Naked Chicken Fajitas

After going out for the beer dinner on Wednesday and the Cinco de Mayo festivities on Thursday, Kev and I decided to lay low Friday.  I was pretty drained anyway, so that was fine by me.  Plus, the Black Swan DVD I requested from Netflix was at home waiting on me when I returned from work.  I was really impressed by Natalie Portman, but the movie was a bit too disturbing for me.  Luckily, last night I slept nightmare free!

Before starting the movie, I made a yummy, healthy dinner that I like to call, Naked Chicken Fajitas.  First, you assemble ingredients (listed below) atop heavy duty aluminum foil, with chicken on the bottom.  Get everything ready while the oven is pre-heating to 375 degrees F and your desired amount of rice is cooking on the stove.


Fold up the sides around the chicken, and crimp edges to seal.  Be sure to leave one hole for steam to escape and enough room around the chicken and fixins’ to allow steam to circulate.

Bake chicken and veggies for about 30 minutes at 375 degrees F.  Be sure to cut into it before serving to make sure it is fully cooked.  Also, I drain the juices before plopping the packet down on my rice.  I was going to be good and avoid the cheese, but when I saw Kevin smothered his in cheese, I knew I had to top mine too!  I used about 1/3 cup of 2% shredded cheddar.  Mmmmm…. cheeeeeese!

Get in mah' bellay


  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 bell pepper, cut in strips
  • 1/3 yellow onion, cut in strips
  • 1/2 cups salsa (I used pico this time instead)
  •  2 tsp chili powder, 2 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 TBS cumin
  • 1/3 water or chicken broth (I used broth, though it’s not pictured)
  • 2 dried chili peppers on top (optional)

Divide all ingredients evenly between packets, and bake. Oh… and feel free to add cheese when it’s all done!

Does kitty want to come tooooo???

Now that it’s morning, it’s time for my 4-mile run. I have all my favorite running things ready (Garmin GPS Watch, Mizuno shoes, North Face Socks, Larabar, Tervis Tumbler), so it’s time to hit the road! Thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “Naked Chicken Fajitas”

  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my guest post so I could come check out your blog! Love the name of your blog by the way! 😉

    Those chicken fajitas look really good. What a great meal! And I’m with you – not a fan of Black Swan at all. Sure, the message and acting were good….but it was just too weird and disturbing!

  2. Hey tiff,
    The recipe looks great. I think I’ll try it tonight, but I have to say I loved black swan. I dig all arnofsky’s movies. What kind of movies do you usually like?

    • Oh I dunno. I’m not dead-set on any one type, but something a little more light-hearted would be nice. Comedies are usually my go-to selection.


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