Saturday.  Check out this link, and let me know how I should accessorize.  Should I go with nude pumps (again) or navy kitten heels?  Too much  navy, or perfect pairing?


32 Responses to “Spreading Link Love”

  1. Yo Tiff!

    Thanks for the link and good luck with the 5K! Do you have a post race beer lined up? 🙂


  2. I say nude pumps but thats because I am certifiably obsessed with nude pumps this season! They look so chic!

  3. I LOVE your blazer/jacket! And definitely nude pumps!

  4. hmm didn’t see a link to your dress! I love nude pumps though! Don’t sweat the small stuff! That muffin won’t make or break you! Good luck on the 5K!!!

  5. That sounds like a killer workout! Hills are the death of me.

    Love your jacket!

  6. Thanks for the link love! I would say kitten heels…but I’m not fashionista, so I’m not sure that I can give you accurate advice. 🙂

  7. hi tiff, thanks for stopping by!! i’ll be sure to visit your blog again 😉

  8. i would go with the nude pumps, too!
    i did three treadmill miles this morning, too – but mine were ez pace!
    i hate when the gym is packed, too. smelly!!

  9. Cool roundup can’t wait to check it out. I’m familiar with booze dancing, the site! Good luck Saturday.

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m so excited because it led me to yous and I already love it!!!! 🙂

  11. Good luck in your race Saturday since I won’t be around then to say it! I will report back on Dublin since it’s #1 on your travel list.

  12. i LOVE link loves!! always bring me to new posts!!

  13. I wish I could celebrate craft beer week! I’m sure Hubbs will be though- he loves craft brews 🙂

  14. Nude nude nude all the way. Perfect pairing particularly with blue is tough. Go with nude pumps, a red clutch, and gold accessories

  15. omg shanna just totally stole my response 😉 nude nude nude allll the way!!!

    • It’s a good thing you guys didn’t post at the same time – otherwise one of you might owe the other one a Coke! (Sorry… sometimes expose my 5th-grade maturity level by playing “jinx”)

  16. Good luck with the race!!

    I LOVE that jacket. So cute!

  17. Peeps at the gym are driving me crazy, too. I’m like, “it’s nice out, shouldn’t you be outside???”

    Then I realize I should just suck it up and go outside, too… oops…

    You’ll rock the 5k. Don’t be nervous!

  18. i love your striped trench, super cute! i’m a big nude pump fan. 😉

  19. Nude pumps for sure and i’m in love with your coat!!!!!!
    You will totally rock that 5K!!!

  20. I think I’m gonna have to pick up some craft beers, i love another excuse to drink 🙂

  21. panera sounds like a good reason to get up early and go to work =) haha! I wish I had one around here! sooo jealous! ❤

  22. Thanks so much for the link! I would say go with nude pumps, or if you have a pair of silver pumps, you could do those and then pair silver jewelry with it, same with gold! Post a picture when you wear it so I can see what you paired with your LND!

  23. New to your blog but cracking up over “lovely lady lumps” how true. And the gym does stink sometimes. I am tweeting your muffing/amt to run it off equation. Thanks for stopping by Foodtrainers.


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