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May 6, 2011

Reflections on Cinco de Mayo

The day started innocently enough with a three-mile run at 5:15 a.m. with my running buddy, Eliza, and her dog, Lexi.  Upon my return, I finished up some abdominal work before downing my all-natural vanilla soy protein and jumping in the shower.  I used to be a die-hard Optimum Nutrition 100% whey fan, but I’m digging this all-natural stuff. 

I usually save my real breakfast for 8 a.m. when I get to work.  Today, it was the glorious and the regular old-fashion oats with half a banana.  It’s a good thing I got this large, handy, and now very beat-up lunch box a few years ago.  I fill this thing to the brim on a daily basis!

Lunch Box of Champions

After work, Kevin met Eliza and her hubby out for a Cinco de Mayo dinner.  The first Mexican restaurant we visited had a three hour wait.  Hold up, yes, I just said three-friggin-hours!  Our second stop was much better.  We only waited 30 minutes.  Sweet!  No- what was really sweet was my strawberry margarita.  Yes, this beer girl indulges in a yearly margarita.  As expected, I was let down.  It was weak and tasted of sugary, syrupy mix.  I was hoping for more berry flavor.

When dinner came, I switched back to beer!  I branched out and tried a new one called Victoria; I was thoroughly pleased.  Usually I’m a Dos Equis Amber girl, but Victoria was on special.  Victoria is a Vienna style lager with a bread-like flavor.  I hear its 4% ABV and Mexico’s oldest beer.  This beer didn’t have the sweetness I usually dislike in lagers, and it lacked that horrible aftertaste of Corona.  Score!

Photo from Ken Lenard

Dinner was sort of a score, but not so much.  Soft corn tacos soaked in salsa and filled with seasoned, grilled steak.  I was bummed at the lack of veggies, but the beef had a great flavor.  Even though I went for a cheese-free entrée, it wasn’t a very healthy choice once I inhaled enjoyed the side of beans and rice… and too many chips.  Whoops!  I told Kevin this would be my splurge meal and that he should be prepared for ultra-healthy weekend dinners!

Before leaving the restaurant, we participated in a free raffle.  We ended up winning a grill!  I mean, it’s nothing fancy, but it’d be great for camping.  It uses propane for cooking and has speakers and a plug for an iPod.  Winning!

Free Grill

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo?  Margaritas n’ chips or did you keep it healthy at home?

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