Crawfish Festival & Oskar Blues Beer Dinner

What are three things I love?  The mister, beer, and food.  When all three come together, I just know it’s going to be a good time.  I’d like to briefly touch on two recent good times.

This past weekend, Kevin and I went down to a crawfish festival with a few friends.  I’m not a HUGE fan of crawfish, but I ate one to get the full festival experience.  They were heavily seasoned, which tasted great but lit up my poor little tastebuds like the Fourth of July.  Yikes!  I was so glad I only had one. 

The Boys n' Crawdaddies


Instead of my own box of crawfish, I had a sausage topped with onions and peppers for lunch and some good ole’ Carolina bbq for dinner.  Naturally, I washed it all down with a few brews.  I can’t comment too much on the brews since there was no selection.  As you can see, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Landshark, Bud Light, or…ummm… Landshark
That’s okay though; the beer got better as the week progressed.  On Wednesday, Kevin and I met a buddy at one of our favorite hangouts, which we rarely visit, for a complimentary beer dinner presented by Oskar Blues Brewery.

Festive Table

That’s a shot of the table before other guests arrived.  It was a fun time.  Adam, the brewery’s rep, talked about the beer and gave us a few laughs.  The drinking establishment paired the pilsner with prawns, which were too buttery but a great pair, and the Dales Pale Ale with mustard sausage bites.  First off, I love Dales.  Next, I have a passion for sausage (except chorizo, but I’ll save that for another time).  The pairing was great.  Hops n’ mustard are like peas n’ carrots!  The following two courses included chicken wings with a scottish ale and a brownie a-la-mode with the Ten Fiddy imperial stout.
I was impressed with all the pairings, but there were no fruits, vegetables, or palate cleansers.  In addition, the tiny bites they called “courses” had no flow.  This bothered me, but Kev didn’t seem to mind.  When I hosted my beer dinner, we had an appetizer for one beer, a roast for a porter, and brownies for the stout.  It flowed!  Oh well… you can’t complain about free.  You also can’t complain about a good time.  Kev, our company, and I really had a good time.  Thanks Oskar Blues!
Thanks again for reading!

2 Responses to “Crawfish Festival & Oskar Blues Beer Dinner”

  1. So sad I missed crawfish. My favorite food!


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