Monday Monday, So Good to Me

Today began with a total-body workout from Women’s Health Magazine. I tried to post a link to it, but they removed the workout from their site. The workout uses large muscles, which raise the heart rate, and small muscles, which stabilize the body for balance.  This month, I’m doing this routine on Mon and Fri.  Tue, Thu, and Sat are running and abs, and Wed is cardio in the morning with body pump at night.

I won’t rip off their routine and post the entire thing, but I can point out a few highlights. First of all, it takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. I add twisting bicep curls to the plan as a super set when I do the recommended kickbacks for triceps. Super sets usually involve two exercises performed back to back, and they generally incorporate opposing muscles, meaning one pushes and one pulls. This also means tired arms for me!

The workout also calls for things like decline pushups with a stability ball, dumbbell lunges onto a bosu ball, and pull ups. For whatever reason, my gym has no assisted pull up machine, so I substitute lat pull-downs, which is one of my least favorite exercises ever. Ick.

What is your least favorite exercise? How about your favorite?

Now it’s time to re-fuel with my three-part breakfast. (I really like breakfast!) I ate half a banana before my workout, and after my workout, I had my natural soy protein shake in water.

Makeup and Protein, Why Not?

After arriving to work, I cook my old fashioned oats. Today’s oats contained the other half of my banana, ½ cup dry oats, 1 tsp ground flax, a few shakes of cinnamon and a shake of nutmeg. Of course, it was as delicious and filling as usual.

Like banana bread in a bowl, but without bread... and with oats...

 Today’s lunch is not as natural as I’d like, but what can I say, I had coupons for veggie burgers! It’s an Arnold 100% whole wheat sandwich thin, a black bean Morningstar veggie burger, and a side of Steam Fresh frozen Brussels sprouts. Yummy! I have really been obsessed with Brussels sprouts for about a year now, so I’m pretty excited about this.

I loooove baby brussels!!!

Oh, and I’m having my mini apple too that I was supposed to save for snack. What can I say – girl’s gotta eat!  The other half of my snack, which I will save for later, is 1 serving of 1% fat cottage cheese. (My enormous lunchbox has paid for itself ten times over.)

Luckily, dinner is leftovers. No cooking going on in my house tonight! If anyone wanted to know more about the local pork I used for dinner, it’s from Grateful Growers, LLC. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

Our animals are raised outdoors on rolling pastures which are not treated with chemical fertilizers or herbicides. The diets of pasture forage and grains are highly nutritious and free from hormones, antibiotics, and meat byproducts. We make every effort to ensure the animals are safe, free from stress, and are able to behave naturally. There are no stuffy confinement pens or waste lagoons here.

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