Small Things Make Me Smile

This morning was pretty darn pleasant, and three little things all helped get me in that happy state of mind. 

First, I had a good run on the treadmill.  Normally, treadmill = baaaad, but it helped me manage my speed intervals today. The run looked *something* like 4 minutes at 6.5 mph and 2% incline, followed by 4 minutes at 7.5 mph and 2% incline for 28 minutes.  It didn’t look *exactly* like that because I needed a 2-minute breather of 6 mph after one of my speed intervals, and I dropped the incline to 1.5% during the last 6 minutes.  I still got sweaty, and I’m still proud. 

The other two good things are nude pumps and oatmeal.  I got my Jessica Simpson nude pumps at DSW, which fit so much better than the cruddy ones I ordered from Target.  (Note to self, quit buying crap online!)  Others have had similar epic missions finding nude pumps, such as Julie over at PB Fingers.  Let’s just say this pair was worth the quest; they make me happy.  So does oatmeal… as you can see from my goofy photo.

Oats + Pumps = Smiles

 I’d like to take another minute today to discuss something else that made me happy this weekend – Blowing Rock Ale.  According to this article, Boone Brewing Company labels this beer as an American Pale Ale.  I love those!  Breweries are focusing so heavily on the IPA that I feel the good ole’ PAs are getting the shaft.

Blowing Rock Ale had a hint of bitter, which is typical, but my friends and I did not get “bitter beer face” from it.  It certainly did not taste as bitter as your typical IPA.  It had a great flavor and decent aroma.  There was a great hoppy taste with caramel malt undertones, but the good flavors lacked complexity.  I can’t say much to the color or head since we enjoyed a six-pack of bottles, but I can say that it paired excellently with our grilled summer squash and spicy Trader Joe’s sausages.  Mmmmm!

I would definitely buy this beer again, and if it is under your six-pack price threshold, I recommend it.  (I don’t recall it costing much relative to other craft brews.)  It’s a must for anyone who loves PAs or is just getting into IPAs.  It’s not my favorite pale ale, but it was definitely a keeper!  For those who are interested in further and more detailed reviews, the brew is listed at Beer Advocate, where it currently holds a rating of B-.

  1. 1. What small things made you happy today?
  2. 2. Do you like American pale ales?  If so, do you have a favorite?

9 Comments to “Small Things Make Me Smile”

  1. Hi there!

    I’m definitely a beer drinker, and love a good pale ale!

    Nice run this morning!

  2. I’m so happy that it’s 80 degrees in Chicago! I like beer, but I’m terrible at knowing types and names. I just drink and decide whether I like. I’ll have to get my beer education from you! 🙂

  3. 1. I am so happy to have been on the front page of wordpress so I can meet all these wonderful bloggers! I love your blog title and theme. Speaking of:

    2: I love pale ale. We have a local brewery, Boulevard Brewary, that makes a delightful Pale Ale and a stronger more “biting” IPA. Both faves of mine.

    • I’m happy you were on the front page too! I’m also happy you get to enjoy local brews- the closer to home, the closer to my heart. Thanks for dropping by the site!

  4. I’m with you on the oatmeal and nude pumps — I can’t live without either.
    As for the beer, well I’m a wine gal myself, but I love people who have passion about their favorite beverage!

  5. I’m loving oatmeal and your nude pumps! I’m not much of a beer drinker myself (hence the chocolate cheese and wine blog) but I am so excited to see that beer is from Blowing Rock!!! I went to college right outside of Blowing Rock NC! 🙂

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